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  1. Thanks for the input. Im gonna run some carbon and have been doing plenty of WCs. The smell from my huge leather coral that didnt make it was horrible. Ive heard about anemones smelling bad but I bet this was pretty close.
  2. Last week I came home from work to find that my corals were all looking horrible. I checked everything out and found that the light over my refugium was in the water. I was thinking that the electricity that was in the system had killed off my snails, shrimp, corals, and other various inverts. But then I was thinking, if it was the electric current that killed everything would my fish be dead too? All the fish survived and are still good. Some of the inverts (hermits, couple snails, corals) are still alive. What are the chances the copper from the wiring was in the water and leeched copper into the system? Has anyone here ever electrocuted a tank? What happened? If copper is in the system what can be done if it is just a minimal amount? Thanks for any help. I would basically be starting from a cycled tank if I were to start over so I could just go to a FOWLR set up if I had to.
  3. Today I was looking at my desk 5.5 and there was a red worm with tentacles on its head only. It bit the tip off of about 5 polyps of my torch coral and after each one darted back into hiding. I snapped this picture. What the hell could this beast be? It only is eating my torch and I have never seen it in the 7 months this tank has been set up. I havent added anything to the tank for about 3 months. I have no idea where it came from or how to get rid of it. I would move the torch to my 40 but I dont want to add this worm to that tank where I have multiple other euphylia LPS. What do you guys think it is and what should I do about it?
  4. I think what you guys need is a red headed goby. They are awesome little fish and mine definitely eats pods of any size as well as any other meaty food I give him. They stay small at about 1.5" too so they would be perfect. Give one a try.
  5. Beer is pretty addictive. Once you have one you just want another after another after another....
  6. Oh, and if I am seeing the pics in the right size perspective, those fish are about full size now. I dont think they are sculpin either though but we just called them skippers or something like that as kids. They are all over the tidepools.
  7. Im from the Monterey Bay area and I must say that is a pretty cool set up but very very illegal. Monterey Bay is a marine preserve and you would be heavily fined if any officials found out about that. I used to catch all those same animals when I was younger but release them right back. Even the anemone is familiar to me. I would agree on the mostly feeding on living organisms instead of photosynthesis, but that doesnt mean they get no light at all. Your lighting still might not be enough. I would say that the anemones in the MB get less light than tropicals, but the light they do get is still intense for the short time that they get it. Im not sure on all this info, but a great place to look for info would be at the MB Aquarium and their website. I used to feed the anemones with whatever I could find. If I remember correctly I fed them mostly snails.
  8. No not really. I have one in my 40 gal that is doing great too. They just need a decent amount of PC lighting and some good current.
  9. Yep its a torch.
  10. Thanks f.a.q.
  11. Pics of my Rics Greens Blues Orange (free from LFS, in rehab, growing everyday)
  12. Here are a couple pics of my 5.5 that has been running since late March I think. It has gone through a bunch of changes since then from taking out 1 of the 2 HOBs to removing and adding some corals to adding more light and a custom canopy. Specs: AQ 150 (semi fuge) Rio 50 2x13w PC (Hellolights 50/50) Smartlamp 32w 50/50 8 lbs liverock 2" LS bed Here is a list of my current livestock. Fish: Black Saddleback Clown (hosted GSP) Redhead Goby Cleanup Crew: 2 Astrea Snails 4 Nassarius 1 Blue Leg Hermit Hitchhiker snails? (about 10) Bristleworms (hitchhikers: at least 3) Spaghetti Worms (hitchhikers: tons) Corals: Green Finger Leather (frag from 40 gal) Torch GSP Shrooms (encrusting, red, watermelon, blue spotted, green) Orange Zoos (frag from 40) Green Button Polyps Xenia (frag from 40) Theres also 3 or 4 different types of macro algea hitchhikers that have been slowly sprouting and growing.
  13. Im with deacon, go with the saddlebacks. I like their personality better and for some reason I hate the way oscellaris swim. Plus saddlebacks have bright yellow faces and pectoral fins.
  14. Im in Santa Barbara. So far I havent got any frags to trade or sell of the big guys but I do of some orange zoos and other stuff. This weekend I plan to get my hands wet and take care of business. I will post how it goes and what I have available.
  15. Kennerd, that maze brain is one of the reasons I have decided to frag and get rid of that toadstool. It wasnt getting enough light and started to retract I guess you call it. I cant think of the word right now for some reason. I actually dont even really want that brain anymore and if you were local I would definitely be willing to trade or sell it to you. I mean I guess I could ship but thats kinda risky going that far. Im in CA. Its a 40 gal tall. Thanks for the compliment on the tank. I was thinking of upgrading to MH but everything is doing so well right now I have changed my mind, not to mention some cash.