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  1. aquakevem


    Avast Marine Auto Top off Demo Avast released a video of their ATO-Kit(Click image to view YouTube video)
  2. aquakevem

    Where Can I Get Mini-Maxi's?

    How 'bout a Candy Stripe from Dr. Mac?
  3. aquakevem

    Kev's 9.2g

    Quarantine System -Fish I am currently working on a quarantine tank for my 9.2 Gallon and upcoming 90+ Gallon shallow tank. 15 Gallon High 'RapidLed' DIY 2 Channel LED Fixure (3) Osram Red LEDs (3) CREE XP-G Cool White LEDs EHEIM AquaCorner 60 Internal Filter EHEIM Jager 75w Heater (1" drain, quick drainage from the bottom of the tank)
  4. aquakevem

    Jayson & Thi-Le's Reef

    Good idea and beautifully done
  5. aquakevem

    Lighting for a 15 Column

    You should check out this . He looks to be running three(3) Ecoxotic Stunner LED strips.
  6. aquakevem

    The Inspiration (now VEGA powered)

    Dr. Mac(Pacific East Aquaculture) is a little over two hours away and he offers 'Proaquatix' Black Ice Ocellaris for $179.99, pair)
  7. aquakevem

    lets see them zoanthids

    I could never identify these, but here are my old pinks!
  8. aquakevem

    The Inspiration (now VEGA powered)

    The only thing that may interest me from Congressional Aquarium are the frags from their frag tank. I believe you have the same shallow aquarium? Wish i had more to say about their quality of fish and invertebrates... Yeah, I happen to like House of Tropicals. They always have a large selection of livestock, good to hear that you are having a good experience with them. I have yet to actually purchase anything from them, but i plan to for my upcoming tank.
  9. aquakevem

    The Inspiration (now VEGA powered)

    Hey Pete, Did you purchase your Duncan from Congressional Aquarium? I had the chance to swing by there the other day and saw that they had a few. I also want to thank you for suggesting to checkout Congressional Aquarium, my late Uncle brought me here in the early 90's, which brought back memories
  10. aquakevem

    Kev's 9.2g

    One of the best ways to keep ones display tank free of unsightly equipment, plus i happen to have a thing for plumbing Ha! I need to ditch the 3/4" to 1/2" plumbing and Loc-Line connectors coming from the bulkhead located within the inner side of the tank(Pressure), as I've noticed that using 1/2" fittings restricts the flow by a lot. Sure thing, but one thing to keep in mind about this fixture is its actual size. The total length of the 12" Illumilux is 13-3/4". I need to go ahead and purchase the hanging kit for this fixture, which the Illumilux will be hung from the ceiling.
  11. aquakevem

    JellyFrish's 9G Eheim Aquastyle Reef

    I am glad to see a fellow Aquastyle 35 owner, looking pretty good there.
  12. aquakevem

    Storing Saltwater/RODI Water

    Yeah! There's nothing like having piece of mind. As 'Tbone675' has suggested. Rubbermaid's Brute containers are also USDA and Poultry approved.
  13. aquakevem

    Storing Saltwater/RODI Water

    I've been using this 30 gallon FDA-USDA approved drum for storing RO/DI water.
  14. aquakevem

    Kev's 9.2g

    More plumbing to be done... One challenging part is to figure out a way to mount/secure(Neatly) this section of PVC to my stand. I wouldn't want two pounds of weight dandling from the bottom of my tank. On order (2) 1/2" Compression Probe holder fittings, pH and Temp probe
  15. aquakevem

    Kev's 9.2g

    TDS(Total Dissolved Solids) from 'Tap water' measures at 118 ppm. Pulling out my old SpectraPure MPDI-60 to install a few upgrades and to replace filters. On order Flush Valve Kit HM Digital DL-1 Dual TDS Meter SpectraSelect 60 GPD Tested RO Membrane *Utilizing Marine Depot's 15% Off on replacement filters discount for the following items* 0.2 Micron ZetaZorb Sediment Filter 0.5 Micron Carbon Block Filter SilicaBuster Mixed-Bed Multi-Layer Deionization Cartridge Automatic Shut-Off Valve (Photos) A 3-way ball valve will also be installed (between the RO membrane and DI filter) to help prolong the life of my DI cartridge, reason being. I will prevent 'TDS creep' from going through the DI cartridge by allowing high levels of TDS to drain out of the system before it enters the DI cartridge. (Photos)