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  1. Can someone give me an idea what this is? My buddy put it in his tank and it grew 200%.. We are curious what it is and how to care for it.. It was sold as a plate coral, but doesn't look like any of the pics were finding.
  2. Hello, I have a 7 gallon bow front that I have some coral in... I have been having alot of luck with this xenia except I have a ?... XENIA LINK just tonight the xenia in the picture to the right seems to have shrunk down alot and isn't happy... my water params are as follows SG = 1.024 temp = 76.9 Nitrite = 0 Amonia = 0 Nitrate = 4 - 5 ppm calcium = 480ish PH = 8.43 - 8.45 plenty of water flow and light 2 13watt smartlights.. can anyone shed some light on possible problems.. oh and all I have fed is some brine about once a week... not sure what else to feed just a coral tank... sorry i'm kinda new to coral.. thanks dan
  3. I live in West Jordan UTAH
  4. I have a 90 Gallon AGA tank and solid oak stand and canopy that I need to sell and get out of my garage.. I will also throw in a Magnum 350 canister setup.. I bought a 150 gallon and no longer need this 90... This is for the tank and stand and canopy only... $300.00 Local pickup only please..
  5. Let me see if I can be short and concice here. (sorry kinda long) Last weekend I re-setup my 7 gal nano that had been in posession of a friend for the last 4 months.. he had problems and drained the water and let the sand and few pieces of live rock sat with no water for like 2 months... So I said i'll take it back and set it up in my house. Well here we are almost a week in and amonia is way high like 1.2 and nitrites are off the scale and nitrates are off the scale.. did this sitting for a couple of months kill everything and cause the sand and rocks to be unusable? fyi prior to setup I rinsed the sand real well and scrubbed the rocks like crazy.. of course scrubbed the tank also without soap.. I am considering draining the tank and starting over, i.e. buy fresh live sand, new live rock , and fresh water. another question is what about spray bars hooked to micro power heads??? I wish this thing was as easy as my 150 gal... Thanks for taking the time to read and suggest on my woes' Dan
  6. It has the outlet tube with the split flow diffuser and the intake tube with strainer, and doesn't have the have the vaccum just the canister 2 poly tubes about 4' each 2 quick disconnects and 2 micron filters and carbon canister. It has everything needed to run just put the diffuser, and intake tube in the tank and run..
  7. Hello, I have a Marineland magnum 350 deluxe canister filter setup that I no longer need. It is just under a year old and in great shape. It has the canister setup , quick disconnects , appropriate tubing for return lines , 2 micron filters , and the carbon bin, I think there are a couple of other little things with it in the box.. I'd like to get 50.00 from it.. I can take pictures and email them if anyone needs.. Thanks Dan