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  1. Hi, I am setting up a nano after closing my big reefs. I dont have as much time and budget, so the nano will be better for me. The tank is 28G, 24x15x18 high Lighting is from a Maxspect G2-110W led fixture The powerhead is an Ecotech MP10 There is a 20G sump The skimmer is an Octopus NW-110 The tank will be bare bottom I have about 50 lbs of live rock that I will split between the tank and sump I am planning the stocklist, so far: - 2 false percula clownfish - 1 cleaner shrimp - 2 perppermint shrimp - some snails and hermit crabs - the tank will be loaded with SPS and one crocea clam I would like to add other fishes to the tank, if possible following the directions below: - fish that do not hide most of the time, especially with the 110W led lighting 1" over the tank - no fish that need sand since I am going bare bottom - fishes that are colourful - fish that are safe for the SPS, I want to stay away from the clown gobies - fish that can be good for SPS (eating red bugs or other) - fish that don't attack inverts - fish that don't mind the current generated by the MP10 - fish that can live with the temper of a clown couple So far, I was thinking of adding a flasher and/or a fairy wrasse. Other suggestions? Thank you
  2. 28G Euro tank project

    Hi, I had many reefs in the last years (12G, 33G, 75G, 120G), and now I am trying my hand, first time freshwater, with african cichlids (75G and 120G). I already miss my reefs, but I would like something smaller and cheaper to run. So a nano would fit well by my computer screen, I kept 40-50 lbs of live rock, some equipment and products. So here is a description of the project, I am open to suggestions. Livestock: - 2 Oscellaris clownfish - 2 Green clown goby - Another pair of breeding fish - cleaner shrimp - hermit crabs - astrea snails - SPS corals Equipment: - Tank 28G Euro 24x15x18 (wider for more visibility and better for the lighting fixture) - 1 or 2 Powerhead Vortech MP10 wireless - Lighting LED Maxspec G2 110W or 160W - Sump 15G with separations and cheato - Skimmer in RS-Extreme 120 (good for very heavy loaded 55G) - Return pump MAG3.5 - Titanium heater 200W - Lighting for the sump 25W fluo Eventually - Apex lite with the wireless module I want to do 5G water change a week My questions: - For the lighting with SPS only, 1x 100W or 1x 160W LED for the maxspect G2? - could I put another pair of potentially breeding fish in there, or would the bioload be high enough for SPS? - Since it's an SPs only tank, would a 2nd MP10 be good? - The overflow opening frow top is (6.5" x 2.5"), I don't wanna make holes in the bottom. How would you position the overflow, return and the 1 or 2 MP10s. I was thinking of: - Placing the MP10 on the side walls, If I have only one, it would be on the left side. - Place the return on the back glass on the left, using loc-line pointing behind the rocks - Placing the overflow on the right side on the back glass Thank you
  3. [Custom] Zythum

    Hi, I am officially out of the contest. My new sump is 15G, taht brings my total water volume to 27G. The bucket was too small for the accessories, the 15G HI is much better. This is my first tank, I had let PH go down to 7.8 and alk to 2.5 . I am still learning and I enjoy it. So far I have 2 red and 2 blue hermit crabs, a hitchhiker hermit in the sump. I had a clown goby, but it jumped, I have shielded all the exits. I put some live rock and cheato in the sump. Good luck everyone
  4. [Custom] Zythum

    Hi, The tank is finally started, I am waiting for the cycle. Can't wait to add a first fish in there.
  5. [Custom] Zythum

    Here are the pictures, Ive been busy and sick lately. I have to finish my electronic circuit and then I will add the liverocks and sand. I am also adding a GFI this week-end. My UPS lasts 3 days on my tank, this should be enough to cover for the cold winter power outages.
  6. [Custom] Zythum

    Hi, Sorry for the long delay for the update, I missed power last week-end. Here is the status, I will post some pictures later: - I broke my 10G AGA while trying to drill a second hole. - I am ready to silicone together my freshly cut glass, it is bigger (12G) size is 20x11x13. It should be done this week. - My sump is almost done, I just need a rack on top to hold the sensors, will be done with eggcrate. -The bottom shelve is wired and ready to be bolted on the wall. - The piping just needs to be cut and glued together - The top is painted and wired, ready to be tested. - The electric circuit needs a board with triacs and optocouplers that I am building - The temperature probe needs to be welded and I have to get the glass case for it. Since the contest ends in march, I don't know if it will be realistic to integrate my population of fishes and corals. It is a bigger project than I tough with my time available. But I will still try to make it. Pictures are coming later tonite.
  7. [Custom] Zythum

    All my automated stuff is controlled by a PLC. I have maxed the inputs and outputs on it. The only other thing I want to add would be an auto top off without software control. I want to feed manually since it is my first tank.
  8. [Custom] Zythum

    The change jar is my financing source, lollll. The automated parts are: - Day Lights - Natural moon cycle - Maintenance modes - Power management for power shortage - Intelligent wave controller - Monitoring of failures with management and alarms - Temperature control I am building my top this week-end, will post pictures.
  9. [Custom] Zythum

    Hi, Here is my picture.
  10. [Custom] Zythum

    Hi, This is my first reef, my 130G is progressing (slowly), I am still curing the rocks I made and budget is missing a bit. Ive decided to put a nano over my PC table. Since my 130 will be fully automated, Ive decided to pratice my code on a nano. My thing is trying to go on a budget, but I added some tech stuff to make it cooler and have some fun at DIY. Tank: 10G Glass tank standard Lighting: 3 x 50/50 20W bulbs in a custom top Pumps: 2 x powerheads 106GPH/each 1 x return pump around 50GPH Skimmer: Known brand 65G Sump: 5G bucket I will post my picture later, with my favorite beverage in the tank. The tank is progressing, almost done the top, can't wait to mix salt for the first time. I am using my change jar, that slows down the progress. This will be fish mixed with corals, nothing too fancy. Since the small fishes adapted to nanos like sand, I will try a medium sandbed (the 130G will have only 1/8-1/4 of an inch of sand at the bottom). Aims: - Low noise - Low cost - Low maintenance - High tech factor - Must look stealth and nice - Commando cat proof, lolllll