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  1. 15 gallon Kessil lit.

    I'm not sure. I was meant to get it back last weekend - on a "babysitting" arrangement but he decided his tank is looking so spectacular (and I must admit - it is!) that he's keeping it around. He's having surgery on his wrist in a few weeks so I'm not sure if he'll need me to sit it while he recovers or not. (if he keeps it I'll have him frag you off some zoas) EDITED TO ADD ( in case anyone stumbles on this thread) Tore down my tank - gave my kid everything salty I own - out of saltwater. No better reason other than getting bored. Good luck and bye everyone
  2. got2envy's 15g Zoa and Paly Reef

    DROOL, drool, drool !!!!!!!!!! What else can I say - it's how I feel (haven't forgotten your zoas...just haven't had a chance to get them)
  3. 15 gallon Kessil lit.

    Yeah, came to my senses lol It's been set up for a week now and is spotlessly clean because there's no CUC, no worms or other life on the rocks. I think my sole inhabitant - the frogspawn - is enjoying it because I've never seen it so inflated. Guess time will tell on this one
  4. 15 gallon Kessil lit.

    Well that got boring pretty fast lol ! At least there's more to look at now This is still completely dead sand and rock though. I'm trying to totally control any life that goes in this tank to corals only.
  5. 15 gallon Kessil lit.

    It looks more lonely and small in real life !!!! Oh...I'd LOVE to see that ! Thanks ...going to go see if I can find it...

    Thanks Albert, I'll test everything and update you as time passes. I'm excited to see how this goes
  7. 15 gallon Kessil lit.

    Don't worry, I'm confused too! Yes, I'm planning on stocking the entire tank with euphyllia's. I'm going to take thing very slowly and see how far I can push the bio load with no biological filtration in there other than what's in the water column and on the glass.
  8. 15 gallon Kessil lit.

    Today I started something completely different from anything I've done before. NO live sand NO live rock NO CUC Nothing but corals (okay - one coral - gotta start somewhere!) The water is a little cloudy and wow does it look bare. My ultimate goal is to see if I can successfully keep a coral only tank. Here goes.....Day 1

    Day 1, hour 4. Water is cloudy because I just removed some sand and 2 rocks. 15 gallon tank. Skimmer. Heater. Kessil light. Vortech MP10. No live rock, no live sand, no CUC. Inhabitants - 1 small frogspawn single coral head (and the frag plug it's attached to. Here we go.....(looks SO bare LOL)

    I really appreciate the input on the coral only tank. Albert...you siad the "odd person may try it" lol...I'm the "odd" one in the different usage of the term 'odd' *grin*. Last week I had my entire tank go walkabout into my sons college house tank and I ended up with one single head of frogspawn. I re did the tank last week with sand, some rocks and my lonely froggie. Today I'm going for the experiment.... I'm going to strip the tank down to almost nothing... 15 gallons Kessil light AquaC Remora skimmer - which will be removed if there's nothing to pull out Vortech MP10 Heater and nothing in the tank but one small frogspawn head. As everything "live" took a trip East of me last week, I figure I have nothing to loose by giving this a shot while all I own is one small coral. How about my cowries? I have 2...should they go walkabout to my sons tank? It's going to be very, very boring to look at for quite a while but I have future visions of a tank filled with healthy, colorful euphyllias Edited to say I'll document this in my thread below

    Thanks Albert, I really appreciate the thought you put into your answer and although you may think you couldn't help much - you in fact did, just from the questions you asked. Many thanks.

    Albert, How much bioload do corals put out? I'm asking in reference to how much biological filtration is needed for a coral. Is it possible to have a tank with just corals and no rock, no sand, no filtration, just water changes? Thanks
  13. Mini's 15 gallon single species tank

    Thanks guys. Euphyllia it is and if they are costly...I'll just take it slow and enjoy the hunt edited to say...thread moved to "join" the original tank thread Link below.
  14. Mini's 15 gallon single species tank

    Oh wow ! Thanks for those links 6 gallon. I'll stick with the froggies (after seeing those)...or as you suggested perhaps include other Euphyllias.
  15. Mini's 15 gallon single species tank

    Thanks Gabe. I had n idea froggies came in yellow! I've seen yellow and really neon green hammers on cherry's site but I don't remember seeing a yellow...gosh, now you've got me searching lol. Anyone here got any rare colors you can share photos of?