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    24 Gal Aquapod<br />18lbs. Fiji Rock<br />20 lbs LS<br />Maxi jet 900<br /><br />Reef Buddies ~~~<br /><br />8 Turbo Snails<br />5 Hermit crabs<br />1 peppermint shrimp<br />1 sand star shifter<br />2 Blue/green Chromis<br />1 True Percula<br />1 Pink Spotted Goby<br /><br />CORALS~~~~~~<br /><br />Toadstool Leather<br />Alvepora<br />Open green brain
  1. Sun Coral

    Really nice !!!
  2. 5 Gallon mini bow

    http://www.hellolights.com/1wablmoglled.html Do you think this is a good product any one have it? feedback?
  3. 5 Gallon mini bow

    This is sharkbait brother i set up his tank yesterday 5 gal minibow i ordered ac30 and corallife screw in 20 w 50/50. How much space does that AC 30 take up ???? If any one has pics i would appreciate it? No moonlights in the screw in 50/50?
  4. 5 Gallon mini bow

    Hey lil nano reefer
  5. Best way to break LR

    I used a hammer !! IMO.. GO HEAT!!!!!!!
  6. Help Please.

    IMO ... I have a 24 gal aquapod Patience is the best thing for this hobby.Check to see if the nitrite and nitrate are in the right order like chupacabras mentioned and let it cycle naturally .You dont wanna be adding chemicals so early.Let nature take its course You'll be fine.....
  7. nano protein skimmer?

    Dont waste your money !!!! Water changes is the best way to go!!! I have one and wasted my money!
  8. What is wrong with my tank? (pic)

    I use Ro/ deozinated water good quality!!


    I have mine near a powerhead and i made sure it got light too!! I put some cyclopeeze in there yesterday. Any other food source other than trace elements?

    I purchased an alvepora any suggestions???
  12. My Chemi-Pure is full of black soot!

    It works well in my tank but i agree is a bit of a mess!
  13. clownfish

    I will Do Go heat!
  14. clownfish

    The clown is not showing signs of ich !! I did a water change just to be on the safe side. I think it was just stress related i hope ill keep everyone updated! Thanks Rudy
  15. clownfish

    what are u guys talkin about ?