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  1. Grape Caulerpa and cloves. It's now a race to see which one overtakes your tank first.
  2. Traded in some chaeto and got free zoas! Sweeeeet.
  3. Amazin', sir.
  4. It was asked for, and is now delivered. Reef sideboob! (2.0gl hexagonal, HOB filter)
  5. My boyfriend can't view it, but I can... and that is fricken sweet.
  6. Danke. Thinking about a small pistol for this. Candycane, maybe.
  7. Seahorses pending.
  8. Yeah, .4gl. AIO with an overflow and return. 4x4x5" display. 2x4x5" fuge. 8oz sand, 8oz base rock.
  9. It is reboooorn!
  10. I actually put up a request on my local reef-club forums for pest anemones and pests in general. Hoping to get a few pistols and whatnot later on.
  11. After getting a 2" peice of LR that had 5 aiptasia on it, I gave in and decided to actually get the biggest aiptasia I could find and give it center stage in my pico. This Aip's oral disc was 2" across at the LFS. It suffered a bit of a shock what with being ripped off a rock and thrown into a tank with no acclimation, but it's almost back to normal. It eats guppies, BBS, and the occasional unlucky scud.
  12. 2gl, actually. This is one of those little petsmart "Aquaview 2" tanks.
  13. After the first tank was tragically killed off, I decided to start anew...
  14. A little FTS of my pico. Basically so anyone who feels like it can keep tabs.
  15. Not the zoas, I know what the zoas are, but I'm talking about the rapidly growing MFer the zoas are -on-.