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  1. I am looking for a small AIO. I sold a 12g aquapod a while back and I am kicking myself right now. Let me know if you have anything. Thanks!
  2. WTB Biocube 8 or 14

    I am in Harrisburg PA. I m looking for something close. Thanks Email me.... ceducharm@comcast.net
  3. I want to get back into the hobby on a small scale. I am looking for a small AIO. (Has to be closed top) Please email if you have something. I am not looking for the rock and livestock.
  4. Filter Advice

    I am thinking AC70. Cannot go wrong.
  5. Filter Advice

    Thanks scott. I was thinking about that. The 50 was just too small.
  6. Filter Advice

    30g Oceanic Cube remora nano tunze 6025 current 20" t5 My aquaclear 50 just died. i want to add another filter. I am considering a HOT magnum or another power filter (just to remove floating particles and polish the water) suggestions? Thanks in advance... Chuck
  7. Dosing Vodka

    Phixion - Thanks I really appreciate... I will check it out!
  8. Dosing Vodka

    Does anyone do this or have opinions on it. Thanks in advance!
  9. Phixion's Finnex 30g glass

    So how's the T5's working out over your tank so far?? Oceanic has a NICE 57g glass tank that's out (or should be coming out) that I saw at a local trade show recently. T5's are great. No heat! I am anxious to see the 57! Is it a cube? I may need to upgrade!!!!!!!
  10. Phixion's Finnex 30g glass

    What's up buddy? Been a long time. Your tank looks great. I just swapped from halide to T5 in my 30g Oceanic.
  11. 20" Nova Extreme Pro

    I got it at that pet place. 250 and then 10% off so i did ok. I hate to have the overhang so this should be ok. I assume more people will make these as 20" is a popular size and t5 is quite popular tight now
  12. Tunze 9002 vs Deltec MCE600

    I had a tunze. i was amazed at how cheap the plastic was on it. The deltec looks nice. It was also probably about $600
  13. 20" Nova Extreme Pro

    I just bought one of these. I sold my halide Sunpod. Here are my thoughts so far: It is very bright It runs very cool The fan is loud The colors are going to take some getting used to. (I think the sunpod was nicer) A lot of light leaks out of the tank (reflectors) It is pretty darn big It looks good on the tank anyone else have one of these? Chuck
  14. FS: 20" Nova Extreme Pro T5 lighting system

    I just bought one of these
  15. WTB Aquac Remora

    I cannot send pms right now. Not sure why. If you want to send a pic, then the email is ceducharm@comcast.net. Thanks!