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  1. All your dart frogs are gonna die when you mix in your reef crystals
  2. It's not segregated for us. It's segregated for everyone else!
  3. Ain't no one got time for water changes
  4. Nope. That stuff is stuck on good. It'll flake off and come outta the crevices for weeks.
  5. Yes if anything needs to be done even more so. It will still be dirty and you gotta populate it thoroughly with bacteria. It just won't have pests and is much cheaper.
  6. Anything with a heater and powerhead works imo. I always cured my dry rock for 6 or 8 weeks this way. Its filthy. Blow it off every few days with the powerhead. You can do the same in the tank. Dont add sand until you're at week 7 of 8. All the black trash and sediment from dry rock will make it dirty and get trapped in the sand. Easier to clean all the detris out without the sand. Id buy a tiny piece of live rock from your local lfs to get it started. This will work better than "starter bacteria"
  7. Also having 2 fish in a tank that small is very likely to create territory and stress issues.
  8. In a 5 gallon i wouldn't expect a blue mandarin to live very long anyways.
  9. Bulk reef supply sells diy screen lids... Get a 2 or 3 foot and cut the rails to whatever exact size you need
  10. That was the coolest way you could think of to destroy a tank? inWeaksauce
  11. Spot is gone. League full.
  12. Are there any OGs roaming around general that want to play in the lounge fantasy football league? Ppr. $20. No newbs. We need 1 person thats not a newb.
  13. You should call your company something cool like "A Tank" since youre making tanks. Oh! Like iPads! Call it aTank!!
  14. Wat? Why are you quoting a post from 4 years ago like it was directed at you?
  15. Ya thats what i was lookin at. Need some blie to get the seedlings from being too leggy but otherwise mostly red