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  1. lol everyone on NR hates you and they don't even know you. keaton's only 18 posts deep and he's already your enemy. i love it. i started out on NR; now i only come here when i wanna see jokes. btw, keaton: - "of course" not "of coarse" coarse df: is more like your momma's back side. LOL i miss jr. high school. this place always brings it out of me. - also "Good luck with your ####ing gay ass tonga branch rocks" haha GREAT INSULT. did you think of that one all by yourself or did your little brother help you after you had your hand down his pants?
  2. do it! do it! do it!
  3. get the barnacle blennies before they're out
  4. sorry if i missed this but what light are you using? i ask because anything high on that left mound/column will get fried. i like the shapes though. looks interestingly evil; but that one piece on the right sticking out is a little phallic.
  5. don't feed the troll kray
  6. i like it where'd you get that tripod?
  7. filefish. not reef safe
  8. so wtf is it?
  9. looks like MH/PP but i thought you didn't have one
  10. looking good bro. skimp but good (unlike you to have a hollow reef)
  11. wow
  12. i love mine. last night i saw it attack, kill, and eat an astrea for the first time. despite all this, it's still my favorite fish
  13. very nice i have one similar. i really hope it colors up like yours.
  14. very nice. i want.
  15. full house! what are you doing? i think i still see rock! seriously: nice tank. i really like that yuma on the bottom left