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  1. I like the tank. 30 breeders have great dimensions
  2. It has a sunpod on top. Looks to be a regular 34. I was wondering the same thing at first.
  3. dude really nice
  4. really nice tank
  5. Really nice color
  6. Love these
  7. Is that a crown of thorns?
  8. Tank looks great. Growing in nice. Love the clown.
  9. I like it. What lighting are you using?
  10. Love those things. Very agressive, right?
  11. How much rock do you have in there. It looks like you may need a bit more.
  12. Looking good. How did you attach your sps? (Glue?)
  13. You know what would look amazing and take it to the next level visually? Mitered edges. Not really a functional component though.
  14. Looks good!
  15. No work gets done in that office... Except 4 hours of fish tank maintenance a day!