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  1. some of my coral

    just wanted to post some pictures of my coral GSP: Zoanthids: Ricordia:
  2. New Ricordia!!

    I just bought a new Ricordia today, it has nice color, and i only got it for 15 bucks. Heres a few pics......
  3. some sort of corl?

    i have one of thoughs just a little smaller, _-^|Bump|^-_
  4. I could really use a little help.....

    oh and the eclipse lighting, it most likey will be too low, id at LEAST get 72w power compacts
  5. I could really use a little help.....

    well a bio-wheel is more of controlling nirate, nitrite, ammonia, ect.. you need something that will eliminate disolved orginisms and stuff
  6. I could really use a little help.....

    1) read the package of sand your using, if it contains silicate then toss it, IMO id just get some sand from your lfs. 2)IMO, crabs are such a good idea, i'd get some snails, shrimp, ect.. 3)you dont really need the bio-wheel, just get a protien skimmer instead. 4)usualy in a reef tank set-up you would have live rock, live rock is a must IMO because of all the benifits it has, such as bio-filtration, it wil make your tank look more natural, and your clownfishies would think its the ocean. Live rock doesn't need ammonia. 5)The tank usualy cycles in about a week or so, id just leave it if your going to go on vacation, when you come back it should be cycled and established enough for some snails and shrimp. 6)Stay away from anemonies, there very difficult to keep from what i have learned. They require a very stable aquarium and very high/intense lighting such as metal halides. hope that helps, id just lurk around the posts some more just to make sure your going to do everything correctly.
  7. Another source for 70W Ushio MH DE bulb

    BTW i saw bulbs at PSL for only 25 bucks there HQI, are they worth getting? http://www.petsupplyliquidator.com/htm/rep...lhalide.htm#mh3
  8. Another source for 70W Ushio MH DE bulb

    So these are 70w HQI MH bulbs right? Is there anyplace where i can buy the ballast cheap?
  9. Is 10 gal too small for blue tang?

    a 10 gallon is WAY TO SMALL for any tang, even if there babies they WILL grow big.
  10. i got fiji livesand, lots of pods and worms, how much you want, as in exact amout of cups or lbs
  11. WTB: 2.5 gallon tank

    WTB: 2.5 gallon tank, either post here or email me at Zain_i@hotmail.com
  12. Hey, if reefers will say this once they will say it a thousand times, Very nice nano-reef. BTW, if you every decide the gorg is growing a little to big, I would like to buy a frag of it from you
  13. Sps under pcs, better then MH?

    Hello, I've bought some arcopora at my lfs, too hard not to buy sps frags with with such good prices!, anyway I've had it for a week so far and well, its doing a lot better then in the tank before with METAL HALIDES!, i feed my arco some coral-vite and keep my pcs a little longer then 12 hours, now my acro is a deep red/purple, before it was brownish red. Also has some green polyps at the base. anyway, so ppl that said i couldn't do it and it would turn brown and slowly die, eat this! so this proves that lighting isnt the only important matter. I'll get some pictures when i get back home
  14. My Early Show "Nemo" Tank

    proof that Sps can grow like a weed under pcs