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  1. Would be cool if a small colony of Thorny Oysters could thrive in there on your scape.
  2. United States Plastic has acrylic sheets and many other types of sheets. Aquarium hobbyist have looked to this company for over a decade.
  3. Equipment for the frag section of my sump, GHL ProfiLux 1-10v adjustable current.
  4. Quite possible with just a phone now, but try it out and let me know(please). I've had my Doser 2 for a year now and had setup via a PC initially.
  5. What's the "Quality Check Passed" date on the bottom of the Doser 2? Firmware updates are released every few weeks. You'll need a PC to configure the Doser 2 to use mobile apps, especially for the initial setup.
  6. Nice choice on the GHL Doser 2! Don't forget to update to the latest firmware.
  7. With this experiment, consider having more than just beginner inhabitants to make this more interesting. Following..
  8. Lowes has 5gallon Food Grade buckets. http://www.lowes.com/pd_356492-1152-50640___?productId=3694238&pl=1&Ntt=good+grade+bucket -Mobile
  9. I had interest in fabricating my own ATO reservoir, but a 10gallon Tamco tank will do. I trust that this will look more appropriate in my living space. Tank arrives tomorrow!
  10. Even having a float switch at the top of your overflow box to disable your return pump(with an alarm) if the water level is too high is better.
  11. You know there is a slight vibration even with the silicone pads supplied with the fans. I'll have to consider getting nylon bolts to secure the fan down to the tray. I like how your cooling fans are setup BTW. The ProfiLux and its air temp/humidity control is pretty cool. I may just have it monitor my room temp for now. but I've seen people control their central air conditioner with it too - Amazing
  12. I did as disaster999 suggested to use Noctua fans for my system 100-240v AC-DC to 12 / 5v DC 4Pin Molex 2A Power Adapter Fan tray has been completed and fans are juiced up!
  13. Try contacting Jen from Vertex's subsidiary devision Proline Aquatics. Email: jen@prolineaquatics.com
  14. It's more like a computer! Installing 1(One) of 2(Two) expansion cards to my GHL ProfiLux Conroller Plug & Play Module 1 Slot - Humidity/Air Temp Module 2 Slot - 4 Level Input (not shown) Now, Air Temperature and Humidity can be monitored/controlled apart from Water Temperature. Regarding function for adding (4)four more level sensor inputs to my system. High Sensor_Overflow Box_Disable Return Pump_Water Level in Display Tank is too high, Possible fault from drain line. Low Sensor_Sump Return Pump Chamber_Disable Return Pump_Water Level in Return Pump Chamber is at lower Sensor, AWC(Automatic Water Change) has reached Lower Sensor ---> Activate_Fill Pump. High Sensor_Skimmer Cup_Disable Skimmer Pump_Skimmer Collection Cup is Full, Possible Overflowing of Skimmer. Blank* So Far_ Comments: The GHL Doser 2 functions as ATO(Auto Top Off) and AWC(Automatic Water Change) by a "Single Sensor", AWC is configured via programming to only Drain when there is a **Scheduled** AWC. The ATO Function Continues thereafter. I can also add a Second Sensor to my Doser 2 if needed. The GHL ProfiLux 3.1T Controller from the Factory comes with a Level Input, but i use this Input for Leak Detectors.
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