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  1. Athecate Hydroids?

    If the entier tube drifts off then yes.But I don't know if a piece will grow a new colony. Some tangs develop a taste for them FYI
  2. Athecate Hydroids?

    If you tweezer them off the crown will drift away and form a new colony.They are not a big deal IMO, they did not bother my mushrooms when they expanded over them. And no, skimming will not starve them out.
  3. my LFS sold me "nassarius shells"?

    Hmm, take a sample of your aquarium water to an LFS with a refractometer. Snails are very very sensitive to salinity changes,copper and depending on the species, nitrates.
  4. Hands and hygene.

    An apron would be a good idea.... but I am sure girls would laugh at me.
  5. Mud bed and algea filtration.

    Thanks for the reply's, I was advised by a local reefer to try this stuff out. He said that his SPS opened up more than ever befour and the tank clarity was great. He also said that it slowly dissolves over time, in the way that the bacteria and trace minerals break down over time and release into the water column, and that it was no reason for concern in the way of releasing phosphats or other troublesome nutrience into the water. Would anybody have a nice picture of a mud bed refugium on hand? My computers acting up.
  6. 54 Corner Garden Eel Reef Build

    That is what happened at my LFS. The garden eel swam for like 40 hour's (almost 2 days) just poppin around, then they started to dig. I would watch the clownfish with the eel's, the latter could be out competed for food.
  7. How can I get rid of a parasitic isopod from my anemone shrimp? I am a bit nervous of trying a FW dip on such a small animal. Any suggestions? peace,
  8. sump/refug for 100 gallon

    Maby research some plastic tub sumps, they would be the most cost effective solution for the size you will be needing.
  9. stupid lfs

    Sounds like my boss Supply's you with incorrect information then trys to sell you somthing you dont need.
  10. Koralia questions, will it kill an anemone?

    If the anemone where large enough I could see a problem, the foot wrapping around the housing and a bit of flesh creeping in. But other than that I do not think so.
  11. Check your water parameters, ammonia, nitrate,nitrite, etc. Maby try some garlic concentrate, or some cheap little freshwater shrimp like Amano's. Also try a cube of frozen daphnia, my fish seem to go INSANE for the stuff. Oh and be sure that when they do start eating *knock on wood* that the neon goby is not out competed by the hogfish and the angel.
  12. mantis shrimp

  13. Mud bed and algea filtration.

    I was concerned with that too, isnt mud just decayed plant and animal material? I really want to try a mud bed in my refugium, would maricle mud or a different brand work better? Or would it essentaly have the same effect no matter what the brand?
  14. Carter's 29g.

    Is the epoxy around the base of the devils hand? If it is the coral should grow over the epoxy in a short amount of time, and if there is a bit left over encrusting algea's should hide it. Nice setup, that little flame angel is so bright and colourful. I think you will be very pleased with the remora skimmer.It surpassed my expectations within the first week!