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  1. Mudfish

    Full Spectrum 40 Breeder?

    I hope I don't ever have to switch from MH to LED. I don't understand a word of that ####. But - I digress. This all sounds to me like a well-thoughtout and intelligent plan. Until I hope you will not continue with this thread of thought. Please take advantage of this opportunity and learn how to solder. It's a satisfying manual skill/craft, and necessary, after all, if one is to DIY.
  2. Mudfish

    My 1st Tank Crash

    Thanks. It's a 40-Breeder with a 20-gallon sump kept about half full. I think it was a 15-gallon water change; I don't remember for sure. Somewhere around that. I hadn't done a change in about a month. The tank runs steady at 79 degrees, with a chiller. I'm really hoping the two-tone blue Caulestra makes it. It's pretty uncommon. All of the striped one has died, and I'm pretty sure I will lose all the neon green one. More stuff is starting to go. I forgot to add - my fire shrimp, porcelain crab and banded coral shrimp all died.
  3. Mudfish

    My 1st Tank Crash

    Thanks, Maria. Yeah, I'm gonna try - last time, I had to work. I know dats right.
  4. Mudfish

    My 1st Tank Crash

    After 6+ years of coral-keeping, I've suffered my first tank crash. Totally my fault – I made a stupid mistake, which I hope others can learn from. I haven't kept a tank thread, 'cause I be lazy. Plus I'm no good at pictures. Plus I've been snook fishing too much instead. Here are some pre-crash pics of the tank, including the whole enchilada before any livestock at all. All that stuff you see had grown much bigger. For instance, I have to repeatedly break the orange capricornis off that return pipe. I sell frags constantly to my local shop; caps, birdsnest, torts, hydnophoras, etc. The stuff was growing like gangbusters. It'll be a while now before it's back, baby – All my fishies are fine. But I lost several big coral colonies, some that I've had for a long time, that I grew from tiny frags. I've lost four of my Platygyra boulders, including that biggest bright green one, which I bought at the size of a plum, and grew to the size of a grapefruit. It had grown up on to and attached to one of the rocks - I had to break it loose with a big tablespoon. It broke my heart to see it dead. I lost my entire Cali acro torusa colony – here's the bones – I bought the Cali tort frag at a local frag swap 2 years ago. ½ inch long, because I couldn't afford anything more! It grew like a weed; I've sold and given away several pieces of it. A huge colony of two-tone blue Caulestra (I collect those, too) – maybe 25-30 heads. Three heads when I bought it. There's two heads still alive. A second, striped color of Caulestra, that I've had since 2006. It was one of the many pieces I bought from our friend mvite – that should ring a bell with some folks! The whole colony is dead… Other stuff dead, yet most stuff still fine. I have over a hundred different corals crammed in this little tank. I'm trimming and cleaning up; I think it's at the "what's done is done" stage. So here's what happened – a couple months ago, the ballast for my twin 150W halides crapped out, and it took better than a week to get the warrentied replacement. So the corals had just the T5 actinics and the teeny bit of indirect sunlight they get each morning for that period. They lost some color, but were fine, and were bouncing back. I wasn't worried about it at all. Everybody was doing fine. But I guess they had been more severely stressed than I realized. Forward a few weeks. I keep all my water-making junk in the garage. It's been pretty damn hot. I did a big water change, about 15 gallons, and never thought about the temperature. I just dumped the new water in, as usual. It took a couple of days for things to start to go south; it's been a slow-motion crash. Later, with new water made up in the same system in the garage, I took the temperature in the storage container – 90.8 degrees. #### me running. So, the lesson is, don't get complacent. Check everything, and keep your head straight.
  5. Mudfish

    Glass-Holes Oveflow Users Chime In

    I have a 700 GPH on my 40B with some kinda Chinese knock-off return pump, that works great. Very quiet. Glass-holes is, as they say, dope.
  6. Mudfish

    HalfPint's 40 Breeder

    Very sweet!
  7. Mudfish

    TO fuge or not to fuge

    In my experience, I've come to believe that a fuge w/ chaeto is beneficial in the earlier lifetime of a tank. However, the day comes when nuisance algae begin to grow in the fuge/sump area, due to the fuge light, that outplay the gains of the chaeto. The "net" becomes algae in the display. At that point, a reactor or two w/ GFO and carbon can be started, then as that becomes established, the chaeto and the fuge light can be removed. The nuisance algae in both areas will then slowly disappear. This has been my experience with at least two systems, an Aquapod AIO and my current 40-Breeder.
  8. Mudfish

    ReefCleaners: Filter Feeder Formula

    Hey, brother - Just out of curiosity, could you tell us, where does this food come from? Do you guys make it yourselves? What kinda varmints is it made of?
  9. Mudfish

    Our friend Jeremai has passed away.

    Holy cow - what a shock! But isn't it wonderful, seeing what a really great little community we have, everybody coming out of the woodwork to pay their respects at this difficult time... it's really gratifying to see the honor and respect given to Jer by everybody. Amy - thank you for taking the time to communicate with us, and I hope that seeing the effect that your brother had on all these folks here can maybe bring a little bit of a smile to your face in your time of struggle and loss. - Martin
  10. Mudfish

    HecticDialectic's ADA 10G

    Working at Target?!? I haven't kept up...
  11. Mudfish

    Nuisance Algae Guide

    When we "cram" a variety of animals into our relatively tiny environments, warfare of all sorts is bound to break out. In the ocean, these guys would have much more room to retreat and find hidey-holes. There's not much to be done; it's a consequence of nano-life.
  12. Mudfish


    It's a mollusk of some sort, I'd agree - maybe? I think I would guess some type of oyster if I had to pick... Hard to tell with just that one video, but wicked cool, none the less. I look forward to seeing more. A good testament to amazing hitchhiker possibilities, eh?
  13. Mudfish

    Divers wanted

    Oh, Cali... It's OK there. Go for it.