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  1. Huh, that's a neat concept. I've been thinking about building a new stand and sump since my current DIY sump has a separate ATO compartment. Thanks for the idea!
  2. Seriously? I had a notification for a small female on LA via email. Go to order it and it's gone!
  3. I think the original thread was started on the premise of not getting the order until 5-7 business days after the original order and then that grew into something else. I do applaud Jeff and the others at MD for taking a look into the issue of the algorithms for the shipping from the various warehouse. As mentioned, that'll save MD costs and benefit both the company and customer in the long run. I have Amazon Prime and order a number of consumer goods online. With companies that have the free shipping option, I adjust my expectations accordingly since I do not expect them to deliver the same product on such a short time frame.
  4. Just in case anyone is interested. Here's what it looks like inside. Bone cuttered, then soaked in RO water, and then back into the tank. The cleaner shrimp made short work of them once they hit the water.
  5. Last time I flew there it was ~$680 for the roundtrip. It's NOLA, so might just go for the location alone.
  6. The way that I would approach the scape is somewhat similar with cascades, but along the lines of mountainscapes. Ridges and ridges that crisscross each other and layering the tank to hopefully produce depth. Your bisects for the ridges would be at the thirds as it snakes through like how a river would. Rocks would be used at a minimum and not the boulderous type, but rather minimal tonga sticks which the corals would grow out from. That scape would by itself hide the line from the top area from the bottom.
  7. Spending money. I can help you with that. High end: Reef Savvy custom tank with Vertex i-Supra C+ sump Sane: RS Reefer series complete setup. Skip the CAD Lights. Decent tanks, but total lack of support and communication. Skimmer: Partial to the Vertex line, especially if you stock heavily (Vertex 150 on the 47G - side; what it looks like inside) Light: Nanobox hybrid hybrid, Radion G4, Hydra HD Also, if you're looking for onyxes, let me know. I know of a local guy that breeds them (lineage is back to Rod of Rod's onyxes). He ships them out of state as well. 7/8/16 after adding to the tank Same fish as of 1/10/17 after a heavy day's feeding.
  8. It should recover. Give it some time and some stability. One of my zoas on arrival ~6 months ago.
  9. Kat, can you take a pic straight on looking into the tank from the front? I want to see what that cascading looks like from the front as well as how your scape is looking in situ.
  10. Not necessarily. Here's a really old shot from what seems like a million years ago, 2007. You can see a mix of shrimps in the shot, with CRS and cherries. You also see a wildish looking shrimp in the pic. This was relatively early on in the CRS game when the phenotypes weren't set and hobbyists were working on setting the colors still. CRS has a longer gestation period than cherries as well as smaller batches. Feeding more protein helps with that.
  11. That's what my buddy thought as well from checking out ORA's description. He then added one to his mixed elos tank and just got rid of it recently. It was a model citizen until it started on his microzoas. He pulled it out afterwards just in case it went after other stuff. Oh boy, did someone say FW shrimps?
  12. Hope you're not keeping that filefish in your tank for long. They're definitely not reef safe, including the ORA ones.
  13. Could be an Astreopora sp. as well. I've been seeing a number of them show up at the LFS lately.
  14. Looks like a bleached 'nem. I wouldn't call that the natural colors. It'll eventually darken up and probably look like any of the others around (kind of like your RBTA in the BG).
  15. Started my tank with all reefsaver rock (BRS) and dead sand (Tropic Eden). Tank was started with Dr. Tim's on March 30th and cycle was completed on April 15th. Relatively quick for a cycle. First signs of coralline showed up in June after the addition of some snails with it on their shells and slowly covered everything up. Rocks took 6 months to be coated which isn't bad at all. Having coralline is great on the rocks but it also shows up everywhere else, including the overflow boxes, glass, and just about anything plastic, including the rack.