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  1. Ich

    Eels can get ich, and they are also more susceptible to meds, because of their lack of scales. I'd move him to a QT right away.
  2. PieNinja's Kitchen Nano

    Thats one of the best-looking reefs I've seen. Very nice.
  3. Gonodacylus graphurus

    Ah, the famous picture! BTW, Cozmo has a mustache.
  4. I has a mustache.

    Everything could use a little more cow bell.
  5. I has a mustache.

    Awesome, you get +10 bonus points for the "Im in ur" style title.
  6. You lookin' at me?

    He is a spearer. Thanks for the comments.
  7. You lookin' at me?

    Thanks everybody!
  8. You lookin' at me?

    Mantis Shrimp: Pseudosquilla Cilata
  9. The Mantis Tank Thread

    I do. I stick my hand right by his cave sometimes to move a fallen coral. Scary.
  10. The Mantis Tank Thread

    No new pics matty, but he's doing fine. If you want any specific info, just ask. If I get any good pics I'll post them.
  11. The Mantis Tank Thread

    Recently got a turbo snail to help with algae, my mantis is a spearer so he should be fine. I bought some live fish to feed him with as a treat, its the coolest thing in the world to watch.
  12. Shhhhhhhhh

    What species is natasha?
  13. The Mantis Tank Thread

    I dunno, people were suggesting it.
  14. The Mantis Tank Thread

    Pppph, we're still a far cry away from the UD thread.
  15. The Mantis Tank Thread

    Depends on the type and size. All corals work though.