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  1. see how your clams mantle is kinda stretching? he is reaching for the light. usually clams mantles are not at that angle.
  2. well it started out as a problem i had lighting a new 26 gallon bowfront. was rippin my hair out trying to figure it out. so i gutted this jbj hood and am gonna put the halide on the opposite end. thanx for your help/support abs/dave/rocket/adin/val n vern. well its almost done just gotta get a box for the ballasts and put the caps back on. oh ya and add the mh retro which is comming soon i hope. ^^ heres the picture.
  3. heres my 2 cents for ya gil try mounting it horizontally. you will get more growth and it will spread out like a true colony and not a true boner ^^. but thats some real nice growth. good luck currently mounted like this ! ! ! ! try to mount it like this ________ it will grow like this ! ! ! __!__!__! read somewhere that when a piece breaks off it most likely land horizontally and that is how the heads of acro get their natural looking shape.
  4. nope...they get adopted out.
  5. hahahahahahah truly funny. dont know why but i cant stop laughing. your life will eventually pop up. you will continue to see new things every day for years to come. it just takes time. anyways thanx i need that laugh. good luck with the fan worm tube too. sean
  6. heres another one....hmmm
  7. heres the latest rescued angel. wasnt really bad but the lfs had him/her housed with 2 larger blue faced angels. had a little bit of nippage on its fins. its seems like it is changing into its adult color.
  8. one of the rescued angels that they share the tank with. this one was rescued early november, it had a large gash down its right side. and had hole in the head. it has healed up very nicely.
  9. last one of the clowns for tonight
  10. 2 more of the clowns
  11. here they are again....
  12. tank is scratched up but its not bad since its my qt tank. gonna have to get thsoe scratches out before i turn it into a fowlr
  13. new pics
  14. peach/tan tail
  15. bad pics they are still in the bags. i will get better ones tommorrow or tonight.