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  1. Mushroom

    okay thanks everyone, just having issues keeping the dam mushrooms in one spot I think the crab moves them around too but 3 are at the back and one at the front they are not happy with this mr. crab right now. I don't like gluing them to rock did that is the past I would just like them to attach themselves. But dumb question, can they move on their own?
  2. Mushroom

    Just a different question now but still a mushroom one. Can you have different coloured mushrooms touching each other?
  3. Mushroom

    Just found a picture of the lights I have, so using one strip all blue the other strip has 2 white one blue i am not using the arm as it's to big fir the tank so just using the two strips on top of the clear top so it's quite close to the mushrooms
  4. Mushroom

    Okay I will try th LEDs bit more how they do and if not then the 50/50 i am feeding the crab as well but just a bit
  5. Mushroom

    The problem is the only T5 for these tiny tanks is the Coralif Mini Aqua light T5 with mixed reviews as they say they don't last very long and the price is insane as well. I guess I will just have to play around with these lights and see what happens, I killed many ricordeas with them I know that they just shrunk and were dead in no time. So won't be doing those again. I do have a carafe 50/50 10 watt that I don't know if it would be better suited for them or not?
  6. Mushroom

    This is wha they looked like in her tank with T5 lights and they were quite hidden under the corals
  7. Mushroom

    Here is a picture of them I just took. Top one is brown bottom showing some blue
  8. Mushroom

    They no longer have these lights anymore but I can certainly turn them up. I am just so confused I read to much light to little light they are fully open looking good now but are not showing blue anymore so you say to little light I will slowly turn them up a bit each day. These lights are not super strong ones for anything really high light demanding but for most softies they have been good guess just have to find that sweet spot
  9. Mushroom

    Led strip those ones from exotica they have 3 lights in each strip 2 white 1 blue the second strip is 3 blues I believe they are 1 watt each I have them dialled way back this is on a 1 gallon pico
  10. Mushroom

    I recently bought a few blue mushrooms for my pick tank, if they are going brown is it to much or to little light?
  11. 20 Gal

    I have had both gobies and blennies not really a favorite of mine to be honest.
  12. 20 Gal

    "Thinking" of turning my 20 gal fresh into FOWLR there will be no corals I just want fish only. What are some good suggestions for this size of tank? I would love some swimming action in this tank, not keen on just gobies and blennies would like more swimming type fish.
  13. 0.9g

    Even numbers instead of odd?
  14. 0.9g

    Going to stick with the sexy shrimp. What is the max I could put in this little tank 3 or 5 of them? Of course I would feed them too.
  15. 0.9g

    Going to start my 0.9gal Cubus up again but this time no corals at all. I am going to use my heater and my hob filter again on this little tank. I want to add 2 sexy shrimp and possibly a hermit crab to this tank but would anyone have opinions on what else I could add to this tank for a neat look? No fish its to small.