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  1. Where to go from here?

    As someone that has been fighting diatoms very recently and finally beat them, I'd also resist the urge to add anything else. I started doing water changes more frequently and cleaning the sandbed. Cut down your lighting schedule. Advice like that from others on here helped me beat the diatoms and my tank looks fantastic.
  2. What test kit do you REALLY need??⚗??

    I would not use rainwater off of your roof.
  3. Mine has started rubbing off on it's own just from cleaning. My guess is that it would come of quite easily.
  4. CANNOT get rid of diatoms

    Cleaned the chambers and have dramatically cut back on the light cycle. My corals look like crap but the algae has not been showing up much in the afternoon. Maybe I'm starting to beat this thing.
  5. CANNOT get rid of diatoms

    Good to know. I'll do that. Thanks. This is my first all in one setup.
  6. CANNOT get rid of diatoms

    The EVO has three chambers. I have not really cleaned them out much. The middle chamber has a sponge with holes cut in it for carbon. I run floss in chamber one. Very little actual waste makes it to the center chamber because of the floss.
  7. CANNOT get rid of diatoms

    I've got the Fluval Evo 13.5 all in one. I read somewhere that the good bacteria starves out the other stuff. Worth a try.
  8. CANNOT get rid of diatoms

    Yeah will do. It's frustrating when you do everything to keep from having issues and it still happens.
  9. Vibrant Aquarium Cleaner

    Thanks. Glad to hear it's working.
  10. CANNOT get rid of diatoms

    Day 2 of lights on half of what I used to run them. The media was nasty last night so I changed it again. I also ordered some Vibrant. Worth a try.
  11. Want to start 13.5 gallon fluval evo

    Don't get one unless necessary. If you don't have the algae, then steer clear.
  12. Vibrant Aquarium Cleaner

    Any update to this? I just ordered a bottle.
  13. CANNOT get rid of diatoms

    I did a large water change last night and cleaned the substrate thoroughly. It's as clean as I can get it. I changed all my media as well. I'm going to reduce the light cycle dramatically and see what happens. It's very odd like you said. The tank looks 100% perfect in the morning only to have this stained appearance by mid day.
  14. CANNOT get rid of diatoms

    I've looked at more pictures than I care to admit today. I'm convinced it's diatoms bit I've seen pictures of Dinos in an early stage that kind of looks like what I have too.
  15. CANNOT get rid of diatoms

    So in the end do you think you had diatoms or dinos?