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  1. Selling my 5 gallon sump. It was used on a drilled Evolve 8 AIO tank. Great for a nano. Please note that I am including the pump, bidding is currently at $51 and shipping is free. 1" Bulkhead, Float Switch & Mount Not included.
  2. It will work if you cut longer pieces of PVC where the tank sits. You might have to lengthen the height as well. None of the PVC is glued and can be easily modified.
  3. aquemeni5110

    Refugium question

    I agree. I would invest in a sump.
  4. Relisted. Check the 1st post. Thx
  5. Thanks, yeah I thought about painting it. Well, it didn't sell so I think I'm just going to keep it for parts for future projects.
  6. Bump for last day of auction.
  7. aquemeni5110

    Islandoftiki's Mantis/Pest Tank Pico Contest Winner!

    Tank is looking great! I just picked up a stalk of Xenias and a Kenya tree from my bro. Lol, great deal on the cuc.
  8. aquemeni5110

    Bangaii Cardinal fish

    Nice, I just bought one.
  9. aquemeni5110

    Devmasa's Yin Yang

    Sweet tank! Love the bare bottom. Hard to believe that it's a 20L. Subscribed.