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  1. I have had both gobies and blennies not really a favorite of mine to be honest.
  2. "Thinking" of turning my 20 gal fresh into FOWLR there will be no corals I just want fish only. What are some good suggestions for this size of tank? I would love some swimming action in this tank, not keen on just gobies and blennies would like more swimming type fish.
  3. Even numbers instead of odd?
  4. Going to stick with the sexy shrimp. What is the max I could put in this little tank 3 or 5 of them? Of course I would feed them too.
  5. Going to start my 0.9gal Cubus up again but this time no corals at all. I am going to use my heater and my hob filter again on this little tank. I want to add 2 sexy shrimp and possibly a hermit crab to this tank but would anyone have opinions on what else I could add to this tank for a neat look? No fish its to small.
  6. I know most of you do not like this coral but I have a 1 gallon i used a few years back as my very first pico tank with much success, I am setting it up again this time I just want to have very little live rock and the only coral is the tiny Blue Clove Polyp no other corals. I am well aware of how they spread and that is why I want them and only them. Are they particular on type of lighting? Will sexy shrimp bother them? How established does the tank need to be for them to spread well?
  7. Those Crouchers are cute, never seen those guys before. Thanks for posting another recommendation. I still have not decided on one yet. Have to see what is available first .
  8. I forgot to mention that the frags are Chalice the rest are as listed.
  9. Wantin to know if 2 frags 2" in diameter would use a lot of msg and Alk in a 5 gallon tank? I do water changes every week and find my readings re a bit low before I do them just curious if these 2 small corals would use a lot of it? Rest of the corals are softies except for a small purple sea fan.
  10. Interesting to hear the different results with this stuff. I have not bought it and I don't think I will. Heck I can never get my fish of any kind to eat Mysis even some of the corals will not take it. I wills stick with what I have then.
  11. My Miami hurricane has suffered some issues in previous tank and some whit skeletal showing on one side of the rim. In the new surroundings out of the flow area it stil seems to be receding a bit, should I dona dip on it or leave it? I also spot feed my two chalice frags once a week sometimes two. Today I noticed brown stuff coming from the eyes of the MH chalice is this waste? Or something else? Alk is 8 salinity is 1.025 have to check calcium and mag tomorrow tank is 5 gallons I do not dose anything but regular water changes are done weekly.
  12. Okay wil have to check that one. I went to one of our saltwater stores today to get food and asked about the Calanus they said they feed very sparingly it does a number on the system for nitrates it's hit and miss if the fish and corals eat it so saved myself some money for now I still have some rotifers frozen I want to use up first
  13. We cannot get Cyclops here anymore in Canada where I am apparently this has replaced it.
  14. Hmm I have been hearing conflicting things about it some fish and corals like it and others don't.
  15. Anyone here use PE Calanus? It's replacing cyclopeeze just want some reviews before I buy it mainly for my corals