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  1. Those would be pods. Very benificial and a great food source for corals and fish alike. Grats on joining the obsession!
  2. Feed mysis, cyclopeez and dose correctly. If you feed daily, (Like i used to) the coral will grow damn near out of control, lol
  3. If you ever wanna sell/trade, PLZ let me know. Im LPS crazy As not to add another post... Kgehrke, PM me a pic or something! Your a tease... >.>
  4. It's gonna be a bit before you see the cycle start. Everything will start building up soon.
  5. Quick update; Corals are happy, blah blah everything is running fine. Water change #1 coming up... blah blah... Is it really that important? hah.
  6. Thanks guys. I've learned over the course of my other tanks - "Unless it's a prop tank; KEEP IT SIMPLE!". And My Six-Line Wrasse found his way into it... The GF wasn't willing to part with it. So that means 2x a week water changed for me. I'll keep this updated.
  7. I lied, Here is a Picture of it, freshly setup.
  8. Well, it was only a matter of time and funds until I downsized. I managed to scrape together enough money to get a light that fit; and got the time to do the deed. Most corals were sold locally to a few friends who now have nano's because of my help. I kept the rare ones, to hopefully prop out and get a few more. I won't be buying anymore - I want to fund new coral's by sale/trade. I just don't have the funds to run out and buy them. The rock and sand came from the 8g. I left the landscaping sparse to fit more coral later. I learned in the past I went to heavy with the rock, and never left space for much else. The old rock has gone into what I call "Cold Storage." Meaning dry stored, so I still have the rock, and it can be re-seeded at a later date and time. Onto the specs... 18w Orbit 12" PC AquaClear 20 Tetra Mini-Heater Thats actually about it for the tools of the trade for the tank. Simple, sleek and clean. As far as stocking, I am going to keep it varied and what not. As I said above, I will keep it funded by sales/trades as far as getting new corals. Onto the current stock... Candy Cane Achanthastea Enchinita Zoanthids - Whammin Watermellon Gorrilla Nips 1 Polyp of Fire and Ice Assorted snails I may not go with fish - I think they would dirty the water too much. Tho the cleanup crew is size-able; (about 15 snails total) I just don't see a reason for a fish at this time. I am hoping to prop out enough coral to get me some GSP and perhaps a Duncan or two >.> I lost my Micromussa, unfortunatly. But would like another. Pics will come tomorro.
  9. Looking to sell local - Used but in good condition. Sooner the better - Asking $100 for it. Modded rear Fuge w/light Maxi-Jet 400 replaced the stock pump My zip is 15136 Not too interested in Shipping because they are known to break pretty easy that way.