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  1. That is a good point. I will probably put it on a 10 or 15 to test. But I would assume they will be light. But when I test it, I will definitely let you know! Mike
  2. They are not selling them yet, but will in the near future. I might be able to test one before it is on the market. Aquatic Eco-Systems
  3. I have just found a source for a 150W HQI pendant that has a heavy duty clip for mounting on the back of a tank. It looks like the company will be able to supply them with either 10K or 65K bulbs. I asked them about the durability of the mount because I would think that would be the biggest concern but they say that once it is mounted, it isn't coming off, of course unless intentionally taken off. It is going to take about 60 days before they are available to sell and I might be able to test one in the near future so I will be able to provide pics and my thoughts of the unit. From my understanding it looks a lot like the pendants currently on the market but have a bracket for mounting. Just figured I would through this out there for anyone who may be interested. The unit will retail for about $165, and that includes the bulb. I am thinking about buying one after I test with the 65K bulb for a fuge. Mike
  4. Well, bateria populations are produced when ammonia starts to rise. If the bateria was to over populate, the excess would die. So actually, if you add two fish or 10 fish, if you have the biological media capacity to handle the load, it should NOT matter how many you add at a time. Say you add 2, like above, then your bio filter will produce enough nitrosonomos and nitrobater bacteria to convert the nitrogen, then you add 3 more the next week. You biological filter has to populate more bacteria to handle the new load. Depending on how much surface area your media/liverock has, depends on how much fish or whatever your system can handle. Mike
  5. How long have you been in this hobby... Well the above is true for larger systems that have higher bioloads but when you figure he has 2 fish...there really isn't much to cycle. The cycle is called the "Nitrogen Cycle", it is where Amonia is consumed my bacteria called Nitrosomonas which converts it to Nitrite, then the bacteria, Nitrobacter converts to Nitrate. When you only have two fish, you really won't have much of a cycle. Most of your cycle comes from your rock which if already cycled, will have established bacteria present to consume the nitrogen. So what about his tank poses a "disaster"? Mike
  6. Nice Nano-Cube! How did you get that skimmer in there? Mike
  7. Thanx! Sounds like pretty easy mods, except for the ballast...need to look into that. Anyone else like to comment?
  8. I was thinking of setting up a JBJ nano cube but had a question. I have seen a lot of post on here about JBJ, some good, some bad, what are the problems with the JBJ nanocube? Some people say they just plain suck, but do not say why... TIA, Mike
  9. Well thank you! Can't wait to see the pics, tank will look great with that fixture, can't wait to see what bulbs you decide to use. I hope your friend likes the canopy, did it work okay? Have a great day! Mike
  10. SOLD...thanx Mattdog
  11. PM'd you back...
  12. This will work over a 29, 20L or 37. Mike
  13. Fan & Switches