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  1. Metaframe 2.5g Pico build

    A friend of mine found this at a garage sale and bought it for me because he knew I was into aquariums and thought it looked neat. I'm leak testing it at the moment and crossing my fingers, if it does leak I've resealed a 10g Metaframe before. I plan on making it a macro tank with a couple of peppermint shrimp and using equipment I already have. For equipment so far I have a Hydor Theo 25w heater, Beam Works 11" 9x1 LED, TOM Aquarium Rapids Mini Canister which I plan on putting live rock rubble on one side and Chemipure/Purigen on one side, and a Aquahub ATO kit. I'm currently switching from a 20H to a 33L so I'm going to use the sand and rock from the 20H. I plan on putting a PVC surface skimmer in the corner big enough so I can hide the heater in it. Here's a couple of pictures
  2. Just received my Reef Cleaners order, not amused

    Yes I do live in the middle of no where and I don't get charged extra for delivery. He shipped a the order twice supposedly, but there was no duplicate bags of snails. And no, I didn't "use" living off the beaten path, I have ordered inverts and coral through the mail before, and have never had any problems with any of them until this.
  3. Just received my Reef Cleaners order, not amused

    Ok, the reason I'm mad about the hermits and other species of snails that were "included" aren't what I ordered. I ordered what I did because that's what I wanted, I understand he sends extras, but didn't want species I didn't order. I'm very picky on what I put in my tank, but I got over 5 different species of snails that I didn't order and 2 different types of hermit crabs. So I guess it's my fault he sent them, I'm just supposed to put up with them just because he sent them? I didn't want to throw them away, because it's a waste, but I don't want them in my tank. And no, no one has a tank within 10 miles of me, there isn't even a town within 15 miles of me. And no, I don't want "more free stuff" The reason I chose to go with Reef Cleaners is because the snails in the package are what I wanted, if I would have wanted other species of snails, I would have ordered that species.
  4. Just received my Reef Cleaners order, not amused

    The thing with the hermits is I absolutely don't want them in my tank at any time. I live 90 miles from my LFS so I can't just go drop them off, and yes they were in there own bags, white legged in one and red legged in another.
  5. Just received my Reef Cleaners order, not amused

    No, I didn't miss my shipment, I was there both Friday and Saturday waiting at the mail box for the package, got my mail in hand from the Post Lady. I wouldn't have minded If I would have got a couple extra of what I ordered, but like the hermits I don't want them, what do I with them? Here's the numbers copied on the packages:
  6. I ordered the 30 extra high Quick crew, and just received it. Before I could even get in the door, the Post Man demanded $17.45 because there was 2 packages, they photocopied the shipping slip and stuck it on the other package! After paying the Post Man, I opened the package and smelt of death and rotting. I start pulling out the bags, and low and behold there's Hermit Crabs in the box which I didn't order or want, what am I supposed to do with them now? There are plenty of snails in the box, one's I ordered and lots of different ones I didn't, none of the bags are marked what they are. Over half the bags were deflated and the paper towels were dry. I'm very disappointed and would not recommend them to anyone.
  7. eshinesystem LED fixtures

    *sigh* another thread ruined by retarded nonsense.
  8. eshinesystem LED fixtures

    If you don't like the price, dont buy it. Just quit continually bashing it in this thread. Do you own it? No, so you have no grounds to bash it. This thread was about the light and you're filing it with pointless babble. Shoo fanboy shoo.
  9. eshinesystem LED fixtures

    That's why I went the Bridge-lux version. May get a Cree Aqua washer though.
  10. eshinesystem LED fixtures

    http://vipinled.com/pro_detail.php?CateId=183&ProId=1573 Cree unit.
  11. eshinesystem LED fixtures

    Thats the one I have. It looks a little more purple than the picture. I got 13 12k whites and 12 royal blues with 70 degree optics (I think). I'm happy with the fixture, the mounting system isn't much though. I wish I had a PAR meter to verify there numbers. I do have a blastomussa I will be monitoring closely.
  12. eshinesystem LED fixtures

    Here's the 25 LED Bridgelux version. Best pictures I could get atm, I have a broken right humorous and I'm right handed.
  13. eshinesystem LED fixtures

    Castiel, I will try to post pictures tomorrow. Thecloser, yes it was about $130 including shipping. Karisma, I hope thats what it is, one fan is on constant but the other doesn't spin.
  14. eshinesystem LED fixtures

    I received my unit today. It looks very well made, but 1 fan isn't working, but if I blow on the fan it will start. I contacted the person I dealt with, and I have to wait until the 8th since they're on holiday now. We'll see what happens on the 8th to see if I recommend it.
  15. eshinesystem LED fixtures

    The solar simulator and tank mounting legs dont work on the 25 led light. The light plus shipping was $138.60. It was transfered from DHL to Speedy Delivery and when I called they told me I will have it Tuesday. I'm not to keen on the way it was shipped because I have no way of tracking it through Speedy.