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  1. Guess I took a 2 month break from posting. Who knew! Nothing fun to report. Lots of stomatellas are showing up. Both the black variety as well as the classic white/grey. Anemones are gaining back some lost color. Salinity is reading a bit low, which is odd.....So I am going to slowly raise it by topping off with saltwater instead of fresh.
  2. I would treat with copper if it were me. Copper only kills the free swimming stage of ich, so won't kill what it already attached. So you have to hope he makes it thru the current infestation. I just don't trust hypo-salinity to do the job.....
  3. That is really surprising. Did the angel have hair algae growing on it?
  4. I had a 54 corner for a while. Definitely interesting shape when it comes to rock placement. The curved glass was not for me in the end. Distorted the view too much for my liking. But definitely a good shape if you have a good corner to put it in. @WCO2 Neptune, did you know it was only 54 gallons......or did the store trick you on that as well?
  5. My entire recommendation is based on the assumption that there is no clean up crew (other than the micro kind) in the refugium. I have sand in my display and would never consider going bare bottom since I don't like the look. If @AlmightyJoshaeus is going to have a crew of sand sifters in the refugium then great. If not, I stand by my "little to no sand" comment since a sand bed that is never stirred is more trouble than it is worth (unless it is a deep sand bed).
  6. You are putting in more nutrients than the bio filter (and/or manual filter) can take out before the algae uses them to grow. Most likely phosphates are the main culprit.
  7. Shaking a 3 gallon jug is just as bad as lifting a 5 gallon jug if you ask me. Lots of force being sloshed around when shaking. @rhs, the standard opening for a "classic" blueish clear plastic water jug is 48-millimeters. That is 1.88 inches. This pump is only 35 mm wide (1.37 inches), so would work. Driew Water Pump Power Cord, Solar Mini Submersible,Brushless,Waterproof by Driew Link: http://a.co/d/hY8mj4H I am sure there are other ones like the one I linked.
  8. Rotifers won't survive due to needing specific algae/plankton for food. But the rest is good. Pods should breed and be blown into your display occasionally by the return pump. I think rock is fine, but I would not do sand because sumps/refugiums are often nitrate traps if there are places for "crap" to collect. Rock isn't that bad, but sand will just become full of crap. If you plan to look at this refugium like a display, and want sand, I would go with a very thin layer.
  9. Agree, but really would scare me due to chance of the return pump sending a LOT of water to the display if the siphon breaks. Guess that would bring us back to the "keep the return pump high in the sump" trick.
  10. What they mean to say is that the evaporation for the entire system will only show in the return pump chamber. The water level of the display and other chambers will always be "full", while the return pump chamber will drop with evaporation. This is why most folks will put their Auto Top Off sensors in the return pump chamber. Anywhere else will not trigger the need for more water to be added. BUt I am sure you already knew that and just thought they were saying the actual evaporation was reduced by having multiple/separate chambers.
  11. Mine seems to change color based on the day, which is cool.
  12. Sure. The reason people use baffles or slotted walls or "over and under" flow patterns or whatever is almost 100% due to reducing bubbles from getting sucked up and squirted back into your main tank. As long as you have a way to stop bubbles, you can make your wall however you want. Sometimes it is as easy as putting a piece of foam on the pump intake leading back to the display tank.
  13. My sump "kit" is from Ebay. Very nice quality. No regrets.
  14. It sounds fine. I would highly suggest you make a small "chamber" for the return pump so that if the overflow/siphon does break, your return pump only has access to a small volume of water. Like this, but make the pump chamber even smaller. The smaller it is, the less water you need to worry about being pumped into your display tank. If you are worried about bubbles being created by that waterfall and being pumped into your display, make a baffle system. This is a photo of my sump.
  15. I read this as "75 years ago" and was going to say that there is no way you are that old. Haha. I bought mine used. Still works great.