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  1. jbj uv sterilizer

    ^^ haha. i logged on to ask about location. if you're in northern california, i am seriously interested in the tank and stand.
  2. Most reliable heater?

    get a controller and set the heater's temp as well. double failsafe i use an ac jr as a controller and jagers. no problems for 3+ years
  3. Nanoreefnate.. charity...

    +1 ^ i agree completely. yet another reason i don't really post here anymore
  4. Nanoreefnate.. charity...

    Someone on here PMed me and drove me back to this thread. I'm not perfect by any means but I can point out stupid when I see it. @GB: I'd be hurt too but I'd still be fighting with a 16 year old. I mean really, transaction over the internet with a 16 year old who has obviously not done anything like this before and is in way over his head, what did you expect? Online transactions are always risky, buyer beware. \\\
  5. Nanoreefnate.. charity...

    He's not a hero by any means but many of you should be ashamed of yourselves for: 1. putting that much reliance on a 16 year old 2. making "charitable donations" and really expecting to get something in return 3. fighting with a 16 year old about how you haven't gotten your stupid corals Unfortunately, the self-righteous and obviously blind attitude of you chumps drives more and more people away from NR everyday. I remember coming to this site when I started reefing about 5 years ago and learning a lot. I also remember being driven away by the attitudes of a lot of you chumps. No comments were made towards me but you morons seriously act like you're 8 years old. So sad.
  6. final8

    lol everyone on NR hates you and they don't even know you. keaton's only 18 posts deep and he's already your enemy. i love it. i started out on NR; now i only come here when i wanna see jokes. btw, keaton: - "of course" not "of coarse" coarse df: is more like your momma's back side. LOL i miss jr. high school. this place always brings it out of me. - also "Good luck with your ####ing gay ass tonga branch rocks" haha GREAT INSULT. did you think of that one all by yourself or did your little brother help you after you had your hand down his pants?
  7. finalblennycaves

    do it! do it! do it!
  8. finalblennycaves

    get the barnacle blennies before they're out
  9. final7

    sorry if i missed this but what light are you using? i ask because anything high on that left mound/column will get fried. i like the shapes though. looks interestingly evil; but that one piece on the right sticking out is a little phallic.
  10. leftrock11

    don't feed the troll kray
  11. leftrock11

    i like it where'd you get that tripod?
  12. How many Goby?

    everytime i'd added masked gobies to a smaller tank (40g is my last try) the biggest one has always punked out and eventually killed all the smaller ones. this has happened 3 times now. be warned and good luck
  13. neptune aquatics has them. they were in stock last i went there.
  14. *VERY IMPORTANT* JBJ Auto Top Off

    depends on how long you want to go between refills and the evap rate. if it's in a dry and/or hot area, more evap. if it helps you figure it out, i go through about 4g a week in my 40breeder with an open top and 320w of t5 lighting over it. i would think a 10g should be enough for a week or two. EDIT: a standard aquarium will be fine (it's what i use). just make sure that the water level of the reservoir is lower than the display and that the top off inlet hose (going into the display) does not touch the water in the display. if either of those occur, you'll have a siphon pouring freshwater into the display or emptying the contents of the display into your reservoir
  15. *VERY IMPORTANT* JBJ Auto Top Off

    yes. there's instructions in the package on how to set it up this way but same set up as in-sump -when the water reaches a certain level, it'll shut off. i recommend inverting the second switch as a failsafe in case the first gets stuck so the display doesn't overflow. if you do this, the pump will also turn off if the second switch reaches the top (its natural bottom setting if it weren't inverted).