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  1. Why not try an old credit card to clean the glass? And when people come by to get corals and such They always ask for coraline scrapings LOL
  2. That's a Pretty nem. Tank looks good. Nice colors on that maze.
  3. I spoke with that store in Columbia abut helping me with the move. They were so helpful. But now I'm not moving LOL
  4. whenever you are ready I will send them over your way
  5. Excited for you. Can't wait to see where this goes.
  6. Kim's 30GL

    Yo Yo Yo!! I will
  7. Kim's 75

    Wow Long time no pics LOL Maybe later I'll take some!
  8. Nice video!!! LoL Blasto's! I have that fishie in my 3gl, He's a jerk who kicks up the sand and the filter sucks it up and then grinds LOL I love this tank, long and low
  9. Kim's 75

    Thanks. Romeo isn't mine, I was puppy sitting. I haven't seen him in forever cause that wholesaler closed. I really do miss him.
  10. Kim's 75

    A small update http://s178.photobucket.com/user/wimby04/media/75gl10-20-13007.jpg.html'> http://s178.photobucket.com/user/wimby04/media/75gl10-20-13012.jpg.html'> http://s178.photobucket.com/user/wimby04/media/75gl10-20-13017.jpg.html'> http://s178.photobucket.com/user/wimby04/media/75gl10-20-13024.jpg.html'> http://s178.photobucket.com/user/wimby04/media/75gl10-20-13021.jpg.html'>
  11. Kim's 75

    Thanks. I just trimmed the big one up top the singularia (sp) and moved one of the toadstools to a diff tank. The toadstools like to frag themselves. I must have 15 small ones. I collected them and started attaching them to plugs and such. I don't want them taking over my tank. I'll do a water change tomorrow and try to get new pics up by sun night.
  12. Kim's 75

    Thanks I'm sure yours will be. It has come along nicely Sorry bout your slimmer.
  13. Kim's 75

    Thank you
  14. Kim's 75

    Thanks. I'll try to update pics over the weekend. Nothing new in there. Everything doing well. Fish swimming, Corals growing like weeds. LOL I love the size of the 75. It's just the right size tank I think. Not to big, Not to small. I can reach the bottom without going In the tank LOL
  15. Kongor's 75 gallon reef

    Going to be nice. Your tank is maturing nicely Hey check my 75 out one day.