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  1. FS: 75 gallon Deep Blue setup - Orlando Fl.

    Sorry I only have stonies and one frogspawn
  2. FS: 75 gallon Deep Blue setup - Orlando Fl.

    I live near ucf and I'm interested in some of your sps
  3. Duncan F.S

    You Shipping?
  4. Brad's ADA-ZEO 60p | New pictures! 0603

    That's awesome I go there now go knights!
  5. Brad's ADA-ZEO 60p | New pictures! 0603

    is that a UCF helmet under your tank???? http://www.footballfanatics.com/COLLEGE_UCF_Knights_Collectibles/Riddell_UCF_Knights_Mini_Speed_Helmet_-_White off topic but caught my eye
  6. do you have a pic of the pendent or reflector
  7. sold

  8. Jellyfish tank

    I believe forum rules are you have to state a price Glws
  9. Im interested and wanted specific questions answered? sorry thanks for the reply though... goodluck selling your stuff
  10. Skimmer recommendations from you small sump owners

    does anybody have a link to the skimmer on ebay I can't seem to find it
  11. Brandon's Reef Aquatic Adventure

    I recently picked up a small rock of zoas, a nice piece of Trumpet coral and a very small piece of pagoda. I also got two sexy shrimp and I'm thinking of adding two more. I will update my pictures soon.
  12. Brandon's Reef Aquatic Adventure

    yeah right now I just have some simple basic corals, now that my tank is doing so well I will start investing in some nicer/more so we will see.
  13. Brandon's Reef Aquatic Adventure

    thank you I hope it takes off over the back wall