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  1. Ecotech MP 10

    Yes, that is an excellent suggestion, and will be my last resort if no one has any other thoughts. Thank you.
  2. Ecotech MP 10

    I have an MP 10 that is several years old. Recently I replaced the wet side propeller part. Today, during my weekly inspection, following a water change, I noticed the propeller wasn't turning. The unit has power, the outside is slightly warm to the touch, it hums as usual and lights are on. However, the lights on the controller are stationary. I did a hard reset, no joy. Is there anything else I can do short of total replacement?
  3. AROCCOM® Led Dimmable Ligt

    Sounds like a deal. I'm already living with manual dimming and 2 channels so while it's a pain, it's not a deal breaker. I'll look into it more. Thanks for the reply.
  4. Is anyone familiar with this light? It's seems impossibly cheap but has good ratings on Amazon. Looking to replace my Ecoray 60D which hangs over my 20x20x20 cube. AQUAMANA AQ LED-55x3W Dimmable 120W LED Aquarium Light
  5. Has anyone been stung by their corals?

    Wrenching on my bike, scrape my knuckles, stick hand in tank - ouch. Used to have a RBTA that would sting like the dickens. Also a torch. It's part and parcel of the hobby unless you are going to use gloves and I don't see how anyone can do anything in a tank with those big rubber gloves on. I do use TSA type gloves when working with a frag, such as dosing one for critters before putting it in the tank.
  6. For those with rimless tanks

    BRS sells a nice screen kit and I believe you can buy clips for it there as well. I just replaced the eggcrate I had on my Solana with the BRS screen.
  7. Looking For A Cool Pistol

    Have you considered Vivid Aquariums in LA?
  8. Aiptasia confirmation

    I just lost my tank to aptasia. Do not allow it to live. Kill that rotter.
  9. Skimmer options for 34 Solana

    Too big to fit in the rear chambers and I don't have a separate sump. Sent it back and ended up with a Tunze 9004.
  10. Windex with vinegar sprayed on a microfiber towel. No ill effects after 9 years that I've ever been able to determine.
  11. Just ordered 30# today for my Solana rebuild. Really looking forward to receiving it next week.
  12. Unhappy Customer

    I have ordered clean-up crews from Reef Cleaners several times over the past few years. Each and every time I have received superb product. I will be placing an order for rock from RC in the next 2-3 weeks to be followed by another one for a new clean-up crew. Reef Cleaners is an excellent vendor and I cannot say enough good things about John and his firm.
  13. Aptasia Infested Tank

    Thanks for all the replies. I should have posted on here earlier and tried the berghias or filefish. Never heard of either of them until now. I've taken down the display and am starting over with new sand and dry rock. Lesson learned.
  14. Skimmer options for 34 Solana

    I have a solana and my skimmer also died an untimly death. Couldn't find a replacement pump and then it cracked. I bought the eshopps PSK 75 in sump skimmer. Hasn't arrived yet (Amazon purchase) and my tank is undergoing a total overhaul, but I recommend you check out the eshopps.
  15. Aptasia Infested Tank

    Yeah, I'm torn between tossing the rock and just buying new. Either way I'm starting all over. I'm thinking of leaving the rock out in the garage for a month, then pulling out one piece and seeing if any aptasia returns. If it does, the the rock gets tossed. I tried peppermint shrimps. If they munched on any aptasia it wasn't noticeable. Crap just kept spreading. Then I went nuts with Aptasia-X and killed off corals and a couple of my favorite fish.