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  1. Would be cool to have a monthly subscription service once USA lab is open. Any thoughts on running Triton on a Lagoon 25? Thinking about turning 2 chambers into fuges. Still not close to 10% total volume though...
  2. If you decide you will ship, I'd like the ATO.
  3. Yeah I just looked and thats probably not going to work haha. Maybe just have it at an angle in the main chamber? If I remember right, that heater is kinda long. Neo-therm is the way to go for these tanks IMO.
  4. I don't have this heater, but if you take out your return pump temporarily, can you get the heater in the very bottom then put the return back in?
  5. Following. Looking great so far. Super clean and impressive build!
  6. Man small world. I'm off Whittridge. My daughter goes to Bridgewater and son Windermere High. We should definitely grab lunch sometime. I think you will really love living here. Nicest part of Orlando for sure. We just need WWC to open location in Hamlin Grove...
  7. Hey Tron where in Orlando area do you live? I live in Independence in Winter Garden / Windermere area. Followed your tank threads years ago and was always inspired by them. Got out of hobby a few years back, but getting sucked back in.. Going small this time and and looking to maximize the pleasure and minimize the pain. Was looking at 10g Fusion and found your thread.
  8. I do not use the sensor and turn my WP40 on/off with a digital timer. It returns to the same setting each time. Guess the controller has memory even when power is cut. Liked the wave in W1, but leaving it set on Else now and really like the random flow. Been running 12hrs per day in my 100g for 3 months and still performing well and almost silent. I will be getting the WP10 in my new 30g shallow. So far the WP40 has been a great value.
  9. Hey Claudia what are you currently dosing and feeding?
  10. Nope... http://www.marineandreef.com/Coralife_29_BioCube_Replacement_Tank_Only_p/res15607t.htm When they get them in, they sell out fast. Just sign up for their alert.
  11. I'd go either JBJ RL Series or Nuvo for "just add water" plug and play if you do not want to put something together yourself. I highly recommend that you start with at least 28 gallon + tank though which will make it easier for you to get and keep stable water parameters. If you do not mind putting together something yourself though, I've owned several BC29s over the years and had good success once I got them tweaked. Still like the looks, but prefer rimless look now. I made one of my BCs rimless, but it was a pain... For "bang-for-your-buck" AIO set up that would be a really good starting point here's what I'd put together: BioCube 29 Tank Only 1st Chamber Mod for better flow OceanRevive S026 LED Cobalt MJ1200 return pump Jebao WP-10 powerhead InTank Media Basket running Filter Pad, Chemipure, Purigen Eheim Jager or Cobalt Heater BRS Pukani Rock Tropic Eden Reef Flakes or CaribSea Seaflor Special Grade Reef Sand Reef Crystals 10gallon water change weekly for skimmerless set up tons of support on here for BC29s... For slightly more $ look at the JBJ RL30 and Nuvo 30 for good AIO setups out of the box. Regardless of which AIO tank you start with, you will probbaly want to upgrade eventually... Also I HIGHLY recommend you purchase your lighting seperately therefore I DO NOT recommend BioCube or any "hooded" AIO with included lighting. For me it's topless and LEDs FTW. Look at OceanRevive S026 Maxspect Razor EcoTech Radion Which would be my shortlist for a 30 gallon tank and all are winners at their respective pricepoints IMO.
  12. Here's the first attempt... based loosely on the Nuvo chamber design, but with added filter sock holders. Thoughts? Also wanting to achieve waterline about 3/4" below the rim. The height of the tallest baffles determines the water level in the display right? Sorry for my ignorance I also really like MP- anything, but am on a WP- budget
  13. You are not in the minority. I owned my BC29's before the InTank options were available, but I NEVER could get the water polished. Hung bags of Chemipure and Purigen and even tried a Hydor Skimmer, but water always had crap floating in it. I've heard that blocking the bottom intake does help trap more stuff in the chamber though. I like your carbon/bubble trap idea... Small chamber to stick the media bags into where the water must flow through to get to the return. Would like to run filter sock because they really catch most of the crap and I don't mind changing them twice weekly. Carbon occasionally as needed and probably eventually GFO in one of the AquaGadget media reactors. Will probably go skimmerless and just do 10gal WC weekly.
  14. I agree that is a good setup and nice tank, but pricey... I can have an acrylic guy build in media baskets/trays and/or filter sock holders. Already own the tank and built the stand, so I'm committed =) Just need to design the false wall and baffle system at this point and add either media tray(s), filter sock holders or both (maybe one of each).
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