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  1. el_santo's 11.4g watery plancha

    Thanks for replies. I'm still getting back into the swing of the 'marine' way of doing things. I've added a few frags of green birdsnest sps, a small xenia of unknown origin (cheap freebie from local fps) and a zoanthid frag that I forget the name of the color morph. Its very tempting to shove every single frag of "something" I see posted on my local reefer's club but I want to take this one slow and not rush (too much). I've been really happy with the Kessil so far. Sure it lacks some of the features of the AI Nano and some other lighting options, and maybe in the future I'll look at the AI Nano, but for now I'm really blown away by the shimmer effect and luminosity. Here are few more pictures. There's more in my flickr photostream for those that are interested.
  2. I decided to start a build log for my subdued return to nano-reefs. I've spent the last few years with planted tanks and a few months back got the 'itch' to start up another nano. After some planning and some reading of different setups here, I settled on this basic equipment list. It isn't exactly what I wanted, but it fit within the budget I allocated and kept the wife off my back (very important detail ). I'm not entirely happy with the aquascape I have at the moment. I think I'd like to add another piece or two of live rock, but I'm also not entirely dissatisfied with the minimalism either. Equipment List Mr Aqua 11.4g rimless AquaClear 70 inTank media basket Kessil A150W 10k LED w/mounting bracket Koralia 425gph pump Hydor Theo 50w heater FTS as of 3/20/2012 [ FTS as of 3/7/2012
  3. Nano-Reef.com 8th Birthday Giveaway

    hey nano-reef.com, i left the hobby in 2007 after some family issues, but now i'm back and the first place i returned to get up to speed on the 'scene' was right here of course. thanks to the moderators and everyone for keeping the place tidy while i was gone.
  4. best light for a 3gal jbj?

    i'm also using the current-usa dual satellite 12". 2x18w, individual cables & switches for dawn/dusk simulation, and a white led for "moonlight" gazing. its a pretty spiffy fixture.
  5. El Fab's Pico Reef: 2007–2010

    good looking pico! that zoa rock will look pretty cool once it grows in more.
  6. Tom Deco Kit vs. JBJ Picotope

    i've got 2 picotopes, love the shape and the fact that its glass and not acrylic, but the stock lighting is weak. if you're wanting a total package and have no plans upgrading anything,then the deco kit should be what you go with.
  7. AquaOne 380

    so that's about a 9 gallon tank right? 34 liter?
  8. my invention

    i'm guessing there's some photo or some such that should be attached or displayed somewhere, no?
  9. my current usa fixture has a white led, and at first i wasn't too thrilled with it, but after a few weeks i think i prefer it a little better as i can see more details that previously compared to my old ap12 that had a blue led moonlight. for the op: here is a link to nanotuner's fix for the led. contact them with any questions you have on it.
  10. My favorite zoas

    super sharp looking zoas!
  11. New 12G Aquapod

    filter floss at dfs. people also suggest the pillow stuffing found in the craft section at wal-mart, but i've never used it so can't comment on how good that stuff is.
  12. d'oh. 7119 + 3g pico + 4g sump = 7126.
  13. I Need Help

    yeah i'll take "wtf?" for $200 alex.
  14. fifteen.. twenty minutes.. but then i'm supposed to be taking meds to deal with ocd.
  15. Show and tell

    380 gallons? what's the ratio for someone with a volume 1/10th or 1/20th that?