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  1. Just acclimated and tossed ten pom pom crabs into my tank. We'll see how they do.
  2. have some

  3. DIY LED rig legs

  4. bulkhead cracked?!

    I never knew about the stick/crayon type of lubricant/sealant. You learn something new everyday! Thanks.
  5. Lol I guess I am a dig ked

    You're surprised? This happens in my profession -- but the dollar amounts are in the thousands and tens of thousands.
  6. Firefish hiding for the last week.

    It's not sick. I thought one of my firefish had died -- I saw it while doing a re-scape 8 months later.
  7. Awesome $10.00 Frags

    Hi All Clear!
  8. Micro-Reef Custom Drilled 15 Gallon Setup

    Tank is coming?
  9. Lani's 10gal.

  10. Lani's 10gal.

    eat me.
  11. bulkhead cracked?!

    Sure it's not just a leaking bulkhead?
  12. reef research

    woot. UCLA!