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  1. AIO 20g Long Frag Tank Build

    I am glad you like it... its time to sell it now. Hopefully someone will pick it soon.
  2. I have 4 Miami Hurricane frags with 5 or more eyes. I am asking $135 shipped for each one. Frags came from this mother colony This deal will only last until next Tuesday.
  3. Zoas and Palys

    I will accept offers on the remaining stock! Feel free to pm me.
  4. This thing works perfectly I dont need it anymore because I have been self feeding but it is perfect for anyone who wants a totally automated tank or an office tank. Here is a link to all the information about it http://www.marineandreef.com/ProductDetail...ctCode=RHM35018
  5. Zoas and Palys

    Mandarins, PPE's and Chong Bongs are sold!
  6. Zoas and Palys

    Shan, I just moved them so I am waiting them to open up to get a pic.
  7. Zoas and Palys

    Marijane Dreamweavers & Sunkists (dont worry about the algae it will be removed before shipping) Manadrins & Strawberry Wines I will snap a pic of the Sunny d's later today when my lights turn on. If you want different pics of the last three I can try my best but my P/S camera isnt the best.
  8. Zoas and Palys

    Sure, what are you interested in?
  9. Zoas and Palys

    Lowered all prices! Lets move these!
  10. Zoas and Palys

    Thanks guys! Feel free to pm me and let me know what the prices should be. Also, I am open to offers. Just need to let this stuff go where I am not losing a ton of money.
  11. Zoas and Palys

    Do I need to add pics? I can't believe that there is no interest...
  12. Zoas and Palys

    Marijanes $80 4 polyps Everlasting Gobbstoppers $30 2 polyps Strawberry Wines $100 12 polyps Mandarins $40 4 polyps Dream Weaver People Eaters $40 4 polyps Cats Eyes $60 30+ polyps Devils Armor $30 6 polyps Spend over $125 and I will include a freebie of some sort. Shipping will be $35 USPS. Pics are available upon request.
  13. FS:Tunze nano wavebox

    bump for a good price
  14. Misc. reef stuff

    Shipping will be actually cost from USPS. Purely H20 75gpd RODI (3month old filters) $100 8oz reef Cal Calcium Additive $10 Aquadine Fish Food LARGE container $5 Rowa Phosban Absorber 30-40% full $5 Buffer Plus 6oz 100% full $10 Kh Tester Tropic Marin 90% full $10 Stainless Steel Surgical Scissors $5 Stainless Steel Surgical Bone Cutters $5 1/3 bag of Instant Ocean 14lb bag $5 Hydor Koralia 1 $20 reef Builder Alkaline Additive 100% full $10 Instant Ocean hydrometer $5 Eheim Autofeeder $25
  15. If you need a place to hold your corals while you take care of this mess send me a message. As you know I am in EL. Hopefully I can help you out or you can fix the problem.