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  1. Softies failing to thrive?

    Lighting... You didn't give us the depth of your tank or the wattage on your T5s, but based on the behaviors of the corals you mention, I would assume they are getting to much light (not opening, moving to shaded areas). Also, how long are you running your lights a day? Duration of lighting could be a problem as well. I'd start there by movin some things around. Also, my xenia seems to like high flow areas, mushrooms low flow areas.
  2. Refugiums don't export nutrients?

    setting up a new 40 breeder nw, would love to see links to above mentioned scientific data
  3. I used to work @ a LFS. The owner told me that he made his money on dry goods and freshwater fish. The reason being is that SW fish/corals/invert need a larger investment to keep healthy. Take a 20 gallon tank. You can fit about 80 fancyguppies in there @ 4.99 each (about 10x markup). You light it with a cheap flourescent tube and fill the tank with tap water and clorine/cloramine conditioner. Feed it cheap flakes once a day. Take a 20 gallon tank for SW. Fish need more expensive water (RODI/Salt), more expensive food, more room to swim in( cant put 80 clown fish in there!) and have a markup of 2x or 3x. He really only carried SW stock because he had too. On a good Saturday (in the winter when people are stuck in the house and looking at their tanks) he'd bring in 5k to 7500. But, you have to pay the rent, the employees, the utilities, the merchandise etc. etc. etc. So, a million in sales, sure depending on location, store size, selection, and competition. But how much he cleared I have no idea..... Certainly no more then 10 % of that.
  4. 40 breeder lighting reccomendations?

    Thanks for all of the suggestions everyone! Now I have a couple of questions: 1. Can I get a goof T5 fixture for $300 or less? 2. How much are ATI bulbs and how often do you need to change them? 3. The reefbreeders LED was reccomended, and I like the idea of not putting out for new bulbs, but I searched the forum and cant find anyone that is actually using them? So is anyone out there using them and if so are you satisfied with them? Proabably will never go SPS because the wife likes corals that "move around and stuff".
  5. Hi! I recently picked up a 40 BR @ the Petco $1 sale. I will eventually be transferring the contents of my AP24 to this tank. Currently I use Ecoxotic Panoramas in my Aquapod. I will be housing LPS and softies only. So, wth a price point arund $300 and no predisposition to any partcular brand or type (LED, MH, T5), what would all of you suggest? Thanks!
  6. LOW KH. HELP!

    Make sure you check your Mg levels, they are tied together. I had Mg issues previously and it was causing big swings in my Alk.
  7. LOW Alk/Ca/Mg?

    Is there any other reason my Alk would be so low? 6 seems pretty low to me, especially w/o any hard corals.....
  8. LOW Alk/Ca/Mg?

    What would you raise it too? The 1300 ppm that is reccomended or should I go higher? Also, can i overdose my freshly mixed saltwater? By this I mean raise it more then the reccomended 100 ppm per day? Thanks
  9. LOW Alk/Ca/Mg?

    Hi everyone, I am in the process of resurrecting my tank (long story) and have been doing consistent weekly water changes of 3 gallons a week for the last 6 weeks. The tank is 24 gallons. I'm currently using Oceanic salt. I add Kent Tech M to my freshly mixed water because the Mg is always low. Anyway, I tested tonight and my readings are as follows: Alk: 6 (that is not a typo) Ca:420 Mg:1120 Salinity: 1.025 I use RODI and TDS currently reads at Zero? Any thoughts on what is driving the Alk so low? I currently have NO LPS or SPS. Thanks!
  10. Ecoxotic Panorama Pro LED Module

    I run 1 12k/445 and 1 445/magenta (pros) in my AP24. After about 3 weeks, I've managed to get to about 50% intensity. I only have Zoanthids and Mushrooms. I've noticed that a day or two after each increase, the shrooms tend not to open up as much, but eventually adjust to the light and resume their previous size/appearance. If your ricordia don't bounce back after a few days, i would move them to a shadier spot. I've also noticed that as my lighting intensity goes up, the color becomes less purple, which isn't neccesarily a bad thing for me and my tastes...
  11. Ecoxotica LED's

    Gutted my hood and added two panorama pro units this weekend. I gutted everything but the fans and drilled the modules directly into the hood (then reattached the plastic shield). I used rubber spacers to leave about a half inch between the modules (both modules) and the hood. I have my fans running when the lights come on. Some observations from my retro: 1. Glad i didn't try a DIY LED setup cause I suck at this kind of thing. 2. Glad I bought the dimmer, because compared to my CF lighting, these things are extremely bright. 3. Went with 1 10k/Blue and 1 Blue/magenta module. The tank looks very pinkish to me as the magenta lighting is quite strong. Once corals are acclimated, I will move dimmer to the blue/magenta module to tune in the color i want. 4. Corals look 100 times better with this lighting compared to CF. 5. I only do softies and polyps. 2 pro modules are plenty! now saying that I do not have a par meter, but I cant see needing more then 2 units if you are doing softies/lps. not an sps guy so i cannot comment on that. 6. Took me about 3 hours to gut and reinstall, but again i suck at this kind of thing and i was also answering every question my 10 and 5yr old came up with. 7. When you take the modules out of the box and plug them in to test them and the dimmer before install,do not look directly into the lights (duh). I saw spots for 2 days! 8. Shimmer is awseome and I have no disco ball or spotlighting affects.
  12. Need electrical help!

    Because i didn't know you could do that! How would I go about purchasing and installing that? I wouldn't even know where to look (yes I am an electrical moron)!
  13. Need electrical help!

    Installing new lighting today on my AP24. Going to remove both ballasts, but want to keep the fans running. 1 plug controls the fans and 1 ballast. Can i keep that plug and simply cap the wires that originally ran to the ballast? Is this safe? Thanks
  14. Ecoxotica LED's

    A question about fans/ electrical: In the aquapod 24, one plug is responsible for one light ballast and the fans. To contiune running the fans, do i just snip the wires for the light ballast and cap them? Is this safe or is their another way to do it? thanks
  15. Lighting 911

    So I'm waiting on my new light upgrade to come in (shipped out today). And in the meantime, my 10k bulb (pc) on my aquapod died on thursday. Currently, the only lighting on the tank is a 32 w atinic bulb. question: will my corals survive a week like this? Current stock is Zoas, shrooms, and GSP. Any help appreciated. Thanks