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  1. SeeDemTails

    Tank SIZE vs FISH size Official Thread

    IMO any tank is small for a fish like a tang. We are imprisoning them for our pleasure. Just put the fish in the water and keep it healthy, thats all that matters.
  2. SeeDemTails

    fewskillz' 180 gallon adventure!

    Sweet a 125. I cant wait till mine has water! PS dont mind me in the lounge lol.
  3. SeeDemTails


    The layout will probably be two mounds with a large opening in the middle. For flow I am using a 1200gph external pump with a SCWD, and probably a few maxjets, or a couple mag 7's with some loc line coming over the back. I hate laminar flow, I am going to try to avoid it at all costs.
  4. SeeDemTails


    Dam to late I already threw away the purple and red gravel and fake plants.
  5. SeeDemTails


    I'm just messing with him, Kraylen doesnt get mad at me!
  6. SeeDemTails

    SeeDemTails 37 gal Mantle SPS and Zoa Reef

    Its a 125. I cant wait to get this running, but my wallet is screaming at me lol.
  7. SeeDemTails


    Yeah, I couldnt pass on it, and I should be able to get all the equipment at whole sale price. I am thinking a G3 skimmer, and probably 6 VHO's....I might gut the oddysea fixture and put the one 250w halide right in the middle of the tank, and have a mound of SPS corals and then zoanthids and LPS on each side.
  8. SeeDemTails

    SeeDemTails 37 gal Mantle SPS and Zoa Reef

    Hex is going to have to wait, which is a shame, I really wanted to set it up.
  9. SeeDemTails


    125's make great reefs, I maintain several, I cant wait to grow it out! I think for now this is going to be a VHO lit tank, but eventually it will have 3 250w halides, my power bill is already $375 a month with just the 37.
  10. SeeDemTails


    Thanks peeps! This is an all glass 125 with corner overflows. It was formerly a freshwater pacu tank and is in MINT condition, perfect silicone and no scratches, just some pacu crap. Stand, tank, and canopy for $150!!! The only thing that was worth keeping on this tank was a 1200gph MAK 4 external pump. No lights, no skimmer. I am probably going to light it with 3x 250w metal halides, but I am not sure yet, that is big $$$ in equipment, and power bills. Yes, the 60 hex is on permanent postponment for now, and will probably be sold. You can see it on the floow in front of the tank, it lost its spot lol.
  11. SeeDemTails


    Look what I got yesterday!
  12. SeeDemTails

    SeeDemTails 37 gal Mantle SPS and Zoa Reef

    My mg always stays about 1300, usually higher than that. Lookie what I got!
  13. SeeDemTails

    RO/DI Smells....?!

    It smells because you need new DI resin, and yes, it will harm your corals.
  14. SeeDemTails

    Pros/Cons of 125 vs. 120

    Thats a nice tank. I prefers 120's and 180's to 125's. The width of the tank really helps with coral placement.
  15. SeeDemTails

    SeeDemTails 37 gal Mantle SPS and Zoa Reef

    I change 5 gallons of my water once a week with my own RO/DI thats always o tds, and I use tropic marin salt. I dose 25ml twice daily of B-ionic, and one 25ml dose of b-ionic magnesium once every two weeks.