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  1. Hoobahans

    sealife florida LR for quick sale!

    I really need to get it out! I am leaving for MN on Thursday!
  2. I moved to Seattle after graduating college and tried to get back into the aquarium hobby. Unfortunately, due to travel and money I cannot keep things going like I would like. I have around thirty pounds of sealifeflorida LR that has been in a nearly empty tank under halides for about three months. It's really nice stuff covered in tube worms, coralline, sponges and tunicates. I paid $130 to buy it and ship it here. I have added around five pounds of other rock from a LFS in addition to the sealife stuff. I would like to get 50 bucks for all of the rock and I will throw in an orange goby (really tiny) and a urchin. Local pickup only (Capitol Hill in Seattle) and I want to move it fast!
  3. Hoobahans


    Just picked up a clean and wonderfully packaged mag7 from Nanoty. Excellent seller.
  4. Hoobahans

    Hoob's New System

    Update: Drilled and sprayed: Plumbed the 5.5: Unions are glorious: Plumbed the sump/fuge: Close-up of sump with pump hook-up: Side-view of 5.5 plumbing: Reverse side-view: Returns (can you tell I like the flood light look?: Rear-view: Fuge-view: Work station: Overall:
  5. Hoobahans

    Hoob's New System

    First off, thanks to everyone for the welcome backs! It is good to be back on nano-reef. Too pleasant--in the best of ways. Jamie- Unfortunately we had the chillers break and the tanks crash...everything died. Algae bloom. And I don't take care of them anymore so things have not recovered as I would have liked. I think in the long run they will improve. Fingers crossed. Side note: YOUR TANK IS AMAZING. Unbelievable. So when will you be coming to Whitman and taking over my old job? In another topic, that is a halide over the refugium. All I have left are halides so I hope I can find appropriate algae! Thanks again for everyone for the warm returns and I look forward to keeping the thread posted. Does anyone have advice on a SCWD? I want to have some variable flow into the 5.5 and it seems like the only option. Very mixed reviews...if someone has first hand reviews that they would like to share...
  6. Hoobahans

    Hoob's New System

    So my last tank ended with the school year and the need to move a few hundred miles to a new job. Now it looks like I will be settling down in Seattle for a couple years to work in a lab before heading back to school. With that coming up I started itching to get a new system prepped. I have a beautiful stand and canopy for a 5.5 that was generously made for me by a local guy. I really wanted to build a system deserving of it. I also want a cleaner looking set-up with functional plumbing (no more flooding rooms this time!). On that note I decided that a 20L would be an awesome fuge that I could devote to some interesting algae and inverts. I also have a leftover sump from my zeroedge that was staring me down and a few spare MH retros. I looked around for a nice clean cabinet/stand for it all but everything either looked like crap, was too expensive or was 100% particle board. No goes. So I thought that I might as well throw together my own stand the way I want it. I started with some metal shelves: Topped it off with some wood: Hung some bamboo: Partitioned a 20L, hung a light: Drilled the sump: Put lights back into the 5.5 canopy: Put it all together (check out the curtain action): And there you go: I know the picture is a little overexposed, but those mhs are bright and I can live with that. I have a lot of work to do. I am waiting for the bit and bulkheads to finish the plumbing. When I get to Seattle I will get the sump up and running and hopefully get frags back of the corals that I gave away when I took down the zeredge. I'll keep the thread updated as things move forward.
  7. Hoobahans

    Hoob's 40g ZeroEdge

    OK--so the day has come. I need to give away all of my coral. First, please do not send me pms asking me to ship. I am absolutely swamped with school right now, my skimmer broke and I cannot afford a new one and I have to move to a new house in three weeks that cannot accommodate the aquarium. I need to give all of the livestock away ASAP and with minimal time commitment from my side. I am sorry but I simply cannot ship anything. I live in Walla Walla, Washington and the tank is at my dorm on campus. I will post dates that I am going to be available to let people in to take stuff. These will be the only times that I can do this. This Thursday the 4th from 7 until 10 pm and Saturday the 6th from 2 to 6 pm EVERYTHING will be up for grabs. As you can see I have some really nice stuff although there is an ALGAE problem. I repeat, I have a lot of algae growing in the tank right now and apologize for that but I don't have the time to take care of it. This is hard for me to do as I have invested a lot of time and money into this tank. I love the hobby and have always provided the best care I could to my livestock. Sadly, I can no longer do so and I must give them to people who are able to provide for them. PLEASE, I only want people who have established tanks to take coral and please, only take what you know how to care for! Sorry to those who are not local, but I can only do so much right now.
  8. Hoobahans

    The Butchered Finnex

    Wow, this is one of the best tanks I have ever seen; great job.
  9. Hoobahans

    Hoob's 219 & 135 Gallon Coldwater

    A few interesting pics: Nudi Apple anemone White-spotted rose anemone caught in the prop...again
  10. Hoobahans

    Hoob's 40g ZeroEdge

    Oh man, I am getting so bad at this. I have been focusing on the multiple aquariums/terrariums that I am caring for over the summer at my school. To be honest the tank looks terrible and I am having trouble with my sps. I think that I will be breaking down the tank by christmas break...so when that happens I will let everyone know and I will try to unload as much of the livestock as I can.
  11. Hoobahans

    Hoob's 219 & 135 Gallon Coldwater

    Thank you to all for the support, it's good to get feedback on the tank. I have gotten the diatoms under control and am scraping off the leftovers. I am still having a lot of trouble with the skimmer even though I have lowered it 5 inches deeper into the sump. From tomorrow on I have more funds to purchase more equiptment and livestock. I have been looking at MBL for a while now and I definitely plan on making a purchase! I just wish I didn't have to figure out the common names and pictures for most of the specimens. Maybe it's a good time to brush up on my freshman biology knowledge...
  12. Hoobahans

    Hoob's 219 & 135 Gallon Coldwater

    Here's a question: Has anyone here used an ETSS skimmer before? I have one running on the two large coldwater tanks but I cannot make it collect for the life of me. It gets black and frothy but it's almost like the froth is too think to spill over and collect in the cup. I get real thick gunk covering the whole chamber and all over the cup but nothing wet enough to drain--and not enough to clean the water. As it's a coldwater tank I have to do very heavy feeding and hence there's lots of nutrients. I need to get the skimmer working to kill the diatoms that are covering everything in the tank. I've taken care of the bigger algae with the urchins but I'd prefer to solve the algae problem at it's root instead of just mowing the big stuff. Any suggestions would be great.
  13. The first looks like a protopaly to me. They tend to not be named but look pretty cool.
  14. Hoobahans

    Hoob's 219 & 135 Gallon Coldwater

    Chiton: Snail: More goby shots: