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  1. Kat's Pico: Fashionably oops!

    That "GSP" looks more like encrusting gorgonia to me.
  2. Beginner Corals

    Hey just a heads up, but what you have pictured there as "Green Star Polyps" look to be encrusting gorgonia. They look similar, but the gorgonia has smaller and alot of times more neon green polyps.
  3. Is it good worm or bad worm?

    I wouldn't touch it though...
  4. angelacbishop's 5.5 gallons of fun

    +1 for FTS
  5. ID Please..

    I haz them in my tank. they're neat.
  6. P5070013

    now THATS a ric garden.
  7. P5070015

  8. zoo corner

  9. Green Monti

  10. Blue Clove Riot

    man, no fair! everyone's frags had miracle recoveries but mine! maybe they'll spring up one day...LIKE DAISIES! (Mulan quote....I went there..)
  11. Biorb Life 60 Marine

    I also demand new pics...
  12. Blue Clove Riot

    mine didn't pull through... I know weetie! Its because I live so far from where the reefing action is! I've gotta stop placing faith in priority shipping. In my defense though, this is the first frag I've lost. =)
  13. A 7MB will work fine for your first tank. I started with a 5. I would however take into consideration what others have told you because chances are you will eventually want to upgrade. Same thing goes for all you equipment. Here is a great article on Natural filtration for you (what most everyones tank runs on): Natural Filtration As for lighting, there's a good article here as well, but the short of it is, It depends on what corals you want. For softies and alot of LPS Power Compact lighting would be fine...some people have success with SPS with power compact, but IMO just going with Metal halide of T5 would be your best course of action if you want SPS. The color spectrum of your bulb should be between10k-20k. 10k being more white. 20k being more blue. HOB=Hang on back filter. Dont really NEED one, but alot of people DIY/mod them into mini fuges. (do a search, you'll find tons of info on them) A good heater and flow are musts. flow from a power head. You can do a seasrch on both and find lots of info... to N-R. Glad to see ya here.
  14. HYDROIDS SUCK! I covered them with hot glue...they just found ways to poke their heads around. If there was nuclear holocaust, it would be cockroaches AND hydroids left to run the planet.
  15. MarvinsReef Zoas Dominated Reef....

    You're making me want chalices....but I have no room in my tank, which would mean upgrading....STOP IT MARVIN! lol Beautiful.