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  1. Nano tank from Australia

    Thanks! The acans have a really nice bright red colour in real life which I unfortunately can't seem to capture... You're right about the rocks too; I recently had to remove a large bright green Lobo which wasn't getting enough flow and was starting to lose it's colour a bit. I'm already in the planning stages of getting a slightly larger tank which will hopefully allow me to open up the scape a bit.
  2. Nano tank from Australia

    Woke up this morning to find the front pane of my tank on the other side of the room; during the night the silicone joints must've just come apart and the whole thing just gave way April Fools! The tank is coming along well now with several new corals having been added, the tank now contains the following; 2 frags of GSP Green tipped torch Duncans frag Red lordhowensis Eagle eye zoas Other green zoas Blastomussa wellsi Blastomussa merletti Ricordea Green Clavularia Small purple acro frag It doesn't look like that much in the pictures but it's a nice enough start! The cheap LED's have now been replaced by a pair of Ecoxotic Panorama Pro strips, one 12k/445nm and one all blue 445nm. These lights pack a serious punch and I'll be adding a dimmer within the next few weeks to try and encourage a bluer light. Took these pictures tonight, I have real trouble taking colour accurate photos under blue LED lighting,it messes with the colours quite badly. I've tried to adjust them in Photoshop to be as true to real life as I can possibly get them. FTS Torch Ric GSP Duncs Blastos Acan and Zoas Top Hope you enjoyed those, any constructive criticism welcome
  3. Problem with my AquaC?

    The skimmer has been on for tank for much longer than the break in period now, it was skimming fine and now its having issues. I added some corals to the tank about 2 days ago and thats when the problems started. I did use a reef safe 2 part epoxy and cyanoacrylate coral glue to attach some pieces; maybe thats a contributing factor? I'll do a bit water change this afternoon to see if that makes a difference.
  4. Problem with my AquaC?

    I've got an AquaC nano skimmer running on my nano tank, for the last couple of days my tank has been filled with microbubbles and the skimmer is FULL of foam! The foam within the skimmer doesn't look quite right either, instead of being oily dirty bubbles which build up and spill into the cup, the bubbles are all small, completely fill the chamber and nothing is being collected. Everything in the tank is okay but its completely full of unsightly microbubbles! Any help would be appreciated, thanks
  5. Nano tank from Australia

    I'm finally back online so I figured it was time to update Nano-reefs slowest ever tank journal! The tank has come quite a way since this post was last updated; thanks to daily 50% water changes, several cups of live sand being added and daily additions of Seachem stability I managed to cycle the tank in about 14 days I ended up scrapping the power compact light after seeing the Ecoxotic Panorama PRO LED strips on a friends tank. I opted for a 12k/445nm Panorama strip accompanied by a 445nm stunner strip, this should give a fairly balanced light which will allow me to run the all blue stunner strip using the 4 way splitter cable with switches. Tank livestock currently includes a green lobophyllia, red acan, 2 GSP frags, a small torch coral and a fire goby! I've also got a Tiger Blenny (Ecsenius tigris) waiting to go in the tank, this little guy is so awesome and is super active eating anything that is thrown at him! About 4 days ago I also started using the Red Sea NO3-PO4-X at 0.66mL daily to help control NO3 and PO4 levels, although I'm not sure if I'll continue its use as the corals started to not open up fully, this may be something to do with the poor temporary lighting currently over the tank. I've temporarily discontinued its use, I might try it again once the new lights are on to see if that was the problem. Here are some rather average quality photos taken from my mobile which show the tank as of 5 minutes ago. You can see in the closeup picture a horrible slime layer on the water surface; I've been removing this every day using paper towel and aiming the powerhead at the surface but I can't seem to get rid of it! Any suggestions? Front of the tank, used some white shelving strips and a white shelf to support the lights. Closeup FTS Thanks for reading
  6. Nano tank from Australia

    Thanks! I'm from Sydney, its good to see a fellow Aussie on the boards! Tank has come a long way since I last updated this thread but I'm still without internet for the next week so I'll hold off on the updates until I'm online. We all know a journal without pictures is totally boring
  7. Nano tank from Australia

    Managed to get onto a computer so its update time! Dedicated my Sunday afternoon to getting it filled so its currently got about 2kg of cured base rock with 1kg of FRESH live rock! I'm quite happy with the aquascaping as it is now although theres a few pieces of rubble in there which will need to be removed to make room for corals, but at the moment I'll leave them in there to add to the cycle and to further seed my base rock. Here is the tank 5 minutes after the rock went in, still a bit cloudy with dirty glass. And here are the water tests as of Monday morning...coming along nicely I'm expecting the skimmer to arrive either today or tomorrow and I've also ordered an Aquaclear 50 powerhead to power it. I've also been rethinking my lighting, at work at the moment we have cheap 30cm LED strips in blue and white so I was thinking of using 8 or so of them (4 x W, 4 x B ) which should give enough light to keep the corals happy! Lunch break is up so I best get back to it! Cheers
  8. Nano tank from Australia

    Being a student I'm try to keep costs down and I actually don't mind the look of the power compact, combined with the blue LED's it gives a pretty nice light!
  9. Nano tank from Australia

    Thanks for the comments guys! The LED on the tank was an AquaMedic 12W PAR globe which IMO gave horrible spotlighting; this resulted in the tank having a blue light ring in the centre surrounded by a yellow ring with the outer edges of the tank being totally without adequate light. Although the PC light is slightly outdated technology it gives good cover and will suffice for the LPS and softies I intend to keep. Two blue LED strips will also be fitted into the unit to increase the colour "pop" of the corals, these will be wired separately and will double as moonlights when the PC bulb goes off. Filtration for the tank will be provided by the live rock as well as a Hydor 1600 l/h Koralia. An AquaC nano remora will be fitted onto the back to remove organics and the Red Sea NO3-PO4-X liquid carbon will be dosed to reduce nitrates and phosphates. No more pics as of yet but I'm hoping to have the light unit complete by the end of the week so I'll try and post some more pics when that's all finished! Thanks for reading, Bruce
  10. Nano tank from Australia

    I am in the early stages of setting up a new nano tank, the dimensions are roughly 45cm x 26cm x 27c. These are just some early pics as my internet is currently down and I am posting these from a friends computer. The tank with old LED lighting New light fitting; not complete. Tank with power compact lighting. New coral I picked up for the tank! More pics and info to come!