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    Decent coverage, but I'm actually in the process of changing out the lighting system. I'll be cooking the tank with the new lights.
  2. SF Bay (San Francisco) area as mentioned in the post.
  3. Used Red Sea Reefer 170 series. They're great value setups used and most importantly, they're aesthetically pleasing (important to keep your SO happy). They pop up pretty often in the local forums (SF Bay Area). Here's one such deal: Red Sea Reefer 170 34g - tank, stand(upgraded magnetic door by previous owner) sump, and all piping - was used by previous owner but not set up by me - ATO came cracked and given to me for free by previous owner. cleaned/no scratches on tank or stand - ready to go - 500 obo Reef Octopus Classic 110-S - used by previous owner - cleaned and ready to go - 120 oboEheim Compact + 3000 - brand new. 80 oboVortech MP10 quiet drive - used/good condition - 140 obo - at work, can provide mfg date when I get homeReef Breeder Photon 24 model Ibelieve. 40 obo. or free with purchase of tank,stand,sumpSorry for the supreme stickers. It was a running joke between friends but they are only on the boxes. Not looking to part out. Would love to move tank stand and sump together.Take all for 720 picked up Another setup, this one with better lights, which would stretch your budget, but does include livestock: Reefer 170 + White Stand + Sump40 Lbs Live Rock + Fish, Starpolys, Rose Anemone, Shrimps and lots more.EcoTech Marine Vortech MP10QD-WEcoTech Radium XR15W G4 ProEcoTech ReefLinkRed Octopus SkimmerTunze Auto Top-off System + External Water StorageMilwaukee pH ControllerJebao Programmable Auto Dosing Pump DP-4Bulk Reef Supply 4-Stage Value Plus RO/DI + New CartridgesBulk Reef Supply Mini ReactorVarious magnet cleaners, accessories, water test stuff, 5 gallon water jugs and LOTS more stuff I can't even keep track of.Photos here -> https://imgur.com/a/sO0UwrF$890 for the complete setup. OBO
  4. Really depends on the individual coral and the conditions it's kept in. I've seen a few holy grails before and they do definitely pop under blues; considerably less so under whites. Under whiter lights the yellows actually pops pretty well, but the rainbow effect is way less noticeable. Not high end pieces, but a couple of different types of froggies. Take note of the Aussie gold torch in the top there that's barely in the frame as well as the coloration of the rocks. Corals belong to a buddy of mine and these are under T5s. Daylight settings are pretty white overall (definitely not 10k of MH, but not the blues of LEDs either). Here's a pic of the Aussie gold torch. Having seen the tank in person multiple times, hard to dispute how beautiful these Euphyllias are.
  5. Same 'ole regimen as always. Just on the sandbed and no spot feeding. Some of the daughter polyps are now large enough to see now versus before when it was just the mother polyp. Approximately 1 month difference between this set and the last pic and 2 months after picking up the single polyp. Brushing the mother polyp reveals 6 of the 7 daughter polyps.
  6. Harmless nematodes. I have some in the 20G AIO frag tank that I just cycled through with no corals or fish.
  7. Yep, the Eheim/Jager heaters have the dials. I utilize 2 slightly undersized heaters which are then controlled by the Apex. I have a couple of extras on hand just in the event that either heater fails, but usually doesn't happen since the tank is in my office. Both heaters typically don't turn on at the same time and holds the tank within a 76.4° - 77.4° range with the average coming in at 76.8°F. Depending on which fish I'm currently keeping, the tank temps do change. With the case of anthias, I've been down to the 72°F range before acclimating them back up to slightly higher temps. You can also run your reef tanks warmer into the 80s as well. Cal Academy varied their seasonal temps to get their sps to spawn and I saw temps in the 84° range in their seasonal chart. Whatever temps you decide to keep the tank at, just make sure that it's consistent and changes are gradual.
  8. The wet side of the stand, which isn't exactly nano. The DIY ATO reservoir that the chaeto reactor sits on in the front holds ~13 gallons of water.
  9. A few days shy of the 5 month mark. Finally moving along now. Side shoots are now growing at the same pace as the primary branch as it grows into the water column.
  10. Here's the new rainbow that was purchased on 9/13/18. Hard to tell from this picture, but there's ~6 new baby polyps hidden under the folds.
  11. I tend to buy single polyps since rainbows are so expensive and grow them out. I do not target feed any of my corals, but I do feed my fish pretty heavily. This rainbow acan was purchased as a single head on 1/23/17. 3 months later on 4/17/17. Babies are starting to form around its base. 10/10/17. All surrounding polyps are now the same size as the original purchased polyp in size. Orange yuma to the left of it decided that the acan was too close for its own good and decided to nuke half of it over night. After a series of ups and downs, including two crashes, it finally regrew to its original size. 4/27/18 sitting in the new and current tank. I eventually decided to glue it to a 4.25" disk as in this picture. Wanted to get a closer look at the polyps so I brushed against it to get it to withdraw its tentacles which are usually out 24/7. On 10/4/18. What it looks like when it's puffy and all its tentacles are out. 10/16/18. That single polyp has grown to the size of a baseball.
  12. A 4" chalice is gonna eat up a lot of rockscape. A 8" one will For a 1" plug to begin with, yes, that can make sense, but a 4.2" disk is way bigger. Here's a comparison of a 1.2" plug on top of the 4.2" disks that the chalices are sitting on.
  13. On the sandbed for me since they're decent size and there's no way I'm gonna devote space for them on the rocks where the sps are. Also easier to frag down the line when they get enormous. Both of these are 4" across. Pink Boobies OG Mummy Eye
  14. Is it smaller than the your other "Acan lords"? FYI, the genus was reclassified in the last few years and was consolidated back into the Micromussa genus. The larger polyp ones, which we typically see labeled as Acan lords, are Micromussa lordhowensis. The smaller polyp variety, which used to be just called micromussa, are Micromussa amakuensis. That looks like the smaller polyp variety there, A. amakuensis. For reference, that looks extremely similar to one of mine. 2" disk for size reference and about half a golf ball in size. In comparison to one of my rainbow Micromussa lordhowensis (Acan lord). The adult polyps there are ~1" across and that's a 4" disk it's sitting on. About the size of a tennis ball.
  15. Slowing down on its encrustation at the four month mark. The lower nubs on the right has fused together as it grows into the water column where the flow is stronger. It's also offshooting from the sides of the main branches. It definitely needs to grow outwards before the RR pink cadillac shades it.
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