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  1. basser1

    Bluefish Controller Not Connecting

    I don't know if you got an answer for your problem but I'll share my experience. I recently had the same problem you were having.... I could log in, but I got the device off line message. I tried everything, made sure my connection was 2.4 ghz and I even uninstalled and reinstalled the Bluefish app, but I still got the same message. I tried doing the blink-up, still no go. So I had an idea. I used my wifes iphone and installed the bluefish app on her phone. Once installed I re-entered my user name and password. Then I did another blink up, again using her phone, and Voila!! It works. Something you might want to try. Good Luck!
  2. basser1


    Thanks for the info Ray. Looks like I beat the odds. Also, thanks for the condolences as well gang.......
  3. basser1


    Hey Gang, I've been a member of Nano-Reef for about 12 years. I am sad to say that I have lost both of my Picasso clownfish recently. They have been with me pretty much all of that time. They have provided a lot of enjoyment to family and friends over the years. I don't own a dog or cat, just fish. They will be missed. The search will begin for a new pair.
  4. basser1

    Banggai Fry

    Congrats Dad or Mom!!! Seeing this makes me miss my Banggai Cardinals! What did you think when you saw a mouthful of eyeballs lookin' back at you???
  5. basser1

    EVER WONDER.......

    Pretty cool Chris!! And look what the Nano tank hobby has become today, all because of "Pioneers" like you.....
  6. basser1

    EVER WONDER.......

    How our tanks are made? Today I received an e-mail form Red-Sea. In it was a video of how their tanks are made, pretty impressive. Only thing is, now I want one!!!
  7. SPS corals are not for the faint of heart. One thing goes out of whack and there are problems. Plus they are not as forgiving as LPS or Softies. I've been doing this for almost 20 years and just when you think you have everything dialed in..... BOOM! something crops up. But I continue to keep those fuzzy colored sticks! Good Luck on your sticks coming back! BTW your tank looks really nice......
  8. Folks to buy from. Placed my 1st order with them for a couple of acro frags ( a Tyree Rainbow Stylo and a Strawberry Fields). Communication was fast and shipped overnight. Corals came in a large Styrofoam box. The corals were double bagged and the box also had a heat pak that was still warm to the touch. The corals looked great and the polyps were out 10 minutes after placing them in the tank. All in all, a great experience and I would highly recommend them.
  9. WOW!!!! Absolutely beautiful pieces!! And the Acros are insane! Gonna have to get me some serious "man money".....
  10. Like the title says, anyone have a frag to sell? Thanks
  11. basser1

    Fishy Bizness?

    BTW, Just did a Google search (it's your friend), and looks like they have all 5 star ratings. So based on that, I'd order from them. I was kind of the same way recently when I ordered from Aqua SD. I didn't know anything about them, but after e-mailing them some questions and they responded to them fast. If you're like me, unfortunately where I live, there aren't any shops to buy from, so my only alternative is on-line vendors or other hobbyists.
  12. basser1

    Fishy Bizness?

    I have not, but the words "Fishy" and "Bizness" would make me think......
  13. basser1

    AQUA SD A+

    Hey All, Just wanted to share my experience with Nano-Reef sponsor, Aqua SD. I recently purchased a Rainbow Millie from them after looking at their coral sale. Let me say they have some really nice pieces and the prices seemed reasonable. The only thing holding me back was the fact I live in the mid-west (Indiana) and shipping from San Diego, I wasn't sure how coral would arrive, especially in the middle of winter. Plus acros, (SPS) can be very finicky. So I went ahead and made the purchase. Communication was great as they answered my e-mails quickly. The package arrived the next morning. I was pleased to see the box was a nicely insulated foam box with 2 heat paks and foam peanuts. The box was still warm. The corals were in nice size double bags with plenty of water in them. After placing the acros in my tank, the polyps were extending 10 minutes later. OH and did I mention, they also included a free acro frag? I can say I am a satisfied customer and will purchase from them again. Here is a photo of what I bought:
  14. basser1

    NanoBox Duo M settings help for SPS

    Bumping this thread to see how things turned out. What settings are you using?
  15. basser1

    NanoBox Red Sea 170 : New Start

    Beautiful Dave. Sure would like a nub of that WD acro!!!