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  1. switching Mh bulbs

    I would reduce your photo period and run some screening over the tank for the first couple days, the par numbers on the geismann powerchrome are higher than that of the phoenix, but since you are swapping out an older lamp for a newer one, I would at the very least reduce the photo period for a bit.
  2. 4 gallon Cadlight's Pico

    I really like the scape you have going in that 25 cube, my vote would be to get that thing back on track and leave the little cube empty for now.
  3. 4 gallon Cadlight's Pico

    10x10x10 after removal of the false wall.
  4. 4 gallon Cadlight's Pico

    Thanks, the original plan was to change about a gallon twice a week. I ended up picking up a eheim ecco canister to help polish the water during water changes, but may just run it full time in a skimmer box. I have some decisions to make in the next couple days.
  5. Algea already?

    You are fine, I setup my pico on the 2nd and the diatom bloom has already come and gone. Once the silicates are gone the algae will disappear.
  6. Nice setup, I'm really digging the black silicone, how is the evaporation on that thing?
  7. 4 gallon Cadlight's Pico

    starting to get a bit of brown algae, which also happens to be my first signs of life!! here's a shot of the right side
  8. 4 gallon Cadlight's Pico

    Thanks! I think I will stick with black for now, but who knows... Thanks, I'm a bit worried that once I add coral, I will lose much of the shape of the rockwork I think I replied to your thread in the pico section, I have the pump at about 50% in reefcrest mode, but I am also running a heavier weight sand than you are. The pump was really loud the first couple days, but since has quieted down considerably and I barely notice it now. Thanks, I scrapped the white idea for now, but the materials are only a few steps away, so that might change.
  9. 4 gallon Cadlight's Pico

    The Edge is a sweet tank, I was actually trying to decide between the cad and edge, but the edge seems like it would be a pain to keep clean. That is a good point about the equipment showing more, I'll have to give it some more thought, but as of now it will stay black.
  10. 4 gallon Cadlight's Pico

    I really can't keep my hands off of this thing...The cord from the light and mp10 really bugged me, so I took some vinyl and wrapped the back of the tank. What do you guys think? thinking of vinyling it white
  11. my new cadlight 4g

    I have the same tank with an mp10es 50% reefcrest mode.
  12. 4 gallon Cadlight's Pico

    I like the sleek look of the light fixture, it is one of the reasons I went with the cadlight's, the light should be more than enough for softies. The original plan was to keep sps, but i'm not sure if this light will be sufficient...we'll see.
  13. 9.4 gal shallow acrylic cube

    That is really cool, keep us updated on how he does.
  14. 4 gallon Cadlight's Pico

    Mitch, I realize that surface film will be my enemy, any suggestions, other than running the glass top? As for heat, I'll monitor the temperature during the cycle and tackle that obstacle when it comes, I was thinking maybe one of those under tank reptile heaters hooked up to a RKL. Here's an updated shot from this morning, it's still a bit cloudy.
  15. 4 gallon Cadlight's Pico

    Added the sand bed aquascapping with a hammer and super glue gel Here is the finished product...and the cycling begins