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  1. A new Weetie tank! Sounds awesome!
  2. There are a few of us in the PNW
  3. Tried to PM you but box is full, if the deal falls through, I will take it. Thanks
  4. Sold!
  5. I have the cadlights artisan 50 cube and have replaced the sump (baffle layout sucks), return pump (to loud), and skimmer (read below) that came with the package. Build quality on my tank and stand is fine and the stand is solid but I probably wouldn't buy another one of their setups, at least not a package. As far as customer service, my experience was ok, they just thought they were doing me a favor by substituting a larger skimmer because they were out of the one it was supposed to come with. Problem was, it was their HOB model and wouldn't fit in the sump area! lol
  6. To the top!
  7. Light has only been used a month at 50%. Both light and mount will come in original boxes with all parts, manufacture date on light is 9/30/2015 Will not separate unless I have a buyer for the light without the mount. $375 shipped! Thanks.
  8. Very nice! I had one for a few years, second fish I bought when I started my first tank, went carpet surfing one day.
  9. Very nice!
  10. Mini brittle star leg.
  11. $50! He was a replacement for the picasso's original mate who died a week after getting them. She took to him right away.
  12. Nice tank! How do you like the lights? I have been thinking of 2 of these for the 40b I am putting together.
  13. If that is a bubble tip....It don't look so hot.
  14. Very nice.