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  1. its an encruting gorgonia from the caribean locals call it devils finger it enctust over differant types of gorgonias untill it just a structure from him it its just lik GSp the way it grows thpugh
  2. well ocean temps rarly change more than 3-4 degrees through out the year and yes the more volume thing will help it take long to get to that temp but once its there its longer to get down also. but it should help so good planing once a lfs had a display just to the left of there main entrance and the night before a cold fron came in the temp drop from high 70s out side when the chiller was just worried about the MH lights went down to mid 50s at night the tank being just inside the tank temp when they opened the store at 11 am was 68 degrees corals stressed from the sudden change the Fox face, garabladi and the sohal didnt make it moral of the story stable is more important sudden changes more than 2 degree an hour ethier direction is bad for fish and corals
  3. dont get marrons the same size they will kill each other get one super small little male and a huge super wow thats a whale of a female so ur sure the male is in fact still a male and the female has already fully changed to a female should be able to get the pair for about 70 25 male 45 female or so
  4. how did u do the change and how much water shrimp are easy to die with change
  5. well small one 1 1/2 or 2 1/2 bout $30 3 or 4 bout $50 5 and 6 bout $70 any thing biger than 6 inches is in the triples lfs had one that was a foot and it went in 1 day 10 min later 3 people ran i have the money but it was to late
  6. Well plain and simple i am looking for an good place to get LR cheap i can get a 50 lb box of FIji for only 110 but i want to get some nice shelves for my rock work i kno they cant bet that price but the can get close with good quailty if you guy can just point me in the right direction much thanks
  7. i will probly place the order on friday (payday) it should should be shiped monday so thats lik a thur/fri reciveing thats GOOD
  8. when will u hav more in stock need nano 12 skimmer BADLY please hurry and get one in stock i
  9. Well looking for a new pump has had me streesed latly and i finally found one. i went with the aqua clear 50 it pumps 270 gph. in a NC 12 that pretty decent i would guess Need new vinyl tubeing i kinked the green one ohh well now the lil wavemaker from DR.Ihate thiswebsite and the surface skimer from nanotuners and of corse the plans for the protien skimmer and i think i can re do my rock work and done BTW fish wise wat do u recomened in a NC 12 i am leaning on 2 percs 1 blue & pink watchmen 1 royal gramma 1 pistol shrimp 1 coral banded srimp 1 cleaner shrimp 3 peperments 8 hermits (blue dwarf) # of snails (need advice here) to much yes but i figure with the skimmer Carbon phosphate remover purgen and regular water changes i would be good
  10. to help the ich problem bring it down to 1.020 feed garlic elixer and raise the temp to 82 as far as amonia add some kind of bio starter i lik SERA Ammovec there are other brands lik Cycle or some crap lik that (cheak to be sure its not your test exp date) once everything is good bring the salt up to 1.024 no higher than that ich is a parsite from cold deep water that is usaully higher in salt so u make ich happy u make fish sick BTW SERA also make a vitamin for fish that is awsome a blue tang i had had popeye for a long time(months) started on the vitamins 4 days later popeye was gone he was getting hole in head to but that gone away since then
  11. well maxi jet 900 puts out how much volume/hour at how many watt i am thinking the HF is better and well the tank is a my girls house right now but isnt it 4 chamber but the lasts ones a pump ? ill draw out wat i thought it looked lik and post up so u say floss and chemical in the first cheato second wa about the starphire glass skimer that just went on sale ? that takes the 2nd chamber so no cheato or no skimer
  12. well let just say i got a NC12 and i was wondering what should i do to make it better ok the HF3 is the pump im gonna upgrade it with 260 gal/hour HELLO FLOW now lighting i am most likly gonna throw a 175W MH 20K on the but i need to see how can i make it to clean (installation wise not jerryriged) if not staying with a whole 24 watts of PC OK now filters 1st chamber filter floss? sponge? wa? 2nd chamber cheato? that new skimmer ?(can some with 1 give me some feed back on thoose things) 3rd chamber filter floss? chemical filters? cheato ? wa to do Live stock im thinking a cleaner shrimp, coral banded, sexys,pepermnts some hermits some snails maybe a mean fire shrimp i donno help me
  13. all of the above are true but when i do my water changes i use a gravel vac used in FW alot but some say that distrubs the bactria yet to find a way to prove it though if you have good live rock good filters and not overstocked as it is you should be fine my next cleaning i am gonne re do my rock work i will do all the sand not just around the rocks tank ends up crystal clear after a few hours
  14. well here in miami i kno were it comes from the company that supplies all the pet shops and wholesalers is call VIP the get it from the bay AT HIGH TIDE when all the clean water is rushing in low tide would mean its all the nasty crap from the bay but it need to be from an open bay if its damned to keep it more fresh then it loses the flushing action of the low tide must be harvested at the peak of high tide