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  1. Drilling Tank Question

    I don't remember the different drain sizes for the glassholes overflows but would it be possible to get the next largest overflow box from glassholes? To me, that would be the easiest, most cost effective, and safest solution. What size is your tank and sump? Did you match your skimmer to your sump flow through rate?
  2. Are you feeding your LPS? I have had problems with LPS growth/health in mixed reefs like yours, especially with acans, when my tank was too clean and wasn't feeding them enough. I would try some spot feeding if you aren't doing so already. I usually feed mysis but they will appreciate any other meaty items as well. Unfortunately, in my experience once acans start to recede like that they usually don't make it.
  3. Love this new camera, wtf is this?

    I had a maze brain coral once that had some kind of little parasitic filter feeder like that. It never affected the coral in any way I could tell. Some kind of worm I would guess.
  4. SPS Bugs but not red!

    It does sound like pods but it also sounds like you have some STN. Definitely keep the water quality up and watch to see if the STN stops. If the coral continues to lose tissue then one thing you can do is frag the pieces that are still healthy. That usually stops the STN and at least allows you to save part of the coral.
  5. Tested my tank today

    I think the moral of the story here is that not all "live" rock is the same, there are just too many variables. Find out where it came from, how it has been kept, and then decide how to proceed. If you are unsure, proceed with caution.
  6. Need some SPS Help

    Well, the zoas, euphyllia, rock anemone, feather dusters, clove polyps, etc. are all much more resilient than SPS. Your tank is still pretty new but I'm not sure anything related to that would cause problems as fast as you described with the SPS. Your calcium is high and that could be causing problems if the levels at your LFS are drastically different and you dont take care to acclimate the corals. In my experience, fast declines are usually related to water chemistry changes. You didnt mention your salinity or what you are using to measure it. That could also be the cause in the same way as the calcium levels if there is a difference great enough. One other thing you could try is getting a frag from a different source to see if you get the same result. I would recommend getting one from someone who has kept their SPS successfully for awhile. Those frags will be hardier and you know exactly where it came from to eliminate that variable.
  7. Adding T5 To Led. Thoughts?

    Hmmm, good to hear I wasnt incorrect in my thinking. Not sure I would like the look/cost of adding a second kessil a150. At that point wouldnt it be better to just sell the 15k and upgrade to the a350 with dimming feature?
  8. New Bubble Tip 'Nem: Questions and Concerns

    It looks bleached to me but not too bad. Has it lost color since being in your tank? I dont know anything about your particular lights but if the nem is not moving and stays in that spot it should recover with weekly feedings if the light is adequate. I would feed small meaty items such as mysis, chopped shrimp or clams.
  9. Adding T5 To Led. Thoughts?

    Too boring? Not enough details? I'm disappointed unless its my fault. No one has an opinion or tried to add to their kessil. Its the 15k by the way.
  10. So I am currently running a Kessil A150 over my 25g cube. While I like the light, I feel like my corals don't quite have the color and growth they should /could and I'm thinking I would like to add some light instead of upgrade. The color has always been on the blue side so I was thinking of adding an Aquaticlife 2x18w T5HO to both increase light intensity and add a bit of white. Will this fixture accomplish this? I have a BTA, zoas, birdsnest, montis, and would like to grow some acros at the top. I would love to hear some opinions. Thanks.
  11. FS: chaeto shipped

    Received mine today and it looks great. Thank you so much.
  12. Captain Billy, thanks for the tips. I will see what the deal is with the sand and was already considering a bare bottom or very shallow sand bed so that sounds like a good idea. Trolldoll, interesting to hear about the rock. Maybe the rock was holding on to the nutrients for the algae? I was plan on doing water changes and very rigorous rinsing/scrubbing of the rock during the time it takes. I would be interested in hearing others experiences with algae covered rocks. Gulfsurfer, it is sounding more and more like that is the case with the algae on the rocks. I will do a little more research and wait for some more replies and then set my plan. I have some time before it happens.
  13. So I will be inheriting a horribly neglected 20 gallon reef tank. It is about 7 years old I believe with all the original sand and live rocks. At its peak, maybe at the 2 year mark, it was a very nice balanced system with plenty of lps and polyp type corals. Now all it has is a couple polyps that have survived the various effects of a neglected tank. What it does have is an amazing mated pair of ocellaris clowns that used to host a flower pot coral. When I say neglected, I mean to say it was getting regular top offs and sporadic water changes but thats about it. It is full of various algaes and almost all sides are covered with coralline. I also have to move it 4 hours from its current location. My plan is to set up the clowns in a basic tank like a quarantine with simply a filter and pvc elbow until I can get everything else back in order. So what can be done to treat the live rock to get it back to being clean and algea free? I was thinking of rinsing it really well, then setting it up in a tub with no light and leaving it for a month or so with good circulation and water changes to kill the algaes. Thoughts? And then there is the live sand, can I rinse all of the detritus out of it and place it in the exact same tub as the live rock to keep it alive and usable when the time comes? As for the tank, I was planning an attack of a vinegar bath and razor blade to attempt to clean it up. Same for the power heads and Remora skimmer. Any help and advice would be very appreciated. I havent had a reef tank in about 5 years myself and Im only taking on this challenge because it is at no cost and the clown pair is an amazing looking pair of fish with very vibrant colors even though their tank has been neglected.
  14. Thanks for the input. Im gonna run some carbon and have been doing plenty of WCs. The smell from my huge leather coral that didnt make it was horrible. Ive heard about anemones smelling bad but I bet this was pretty close.
  15. Last week I came home from work to find that my corals were all looking horrible. I checked everything out and found that the light over my refugium was in the water. I was thinking that the electricity that was in the system had killed off my snails, shrimp, corals, and other various inverts. But then I was thinking, if it was the electric current that killed everything would my fish be dead too? All the fish survived and are still good. Some of the inverts (hermits, couple snails, corals) are still alive. What are the chances the copper from the wiring was in the water and leeched copper into the system? Has anyone here ever electrocuted a tank? What happened? If copper is in the system what can be done if it is just a minimal amount? Thanks for any help. I would basically be starting from a cycled tank if I were to start over so I could just go to a FOWLR set up if I had to.