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  1. I'm pretty sure the skimmer and driver would work, especially if you're looking at keeping a high flow tank. I used to run 3x MP40W on my 26 gallon bare bottom SPS tank. The flow is pretty dispersed on the Vortechs, so I wouldn't worry too much about it. I ran two of the three on 80% max output on reefcrest mode. I'm currently running a Vertex 150 on my 47G tank. While the 180i is a bit larger, I'd wouldn't hesitate on running it on either a 50 to 60 gallon tank, especially since I feed pretty extensively.
  2. Haven't updated in awhile so here goes. I wasn't really happy with the scape in the tank and was out of room to mount sps to, so I decided to make the change from the BRS reefsaver that I've had in the tank for since the tank was set up over to Tonga branch rock. The swap was done over the course of two rounds with the right side being done first, where approximately 40% of the rocks were. Once things had settled down a bit (once I saw coralline start to encrust the new Tonga), I did the entire left side. Here's the new rockwork as of today. I still need to clean up the odd frags on the sandbed and then just let things grow in from there. I also need to get in and scrape the back walls on my next monthly scrub down. Wild frag from one of the LFS. Grew into a decent looking mini so far. Another LFS wild frag. This one is starting to look decent. It's got a pretty blue base with pink tips from what I see so far. Wild millie. Pink axial tips and a rainbow of colors in the base polyps. Can't wait to see what happens to this one as it grows. Went to the same LFS with a buddy and his wife awhile back. They were window shopping and were going back between a couple of frags and couldn't decide on whether they wanted them or not. I picked both of them up and growing them out. This one was picked up by his wife and has receded quite a bit after my alk issues earlier in the year. It's rebounding and it looks like it's on the mend. Tierra del Fuego Sunset monti. Requires very little light and actually sits right below one of the Tonga branches in the shade. Orenji danae. Sits above some of the cluster of zoas (from left to right: RR banana boat, RR fruit loops, rastas, PPEs) Garf bonsai. Decent grower and mini colony in size now. Becker tort One of the only deepwater in the tank. This was sold to me by the same person that sold me the RR pink floyd. He didn't remember what it was at the time and gave me a great deal on it. He's since ID this one as the WT mother of pearl. RR pink floyd. Got ugly when I was messing with nitrate dosing. Nub of the POTO rise and shine. ASD rainbow table Pretty wicked wild piece that's colored up well. Also grows relatively quick. It competes with my Oregon torts as the centerpiece in the tank. Speaking of Oregon tort. These two pieces were at one point one frag. I accidentally broke the tip off the one on the right near the center and reglued it back on. The snails knocked it off afterwards and I decided to glue that tip on a plug instead. That tip grew like steroids for some reason and became what you see on the left piece there. I'm sticking them next to each other so that they can fuse and regrow back into one larger piece. ORA pearlberry. This one transitioned for me and has stayed this color for awhile now. CRC purple cadillac. Purple with red polyps. One of my favorites even though it's such a slow grower. TCK lightning bolt PC Rainbow RR Canada orange passion This frag being worked on by one of my ginormous turbos is none other than the homewrecker itself. Probably won't wreck any homes under my lighting haha. Last but not least, one of the slower growers in the tank. Purple monster.
  3. Looking fantastic as in all your other builds! Tagging along to see what you fill these tanks with.
  4. Approximately 10 grams (golf ball size portion teased apart) in between each of the plates so it'll take a long while to fill up, assuming that I didn't kill it when going through the extreme dipping (went hypo with it at 1.010).
  5. Finally sent the lens back to Veng? Pic quality seems to be off unlike the sets when you had the lens.
  6. Tank is doing well, even though it's still not much to look at. Finally picked up a Hanna ULR egg to see where phosphates were at since I'm getting some bleaching at the bases with certain corals (e.g. bali shortcake with the upper left in the comp) which I suspect is from an inbalance between the nitrates and phosphates. Phosphates as measured was at 0.15 ppm. Picked up and added a chaeto reactor and finally got it plumbed in on its own DCT-4000 pump with reverse light cycle. I want to see if this thing really grows chaeto so I only added 3 golfballs of chaeto (appoximately 30g) after picking some up from the LFS. The chaeto came from one of their sumps with aiptasias and other types of algaes as well so I didn't want to use too much of it from fear of contamination. I dipped it like I would corals with Bayer and FW exit, and inspected it with my geek glasses. I'll be measuring phosphates and dosing nitrates as needed to be inline with lowering the phosphates.
  7. Came back to NR and the whole freaking layout of the site has changed. What hasn't changed is your ability to scape. Tank is coming along very nicely! What kind of PAR is that orange passion sitting under currently? I'm about to move the RR Canada OP off the rack and onto the rock work, so interested in seeing where you have it placed.
  8. Huh, that's a neat concept. I've been thinking about building a new stand and sump since my current DIY sump has a separate ATO compartment. Thanks for the idea!
  9. Seriously? I had a notification for a small female on LA via email. Go to order it and it's gone!
  10. I think the original thread was started on the premise of not getting the order until 5-7 business days after the original order and then that grew into something else. I do applaud Jeff and the others at MD for taking a look into the issue of the algorithms for the shipping from the various warehouse. As mentioned, that'll save MD costs and benefit both the company and customer in the long run. I have Amazon Prime and order a number of consumer goods online. With companies that have the free shipping option, I adjust my expectations accordingly since I do not expect them to deliver the same product on such a short time frame.
  11. Just in case anyone is interested. Here's what it looks like inside. Bone cuttered, then soaked in RO water, and then back into the tank. The cleaner shrimp made short work of them once they hit the water.
  12. Last time I flew there it was ~$680 for the roundtrip. It's NOLA, so might just go for the location alone.
  13. The way that I would approach the scape is somewhat similar with cascades, but along the lines of mountainscapes. Ridges and ridges that crisscross each other and layering the tank to hopefully produce depth. Your bisects for the ridges would be at the thirds as it snakes through like how a river would. Rocks would be used at a minimum and not the boulderous type, but rather minimal tonga sticks which the corals would grow out from. That scape would by itself hide the line from the top area from the bottom.
  14. Spending money. I can help you with that. High end: Reef Savvy custom tank with Vertex i-Supra C+ sump Sane: RS Reefer series complete setup. Skip the CAD Lights. Decent tanks, but total lack of support and communication. Skimmer: Partial to the Vertex line, especially if you stock heavily (Vertex 150 on the 47G - side; what it looks like inside) Light: Nanobox hybrid hybrid, Radion G4, Hydra HD Also, if you're looking for onyxes, let me know. I know of a local guy that breeds them (lineage is back to Rod of Rod's onyxes). He ships them out of state as well. 7/8/16 after adding to the tank Same fish as of 1/10/17 after a heavy day's feeding.