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  1. do you have a tank thread? future TOTM for sure!!
  2. What a cool tank! If you had like 10 more chromis that would be sick
  3. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<, rocking the blue/black clown for 2+ years
  4. fragging any time soon?
  5. neato!
  6. click on it for a bigger picture
  7. can I get a frag of the coral in the top left!?
  8. If you have no where to put it, I'll take if off your hands for free!!!
  9. nice rics!!!
  10. are you gonna frag it?
  11. beautiful. Is that a torch up in the top left corner?
  12. I'm sure it's a coral. Not algae, but we'll talk more in the ID thread.
  13. can you see if it has a hard skeleton, or is it soft? Start a thread in the ID forum. You'll get a lot more help.
  14. honestly I have no idea what that is. Have you touched it? I'm guessing you haven't.
  15. nice tank. I love 20H's