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    i am inlove with many difrent fish, but a oc. clown is my favorit!!!
  1. reefkidsclownfish

    Crab ID please

    IT'S SOOOOO CUTE!!! sorry, i've never seen one, but OMG, if it is a fish killer then get a smaller tank for it because it ROCKS!
  2. reefkidsclownfish

    Fuzzy pod creatures

    hey, i have one of those! only mine is huge, it's name is bob square pants.
  3. reefkidsclownfish

    Look what popped up

    lol, i would buy a 2 doller fishy seperater (it's this odd looking little plastic box with a small slit in the side and it hangs onto the side of your tank on the inside, when i got it i thought it was a breader, but nope, it's to just hold fish or stuff) and put some sand in it and put the shell with the opt in it in the little seperator. and wala, cheap way to keep the little thing.
  4. reefkidsclownfish

    Baby Shrimp?

    cool, tell me when you do and i will see if i can help.
  5. reefkidsclownfish

    Baby Shrimp?

    try getting another picture but to be honest, it can't be a baby shrimp, baby shrimp are actualy kind of clear in color, it MIGHT be a baby red hermit crab withought a shell, but the picture is so blury that i can't tell.
  6. reefkidsclownfish

    aiptasia or anemone?

    it's either glass or beaded string,
  7. reefkidsclownfish

    What kind of brisstle worm is this?

    it's the average kind, my tank is barly set up and i have a few of these, they are the kind that are in almost every thing you buy, live sand and liverock almost always have them, but some fish stores pay a a a dolor for the small ones, and 3 for the long, (the one i had in my tank was about 8", OMG it scared the s*** out of me, i sold it to my lfs for 3 dollors, nice for a worm) so dont worry, find out if your lfs buys them, because they are really good in a cleanup crew.
  8. reefkidsclownfish

    How many aquariums do you have?

    um... 6, 3 are set up and 3 are just sitting around because they are old/brand new. 5 gal freshwater with 1 chinese algae eater and 2 class fish (don't beleave what you read about these things, most books/sites say they are calm camuunity fish, but i only had 2 of these little 1.5 inch guys in a tank with 6 Lake kutubu rainbowfish that were 5 inches each and they ate all the Lake kutubu rainbowfish fish. T-T just my luck, mean-killer -half-invisible-fish. [ps, they were in the 20 gal at that time, but after they ate all the other fish we moved them to a smaller tanks and bought mallys for the 20 gal) 20 gal freshwater with 7 algae eaters (don't give me any crap, it's the kind that only get 1 inch long) and 7 adult mally's and about 30 baby mally's that we thought would get eaten but didn't and now are almost full grown and we need to find a store to buy them. T-T great, more research) 20 gal saltwater with a bunch of snails and crabs because i have no money and haven't been able to get fish yet T-T why are all of my set up tanks giving me problems?) the 2.5 gal, 10 gal, and 40 gal are not set up yet.
  9. reefkidsclownfish

    How do you measure the salinity of your reef?

    refractomer, i had 4 swing arms from 3 difrent brands and non of them actualy worked, it was weared, they all would point straight up nomatter what i did. so i finaly just got a RM and it worked great.
  10. reefkidsclownfish

    What is your favorite type of fish?

    a moon wrasse, they are sooooo calm and beautiful (at least my uncles is calm, the one i saw at the zoo was freakin crazy)
  11. reefkidsclownfish

    id please pokemon ?

    it' a clafable actualy, *does the metronome* BOOM!
  12. reefkidsclownfish

    rate my tank(s)!

    actualy, yes they know, this is a REALLY old one (if you check the dates of the post you'll see what i mean) i didn't know though XD so i was trying to revive an old topic, so... oops. sorry, i guess this was ment to die T_T
  13. reefkidsclownfish

    rate my tank(s)!

    i give your tank a 8/10, mainly because for a tank in progress it looks WAY better then what mine does (T_T) ok, i give you a 9/10, because while your tank has very little in it, i like the way you have everything set up. yes, it could be olmost empty and the way everything sits would still get you a high score. ^.^ ... 0/10 ... *mumbles* mas-frackin-vermt-gamba-ortsits *trise to hide the 10/10* ... it sucks *is jelous* i hate it *can't stop staring* how came everyones tanks with almost no corals look better then mine when i have them? ok ok, but for real, i give it a 10/10, that's a fishies paradise (well, an owned fishie) and it looks great (how many places can a fish hide in there???)
  14. reefkidsclownfish

    hitchhikers guid to reefing

    Anemone, and it's strange, but cool! Anemone, and it's strange, but cool!
  15. reefkidsclownfish

    hydrometer problems HELP!

    how much are refratormeters? that's the best idea i've heard (mainly because, i am broke again, like always, so a refractor is out of the question right now)