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  1. Also, to camry90 I did send them a photo I didn't just make up a broken canister, because what everyone wants are free canister housing units lol. Granted according to what they said seems like must have been a pressure surge, which would be my fault. I never suggested they weren't honoring a warranty as I'm far outside that period. I was frustrated with one interaction and gave what I felt was a fair summary of it. I don't think I can or am supposed to change thread title or I would but people will read this and see that sp is a very responsive and good company to get filters from.
  2. Wow, 100% change in opinion, I just spoke to the nicest woman ever (owner) at sp. Got the entire order together. Also the comment to simply bypass pre filters was great, don't know why I didn't think of that. Filling tank up now. So relieved. Doesn't smell too bad so hopefully its all ok. Shipping today so very fast too. Over and out.
  3. Well they contacted me and are giving me the housing unit. I'm satisfied. Nvmd question abt brs compatibility, ill get it from spectrapure. happy ending.
  4. (???Does anyone know if BRS filters and housing are compatible with Spectrapure units? I would like to give my business to a company I feel good about. I know my coralife pur flo canisters DO NOT fit spectrapure. I would have though these were standardized but i guess not....) I know everyone loves Spectrapure, I guess I'm just special. Its been awhile since i've been on here, but i had to vent. I bought a MPDI rodi system in 2012 placed into service 2013. I heard a pop while making water and one of the canister housings broke. No big deal i figured, I'm sure they'd replace it and put it in my order full or replacement membranes and filters. Last weeks email, no response, sent another yesterday, no response, so i figured i'd just call. Then man was polite and knowledgeable, but insisted there was probably a pressure surge and anyways the refurb units are only warrantied for 90 days. I can buy the housing..with the head part for $16. Of course i only need the housing, but no matter. I guess I've been spoiled by excellent customer service by DFS and amazon. I didn't think it far fetched to include a 10$? part on a 125$ order..which recurs yearly, soon much sooner as i'm setting up a 90 gallon system and another for my parents. It just left a bad taste in my mouth. As a businesswoman I have to make similar decisions on a daily basis and would never do that to one of my customers, but i guess that's just small vs big business. anyways, if i had to do it again i'd go with another brand, or at least get the fully warrantied non refurbished units, you just don't know what you're going to get with a refurb and they won't stand behind the unit after 90 days... which i don't get since its supposed to be as good as new, but they only warranty it for a fraction of the new ones warranty...hmmmm...fishy.... Maybe i'm being unreasonable....I don't know. I'm desperate for a new housing-- I only have 2 inches of water in my new setup before the unit broke so my "live rock" is dying out of water. Oh well.
  5. How old are you?

    haha me too! PC's were 'the bomb'! (actually that phrase went way out of vogue long before PC's.... 30, reefing for 6 years...FW for....24:)
  6. What is black and very fast ?

    small black mantis shrimp?
  7. harrysfrags

    thanks for the review. I've been eyeing his site on and off for awhile. After I move I'll be sure to purchase now that I know there's positive experiences. Thanks!
  8. ReefCleaners: Filter Feeder Formula

    does anyone know how this compares to freeze dried cyclopeeze? So far I haven''t been impressed with that....
  9. ReefCleaners: Filter Feeder Formula

    awesome. me too! think it will go well with percs? hahah
  10. Islandoftiki's Mantis/Pest Tank Pico Contest Winner!

    OMG that must be a first....mantis tantrum video! can't wait! Tank looks great!
  11. I'd keep 3, as soon as they pair sell of the odd one out. Then you'd have potentially TWO breeding pairs:) Full grown they get HUGE (Smithsonian tank has some that i swear are 6" fin to fin) but it will take them years to reach that size.
  12. wow, you are devoted- you post on N-R while driving! (mom says: don't do that, its dangerous:)
  13. It is very common. Esp when there are flights/ hotel/car rentals, time off work, babysitters (tank sitters...) involved..I believe this was an interstate affair. When you start adding it all up, sometimes its just not worth it, especially if you think regardless if you are "right" that you may not win the case, then it really doesn't make sense.
  14. I want to see a copy of the declaratory judgement form. and good for you for hiring a PI to serve process. I got screwed out of 10K in backrent b/c my tenant wouldn't accept process and then went into hiding. Its really hard to prove service by newspaper ads so i gave up...not like she had the money anyways. Good luck collecting. Companies will do it for a fee. I wonder if either paypal or your bank can reverse the transaction now that you have a declaratory judgement form.... hahah the pet detective! PI are great for serving process to hesitant to accept defendants. though I would like to point out, a default judgement proves nothing. It doesn't mean you were telling the truth, it just means the other party didn't show up and you won by "default".
  15. My heater broke and cooked the tank

    wow, that's a great idea...but i think even a 25 watt heater (2 of them) stuck on high would still cook a 12 gallon... Guess I'm permanently sleeping by the tank