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  1. oppinions please :D

    ok so my tank (NC 24 DX) is almost 3 years old now, and i had pretty much neglected it for the last year or so but a few weeks ago i gave it a huge clean and its looking fresh, but atm all i have in there are a black and white clownfish pair, a hermit crab and a toadstool leather. Im going to the LFS on thursday morning, and im looking to buy about 10 more hermit crabs (maybe an emerald crab). I also want to buy one more fish, but im having a huge trouble choosing what to get, and i also want to get some more coral. What coral generally looks good in an NC 24 and can be house, and what fish can i get for an NC24 that has a lot of character? ALl help hugely appreciated, Steph
  2. best CUC for GHA

    ok so basically i need to concentrate on hermit crabs, i will get as many of them as i can afford. Also how much do you pay for hermits, over here in england, they are 10 for £35 which is quite expensive i think. Oh yeah and that wrasse was a nuisance to take pictures of, he died unfortunately.....
  3. best CUC for GHA

    Yeah I do have one snail, but its pathetic, and does absolutely nothing, and they never did when I had a few of them so I'm going to get loads of hermits and if possible an emerald, however I'm in london and there isn't a huge variety of CUC, and what the hermits are labelled as are hardly ever accurate, but ill see what I can get
  4. best CUC for GHA

    ok thanks for all the help everyone youve been great, and nemo_niblets, i love the idea of snail recycling!! are there any fish than eat GHA?
  5. best CUC for GHA

    ok so my tank has sort of had a minor algae problem for quite a while, but ive changed the light bulbs, which were over a year old. Ive also added a 1200 lph pump into the back of my NC 24 and another one of the same pumps in the display of the tank. I have also cut back most of the hair algae, however i am going to buy more of a CUC on the weekend and i was wondering if any of you could tell me the best CUC for removing green hair algae? thanks a lot, steph
  6. My tank as of today...and a few oppinions needed :D

    where would i polace the protein skimmer if i bought one?? and how do you maintain one, because i don't know how to ive never had one before
  7. My tank as of today...and a few oppinions needed :D

    RO which i am buying from the LFS they mix it for me. i think the water im using is ok however?
  8. My tank as of today...and a few oppinions needed :D

    Oh sorry forgot to say salinity is 1.024. Thing is with the nitrite/nitrate, my test kit isn't very good so i wasn't sure whether it was 0 or 0.125 which is the next unit up?
  9. My tank as of today...and a few oppinions needed :D

    Ok Params are as follows: Ph - 8.3 Nitrite - 0 - 0.125 Nitrate - 0 - 0.125 Ammonia - 0 Potassium - 0.03 - 0.1 My test kit isn't very precise, and mos tof them are intemediate values as you can tell.
  10. My tank as of today...and a few oppinions needed :D

    it's a 24 gallon nano cube and yh i know i do need to keep up with my water changes and i will go and check mt params in a minute and tel you hat they are. Are there any good mods that i could do without buying equipment so i can do them now until i go to a LFS?
  11. My tank as of today...and a few oppinions needed :D

    Ive got around 5-10 pounds of live rock in the back, with sponges and that is all for the filtration. And honestly i know im slacking, but i don't really check the parameters that much.
  12. ok so this is my first SW tank, ive had it for about 2 years now and all i can say is it has been a lot of work, as i have had many algae blooms and tragedies in the tank. Ive Sort of managed to clean it up a bit. This is what it looks like: I know it looks shabby but this is the cleanest it has been in a long time... Current LiveStock are as follows: Orange and Black Ocelarris clown Pair Toadstool Leather Two Turbo SNails A few hermits (not sure of the exact number, probably less than five ) So i need oppinions on a couple of things. I would like to get one more fish, what do you guys think would look good in my tank. Also what coral would i be able to keep under stock nano cube 24 lighting that would look good in my tank??? All help appreciated Steph
  13. lionfish question

    yh by fairly large angel i meant large dwarf angel and i did have the flame angel in mind when i said that, as they grow too big for a dwarf lion to munch on
  14. lionfish question

    apparently fu manchu lionfish only grow to 5 inches, would it be possible to keep one of those in a nano cube 24 by itself?? i sound desperate, but ive always wanted a lionfish. does anybody have an orca TL-550?? i am looking to buy one, it is an all-in-one tank and the dimensions of it are 51cmx57cmx70cm, excluding the hood, that makes it about 34 galons i guess??? could i keep a fu manchu in that tank with antoher fish, perhaps a fairly large angel
  15. lionfish question

    ok then thanks for the replies. shame though, lion fsh are my favourite fish, maybe i just need a bigger tank then?