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  1. Take it easy with the thread bumping.
  2. When did General Discussion turn into mini-Makeshift Lounge?
  3. I came back from the dead to moderate this? haha Anyway, seems to me like krodmandoon was just trying to be funny. Can we forgive, forget, and stop the name-calling and move on? No need to further derail the thread.
  4. I'm in Homer right now. Have been here all week. Headed back to Anchorage and then home tomorrow.
  5. Nice Mr. Marks. I have always wondered how much text you could fit on the side of a Chevy Van.
  6. Name calling and insults are completely unnecessary and will not be tolerated in the general forums and especially the Beginner Forum. Thank you to those whose comments have been positive and helpful.
  7. Feel free to contact Christopher Marks about becoming a sponsor.
  8. Circumventing a temporary ban results in a permanent ban.
  9. I lost my santa hat shark avatar, anyone in here seen it around?
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