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  1. Why not try an old credit card to clean the glass? And when people come by to get corals and such They always ask for coraline scrapings LOL
  2. That's a Pretty nem. Tank looks good. Nice colors on that maze.
  3. I spoke with that store in Columbia abut helping me with the move. They were so helpful. But now I'm not moving LOL
  4. whenever you are ready I will send them over your way
  5. Excited for you. Can't wait to see where this goes.
  6. wimby

    Where Do You Buy Coral In Ny?

    Try Aquarium Village Old Country rd In westbury They have some nice frags.
  7. Yippeeee!!!! New Tank!!!!!
  8. wimby

    Best superglue gel brand?

    Yeah it's great glue. The ic gel. I'm not going to the swap bummer. Bad timing for me. I'll catch the spring one hopefully. Have fun.
  9. wimby

    Best superglue gel brand?

    $5 at swap.
  10. wimby

    got2envy's 15g Zoa and Paly Reef

    Nice vids. Again Love that song LOL you should've painted the bottom sand color LOL
  11. wimby

    Best superglue gel brand?

    I would You can also get it at the MR swap when you first walk in. Wish I was going to the swap to stock up on it.
  12. wimby

    Best superglue gel brand?

    I use the IC Gel. I hate when I am out and have to use something else.
  13. wimby

    NRF's MAXeffort- now powered by nanobox :)

    Looking good. Cool how it's spreading on the glass
  14. wimby

    Any Brits on Nano Reef?

    Not A Brit myself but my BestBud is from Great Yarmouth.
  15. wimby

    got2envy's 15g Zoa and Paly Reef

    That's too bad you had to do this. have fun I have no idea whay that's a bad word LOL