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  1. Mangrove Forest-time to say goodbye

    Sad to see it go. It was an inspiration to many!
  2. Mangrove Forest-time to say goodbye

    I love how you put the sps on the roots! It looks really good and it actually happens in nature as you know.. Here's a picture I took in Belize in March of this year while snorkeling amongst the mangroves. Also I think a condy anemone would be really cool. I saw them amongst the mangroves with a Stenorynchys crab and Periclimenes shrimp. Anyways, great tank!
  3. Mangrove Forest-time to say goodbye

    Well, you should probably start a new tank that way the tang will have somewhere to hang whenever his algae-grazing services aren't needed
  4. Mangrove Forest-time to say goodbye

    Does yours look just like Giga's?
  5. Mangrove Forest-time to say goodbye

    Whatever it is, don't lose track of it! I might want something like that sometime haha
  6. Jrmiller is BAD NEWS

    Katara gave the guy a good deal to be nice to a fellow reefer and he purposely took advantage of someone's kindness. It might not necessarily be against the rules of nano-reef but I guarantee it doesn't make me want to do business with him.
  7. Mangrove Forest-time to say goodbye

    Did you find other reefers who had used C. brachypus as "grass" like you're doing? It looks like your leaves are exceptionally short even compared to most brachypus I can find. Would you be against letting it grow on the roots of the mangrove? How long has it taken for it to grow to the coverage it has now?
  8. Mangrove Forest-time to say goodbye

    I think what you have is Caulerpa brachypus. It looks great!
  9. New rock.. new critter

    No worries!
  10. New rock.. new critter

    <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="jedimasterben" data-cid="4573282" data-time="1387040547"><p> Serpent stars and brittle stars aren't the same thing.</p></blockquote> I didn't say they were the same thing and I didn't even mention serpent stars. They come from different families within the same class. In most cases common names are entirely subjective.
  11. Anemone with white bubble tips

    Keep it. It would have to huge to eat a fish.
  12. Crab I'd please

    Probably not reef safe.
  13. Shrimp ID

    I think you're right. The two claw.
  14. white coral? sponge? skeleton?

    The white coils are spirorbis or pileolaria worms. You'll eventually get them on your glass too. The coral skeleton is probably that of a favites sp. and I looks very dead to me. And yes "corallites" is the correct term. The hard purple stuff in the top left of your first picture is coralline algae.
  15. Possible Macroalgae?

    Probably algae, a variety I haven't seen before. Could also be sponges. Either way it's nothing to worry about.