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  1. That was the coolest way you could think of to destroy a tank? inWeaksauce
  2. Spot is gone. League full.
  3. Are there any OGs roaming around general that want to play in the lounge fantasy football league? Ppr. $20. No newbs. We need 1 person thats not a newb.
  4. You should call your company something cool like "A Tank" since youre making tanks. Oh! Like iPads! Call it aTank!!
  5. Wat? Why are you quoting a post from 4 years ago like it was directed at you?
  6. Ya thats what i was lookin at. Need some blie to get the seedlings from being too leggy but otherwise mostly red
  7. So the internet suggests maybe 66/33 reds to blues. Anyone know regular plants?
  8. Almost time to start my tomaters in Texas so i can get em in the ground big j bushy by early March. Any of yall ever build a grow light for seedlngs? What do I need? Like 50/50 xte rb and deep red? How many led for like 2x2sq or 3x3 sq ft? Is ledgroupbuy still ok? Are there any new cheaper sites over the past few yers?
  9. Good ####ing god thats a deep league Also your picks are not very good at those adps
  10. Ugly pic. Would not view again.
  11. That's not camouflage. Camouflage makes something hard to see out in the open. That fish is doing what's called "hiding in a hole"...
  12. Good stuff lol
  13. This is one of the only pictures in the whole group that actually utilizes a long exposure for a reason and doesn't have any poorly planned motion blur. :thumbsup:
  14. Sig

    Actually he cannot be the anti-christ. It says in the bible that you will not know it is the anti-christ. So the very second you suspect it is the anti-christ, it can no longer be the anti-christ.