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  1. suprisingly my clown isn't hosting yet, but hes just jamming in the toadstool, do you think he may start hosting it soon??
  2. unless i see a cool 3-d picture of an anemone, that really is beautiful, then you are getting my vote
  3. what is that coral on the bottom, the purple one?? are you running stock lighting??
  4. thanks andre
  5. the reason the tank looks algaeish, is because the camera is set on vibrant, and it picks up all the colours. it isn't that bad
  6. crap piccy of my xenia with the clown
  7. i live in london and i have never seen a picotope, but i want one of the 3 gallon ones and do a tiny reef. could you put in like one hermit crab?
  8. cool tank, what is that green thing in the bottom right corner called, is it an anemone and what type of anemone is that pink one. Are anemones hard to keep??