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    Lagoon style aquariums, pico reefs, macro algea, pipe fish, cooking, cars, boats.
  1. mmm

    mix it up and feed it to the roomate
  2. Giant pacific octopus? yeah we have them here lol
  3. ^^ Lol
  4. The boat is now getting restored at a local harbour, a bunch of dumbasses where stealing original brass lights and fittings when she was on the rocks.Most of the pieces where recovered (after I jacked them off of some freaks boat,its not a shipwreck yet buddie) for more info please feel free to send a PM
  5. can u see me?
  6. er, thats actually the greybeard (the white sailboat)
  7. Tentical porn
  8. you can make a bouquet
  9. Only ONE entry per person please!
  10. Nice! Its got my vote!
  11. haha The people WHO ALREADY HAVE PREMIUM MEMBERSHIPS shouldnt be able to win the photo contests
  12. Old pic,but that was my old chromis.He had a little neon strip right below his right eye.