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  1. FS 48" 2x150W SunPod 18 LEDS

    NKU Light is Still For Sale!!
  2. FS 48" 2x150W SunPod 18 LEDS

    yes sir it does!
  3. FS 48" 2x150W SunPod 18 LEDS

    bump $350Shipped anywhere.
  4. FS 48" 2x150W SunPod 18 LEDS

    Bump added better pictures!
  5. free: updated: 150w 14k phoenix lamps.

    by whom! lol
  6. free: updated: 150w 14k phoenix lamps.

    Pm me with your Paypal
  7. Hagen/Nutrafin test kits

    agreed where i work all we use is the API liquid test kits they Are simple easy to read and pretty accurate we did a Milwaukee PH digital tester and then the Liquid test was +- 1 of what the digital one said!
  8. FS 48" 2x150W SunPod 18 LEDS

    edited price from 380 to 350 Like i said Need this GONE.
  9. green clown goby

    x2 lgreen speaks teh truth..
  10. I have a 48" 2x150 SunPod all the cords everything works bought it in march and registered for the current warranty im getting out the fish business well salt anyway so bulbs are about 7months from start. looking to getting $350 these are still $500 brand new so u buy new bulbs good to go! or use the current ones for a few more months. WILL SHIP extra. anywhere LOCAL PICKUP or meeting 1/2 way is also available closest Zip codes to me are 41005,41042 Im in Northern Kentucky posting pictures Later once i find that darn camera Oh and welcoming my self back haha been a member since 06 and been WAY busy lately reason for the demise of my 75g RR college is so damn expensive! Email Joshmadden@Gmail.com
  11. Old new LR?

    X2 lace rock RULEZ
  12. 40 gallon breeder cycling questions

  13. Still trying to ID THIS NEM..

    \thoose look kinda big for manjo's mybe u picked up some anemones that looks to big to be a pest anemones