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  1. Is it possible to resurrect this tank?

    All the CUC basically and all the coral. The clownfish stayed strong and are still as fiesty as ever. The black one tried biting me while removing the last of the green algae today, lol. The zoa's are there also but won't open up. Today I did however notice that my brittle star is still alive. I never even ordered that sucker. He came as a hitch hiker with my original LR. Good to see him still kicking it. The only thing I did the whole time was top of the water with RO/DI water. I did keep feeding every other day. Ordered a new ballast and bulb today and will order the CUC from reefcleaners.org later on this week.
  2. Is it possible to resurrect this tank?

    Did another water change and manually removed around 90+% of the algae. Going to do another wc on Sunday and add a few snails for the sand and rocks and then a Peppermint a few days later. The aiptasia, while bad, isn't nearly as bad as I thought now that I removed the algae. I might be able to keep it at bay with just Aiptasia-X and not even worry about a Peppermint. edited because the damn pic is upside down, heh. i'll have one up in a sec.
  3. Is it possible to resurrect this tank?

    Alright, thanks for the responses. I'm leaning towards starting over, mainly because I love the cycling phase and the stocking phase so much. In the mean time I'm going to order another ballast which will be my third one for this tank. IMO they aren't well made, or I'm neglecting to do some basic maintenance on it. I'm also going to prune the algae by hand. And yeah, I have a 3 stage RO/DI filter that I use.
  4. Hi, I have a 28g JBJ HQI nano and up until roughly a week ago, it had no water changes for roughly 2 plus years. Currently it has some zoa's and a couple of clown fish in addition to tons of algae (which type I am not sure) and is very overgrown with aiptasia. Feel free to criticize for letting the tank get to where it is now, I understand that I do deserve some ribbing for it. And sorry about the picture, it's the best I could do with what I have available. If needed, I'll attempt more pictures for the algea ID. Basically, my question is how, if even possible, can I get it back up to where it should be. Should I just prune the algae and add one or two peppermint shrimp to the tank for aiptasia elimination? I mean it's everwhere, all over the walls, glass, rocks, substrate and algae. Is there some better procedure to remove the aiptasia other than peppermint's? And for the algae, what natural predator should I put in there? I'm not too big on crabs ( big crabs, not hermits and what not) but in this case if that's what it takes, maybe I'll have to put one in there. I tested the nitrates tonight and they are at zero. In the last week, I've done two five gallon WC's and plan on another tomorrow night. The tank will also need a new ballast as it intermittently shuts the lights off every five minutes or so. Any thoughts/help? Thanks, Mike
  5. The Nimble is Back!

  6. Please email me (shackaholic@gmail.com) or PM me if you have a home or use for this crab as I don't have a sump. I'm in St. Louis at the intersection of 270 and Manchester.
  7. clam adjusting to light?

    isn't a one hour acclimation too short for clams or am i wrong? i thought they took longer than that.
  8. RO/DI unit problem/question

    Nevermind this post. Figured it out rather easily.
  9. RO/DI unit problem/question

    I recently purchased a Coralife PureFlow II RO/DI unit and lately while making water, the yellow tubing that routes the water from the faucet to the first membrane of the RO unit has been popping out while making water. Can I just super glue the tubing to the plastic fitting that connects the tube to the membrane with no ill effect on the water? BTW, this happens no matter how far I've turned on the faucet. Barely on or full blast, this is occuring.
  10. ID of worm found

    I dunno what that is. Tough to identify, for me at least, possibly because it's out of water. The coloration seems to be rather similar to a Eunicid but the antenna/tentacles that are normally on them either are not present or just not visible for whatever reason (retracted?). Whatever it is, it doesn't look like any normal/common bristle worm and I wouldn't doubt that it could be the cause of your losses. Either way, it's better out of the tank than in, IMO.
  11. What can I do...!

    Seems like I was wrong and it's not as hard to get rid of as I thought. Here's a thread from February of this year on this topic: http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?...017&hl=dino
  12. Pesky critters

    Definitely sorry to hear about your loss. That's one hell of a coral in your sig and I know it must be hell to lose such a nice piece. Wish I had more positive answers for you but my guess is that a normal bristleworm would not cause that type of devastation to healthy corals.
  13. What can I do...!

    I could be wrong but that actually looks to be dinoflagellates and not cyano or diatoms. I'm not sure how to go about removing it but do some searches for it here and on other reef forums and you should yield quite a bit of info. If it is what I think it is then good luck with your removal attempts. I think I've heard that stuff is kind of hard to get rid of.
  14. Some type of worm ?

    Agreed on the spaghetti worm (Terebellid).
  15. Live Rock"

    I would think your tank absolutely needs the live rock. Less rock = less potential bioload. From what I understand, the surface area of the rock is where your nitrifying bacteria reside. So, I guess you could remove half of your rock, but you would be limiting the amount of livestock you could have in your tank.