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  1. anyone have success with cleaner wrasse?

    I haven't seen any long term success with the cleaner wrasse, it's more of a leave it in the ocean fish.
  2. 2012 Jellyfishart Desktop Tank

    The best thing to feed the Moon jellyfish is live baby brine shrimp. It's a hassle but should help with there size.
  3. GHA control

    I would do a water change larger than 2 gallons a week. Do some larger water changes and run some GFO or Phosguard to remove phosphates. That combined with a decent clean up crew should help get the hair algae under control.
  4. Good SWF stores in Sacramento area?

    Your Reef has tons of nice frags. You could also check out AquaLife.
  5. Fish hitchhiker help

    I didn't even think of the fish catching something from the tank and possibly contaminating the local beach when returned. That's a very good point. I only suggested he returned it because he didn't know what it was or how to feed him. The point is more dont collect any animals without knowlage of what it is and how to care for it. Now that the little guy has been identified I think it's wise to keep him.
  6. Red growth on emerald crab.

    Could he just have some cyno on his leg?
  7. Fish hitchhiker help

    Ive been looking and looking to try and ID this guy, I agree maybe in the scorpion fish family.
  8. Fish hitchhiker help

    I agree, take the fish back to the beach. It could have a parasite or may not accept food in an aquarium setting.
  9. Fish hitchhiker help

    Where was the beach? Panama city?
  10. Peppermints & Crabs eating these:

    I've also had well fed peppermint shrimp go after my Zoa's and a torch, now I stay away from them.
  11. Water Changes

    It would be best to heat it and put a power head in for a while.
  12. Mole crabs as sand cleaners? (Emerita talpoida)

    I used to catch those on the beach but they were cold water, always wanted one though. Maybe there is a warm water variety, could be hard to feed kinda like a sand sifting star.
  13. Can Help PLease, Sand or Rock?

    It's looks like a Flame scallop to me. Requires tons of food like Phyto. To answer the question sand or rock, scallops can move themselves and do prefer a shaded area.
  14. Jelly Fish Art

    I did a ton of research on jellies, but in the end it just was to much hassle to keep them. The Moon jellies they sell at Jellyfish Art should be kept in a much larger and chilled tank.

    Ich cannot harm your corals or invertebrates, the treatment for the ich will though.