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  1. Fish hitchhiker help

    Pardon the obvious response, but could it be a "Florida Blenny"? Then again, it looks way more like a Florida Blenny. Regardless, my vote's a Blenny.
  2. Edge DIY LED Heatsink

    Followin' along.Really liking these Edge builds. Good, clean, sleek tank.
  3. Petco Selling Aiptasia

    It occurred to me sometime this afternoon that this may have been an inadvertent suck on the part of the petco. It's entirely possible those -used- to be frags of frogspawn, and got smothered. The front row (the only one visible to my short self) looked DAMNED intentional, though. Given the size of the living frogspawn they had, it's entirely possible. It's also possible they were condys, but damned ugly ones if they were and decidedly NOT frogspawn. Re:pics - They were ugly, brown, clearish, anemones. At a store with a generally bad reputation as a chain, and a not-so-great reputation as an individual locale. To clarify, this store WILL flip the table and throw you out if you even bring out your cellphone with the wrong body-language. Why get hassled and stress out the underpaid workers? Re: LFS' and Their Pest-Nems. A local LFS used to have a FOWLR with predatory species in it - the tank was a pest anemone warzone. Nothing to stop them, all the food they wanted, good water quality and great lighting for a FOWLR. He actually had to put "'Coral' in this tank not for sale." I think the blame laid on a majano anemone in there that was so fat and well lit that it looked like a slightly under-achieving green BTA. But nothing in that tank looked like a frogspawn, if ya catch m' drift. Bonus: Hi Nip, sup?
  4. Petco Selling Aiptasia

    The really shocking bit was that they actually have in some decent coral. Excellent zoanthids, good mushroom colonies, even had some mini carpet nems! ... but aiptasia on frag plugs, bruh.
  5. Petco Selling Aiptasia

    At Petco tonight, picking up dry goods. Happened to spy a HIDEOUS Aiptasia infestation in one of their coral displays. Then I realized each one had been neatly mounted on a frag plug. Curious, I inquired to the local rep as to what they were. Her response was a stunned "Those are frogspawn coral." Sure they are, man.
  6. Feasability on an idea.

    So far, the only hangups I can think of are: 1: The diameter of the jar. That one is only 6" wide. If I did a direct stack of LR, and drilled the center as some people do for acrylic rods it might work, but a large interior drill is going to be likely to snap things left and right. I found another brand of jar that is 9" - it'd be a lot friendlier to rock structure. However, the jars are twice as much. 2: Drilling the Jar itself. The Apothecary jar listed looks to be a reasonable thickness, but others I've seen are drop-molded and the bottom can be as much as half an inch thick. It'd be a long, terrifying, process. 3: Some damn fool of a friend trying to snatch the jar off the stand.
  7. Coral Disposal

    Even better than the rubble solution? Join your local reef club and see if there is a frag program. Newbie reefers joining a club are usually ECSTATIC to receive any freebie corals. Just call the person running it and say "Please, come get it. Take as much as you want." The frag program can then mount the corals and distribute to the LFS as well, boning up the local club's treasury. Frag programs generally generously reward "donors" - even if they're donating Xenia.
  8. Feasability on an idea.

    1-4 of these : 19" Apothecary Jar. (According to most volume calculators I could find, the jars are around four gallons) Bottom-drilled with a pipe-inside-a-pipe system - outer pipe is a surface-skimming drainpipe. Inner pipe is the return, fitted with Loc-Line nozzle/s. These would emerge on the rear-side of the pipe, hidden from direct viewing. Drainage would go into a large sump, which in turn would connect to a large refugium. Return pump exits, splits (if needed) and returns to display/s. Outer pipe would be covered in a combination of rock and filler (waterfall foam and grout) to simulate a column-like reef structure. Structure would be completely remove-able, so that corals could be fragged freely. Each tank would have a different color scheme, inhabitant, or coral type (example: Zoas in one, shrooms in another, Harlequins in a third). All would be housed on a custom stand with hanging lighting rig holding LED spotlights. Optional: Centerpiece consisting of Fluval Edge 2, plumbed into the same sub-system, with a separate return.
  9. My complete DIY setup

    Taller column tanks look better from a strictly design POV (the "FWIW" advice of a professionally employed artist). Make a column structure in each, house nems-n-shrimp in one, harlequin shrimp and softies in the other. (butthatsjustme)
  10. New golden seahorse in new 2 gallon fluval spec AIO

    Can't really tell from the pic, but the Coronettes look wrong for Zostrae. You could put like... 2-3 pairs of H. zostrae in a 2gl. Other species, no. Way too big for a 2gl.
  11. FishyFishy's Fluval Edge with 15 Gallon Sump

    Really, really, really liking the look of this one.
  12. The Stanktastic - 2.0

    Sold off the corals, kept the bawx.
  13. DIY AIO 10gl "Islander"

    UPDATE : Made it and sold it before it ever got wet. I believe it houses H. Zostrae.
  14. Tips on how to build this stand? PICS!

    Use your offcuts/scraps to test stains. If I were going to do a stand like that, I'd probably also put a seriously heavy-duty acrylic finish on the top of the lip - the areas most likely to get banged by rocks, dripped by water...etc. Maybe even the penny-thick pour-on junk.
  15. Tips on how to build this stand? PICS!

    That's a really simple stand. It looks like it's made out of 2x4s, ply, and birch pannels. The only fancy bits are mitered joints (top "lip") which can be done with a miterbox and patience, and maybe some corner trim. If you printed out those photos, took them to a home improvement store like Lowes, and asked... they'd point you to everything you need. And possibly even cut the lumber for you for a small price. Then you'd just have to screw it all together - if you have a drill - and slap some finish on it. The only thing that might cause you trouble is the recessed cabinet hinges.