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  3. Yeah any 24"size bulb will fit in it.
  4. Skimmer and other coralife light sold. Just the Cadlights left.
  5. Tank sold and one coralife light sold.
  6. Yeah they are t5ho, not sure of the exact length but it should fit any tanks around 24 inches, give or take an inch depending on legs
  7. I have a few things up for sale. Upgraded tank so no longer in need of equipment. Im located in 92324. Local pickup only. Cadlights T5 4x24 + moonlights, brand new only used for 3 days $100 SOLD - Two Coralife T5 2x24 (no legs) bulbs used 8-9 months (probably should replace anyways) $40 each or 70$ for both. SOLD Red Sea Prizm HOB skimmer $30 SOLD - Clear for life Uniquarium 26G long hex, comes with pump and stand $100
  8. My first saltwater nano (90L)

    nice tank, whats that thing on the bottom left of the picture?
  9. m05tw4nt3d's 60G cube thread

    Looking good, you have a FTS? whats your live stock in there?