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  1. CadLights 47G Starfire

    New comp for this month. Some of the wild mari pieces were removed and sold off recently to make room for some others in the tank. New to this comp, but not new to me are the WT fireball, tierra del fuego, pink lemonade, and the BC aquatic-man tabler. The stuff on the bottom is mostly where some of the new stuff is at, from left to right: RR orange machine, MattV rainbow envy, Gonzo's weirdo tenuis, and the RR orange passion (the RRC OP is right above it for comparison).
  2. CadLights 47G Starfire

    Yes, it started picking up the bubbles on it a couple of months ago. It also has funky orange on it, which is easier to see on it when it's more deflated as in this pic. You can still make out the bubbles in the pic somewhat. It originally was purchased as a single polyp about a year ago. It's the one on the right. The left one was purchased at the same time and glued to the same rock. That one was already receding at the time and eventually didn't make it.
  3. CadLights 47G Starfire

    Yeah, I'll see about a FTS once I get things situated. Out of space in this tank so I'm about to remove some of the pieces on the rockwork which hasn't colored up or are wild. Most of those pieces are unknown and while they do well, I just won't have space for them. The upgrade will help, but that'll be a few months from now and I rather remove those pieces before they encrust any further onto the Tonga. I'll be liquidating them through the local club and then epoxying over any leftover tissue. @gena The blasto was a purple center with green outer rim on the tentacles in white light. It reminds me of a giant PPE paly on steroids. When it was sold to another vendor, which ran blue lights, the colors were different. It was a reddish center with yellow outers. I've never seen one in that color combo before especially at its size (2" around single polyp). I should have snatched it up when I first asked about it. It was originally $200, but then was dropped down to $150. I sat on that price overnight and then went to the booth in the morning, when I heard that it was sold twice. The second vendor picked it up and resold it for $350. I hope that the 3rd vendor farms it and makes it available. It would have made such a nice contrast next to my current red with purple streaks blasto. The central mother polyp is massive at ~2" when she's happy. This one was also purchased as a single polyp and blossomed into the colony that you see below. I can't even imagine what the other one would inflate to. From the side, it's just a red puff of inflatables.
  4. CadLights 47G Starfire

    Went to RAP this past weekend and finally met @metrokat in person, who also introduced me to @Felicia and @gena. It feels great to be able to put a face to an name and the conversations, while brief, was awesome. Ended up picking up more sticks this time around and I only went down there for two pieces. Ended up driving back north with a chunk missing from my wallet. The drive was long and I didn't get back until 11:45ish. Finally dipped all of them and placed them into the tank at work ~12:15ish and made it back home at 1. The 9 A.M. meeting at work this morning was rough since I wanted to check out the corals instead. The sps are all on the sand bed currently and will stay there for at least a week before I plant them down. Here's the list of what was picked up: RR Orange Machine RR Orange Passion RR Wolverine RR Firecracker Miguel's Mango Passion (yes, that OG Miguel) Gonzo's Poison Envy RR Inner Core MattV Rainbow Envy ...one unnamed RR yellow sps Also wanted one single huge polyp of a blasto that I've never seen before. It was there on the first day and I was hoping to pick it up on the second, but it was gone by the time that I got back to the booth.
  5. Was really nice meeting you finally, along with Gena and Metrokat! I spent a lot more than I expected on sticks. Really wanted the big blasto but it was sold on the 2nd day not once (vendor to vendor to vendor) but twice. Should have picked it up on the first day. Oh wells. Sorry to hear about your lost ricordea. Let me know if you're interested in an orange yuma. I have an extra that I cut from my original and it went wandering off my rockwork. It's about 1.5-2" around when expanded and has been sitting in the corner by its lonely self. It originally came in as a pink yuma, but I think that was just in its bleached state. I can bring it with me to AC if you're interested. Here's the clone of it next to the other two rics of my small garden. The top and bottom one are floridas instead and I'm actually waiting for the top one to split since it has 3 mouths on it. The top green one is kind of different. It looks green for the most part, but it's on a very orange red base, which is actually deeper than the orange on the yuma there.
  6. The METROpolitan: Kat's New Journey

    Coming over for RAP? I'm headed down on Friday evening and staying at a buddy's place. Down there for RAP and also to check out what's cooking in the backrooms of Vivid, RR, TGC, and some of the other locals. Let me know if you're looking for anything in particular.
  7. CadLights 47G Starfire

    Another month goes by. Updated shots of some of the corals. Top left is the red blasto that picked up awhile back. It's turned out quite nicely over time. The mother polyp (2" when inflated) is the center one surrounded by the daughters. Next to that is the Vivid confetti and then another wild CRC frag.Also built some ramps around the frag plugs on both montis so that they can start growing down onto the larger 3.5" disc.
  8. Secrets to zoa?

    Yes, at a certain point in time the zoas run out of rocks and just grow on the sandbed. They use particles of sand to anchor onto as they grow out. For instance, the colony of fruit loops that you see in the left in the picture above. Here's the underside of it. You can see where the original rock that it was originally glued down to (flat, white bottom piece). Everything beyond the borders of that is growing flat across the sandbed, which makes it really easy to tear off the main colony or just cut away from.
  9. Battery Backup

    The vortech battery uses a 18 amp-hour 12-v sealed battery. I went ahead and picked up one slightly larger, a 20 amp-hour 12v sealed battery (should keep the pump running longer than the one from vortech), a box, a battery tender, and some odds and ends. The battery tender trickle charges the battery when it's not in use. Inside the box. I can actually fit two more batteries in there down the line as needed.With the lid on to prevent water from splashing down on it. Also keeping it discreet in the office.Vortech running normally with both cords in simulating normal functionality.Vortech with the main cord remove to simulate an outage to confirm that it does indeed work.Took about half an hour to set up once the parts were here and offers a piece of mind. Not too shabby for ~$76 worth of parts, which is slightly less than what a vortech backup battery would cost retail.
  10. Secrets to zoa?

    Just dip in Bayer and onto the sandbed they go. No special care needed in the predominantly sps tank. Most of these were purchased or given as 1-2 polyp frags. Top left is RR banana boat, then rastas, PPEs, and fruit loops. I just sold this rock of emeralds on fire off today. Started out with ~5 polyps and it grew into this, which is ~200 polyps. Sold it for to someone for a steal at $1/polyp.
  11. Montipora: Show some love for your Monti's

    JF beach bum on the left and RR crazy t on the right. Not the fastest grower for sure. 1 7/8" disc for reference.
  12. Only was able to recover 2 pictures from the first reef tank. Pics were taken in 1999 with a roommate's 1MP Sony camera that actually used floppy disk. You could only take like 8 pics or so before it filled it up. Tru Vue 40G tank set up with aragonite with a CPR backpack as the sole source of filtration. Hamilton 4x96W PC bulb which was later replaced by a 8x96W fixture. Tap water was used with Coralife salt and you can actually see one of the first red BTA in the first pic there. They were being sold for $20 each retail. Worked at a LFS then and saw some cool stuff on the lists and in person.
  13. CadLights 47G Starfire

    Stunners under RB only. The confetti needs to grow out to truly show its colors.
  14. CadLights 47G Starfire

    Not a lot of actual growth as far as visible from the pics. It's more along the lines of thickening on lots of the frags and tiering on the mini colonies.
  15. Reefing Tools

    Some of the tools. Obviously missing some key stuff, like the Flipper that I use every other day.