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  1. these trio of clowns were brought home on 09-14-2012, so it's almost 4 months since then. the White eyed Platinum has gotten the biggest (about 1.25"). the (2) Top shelf Picasso's are around 1" and have developed their black pretty good. All 3 are close to 9 months old. White eyed Platinum Top Shelf Picasso (1) Top Shelf Picasso (2) this Top shelf Picasso was added on 04-28-2012. I don't have a pic of him but I do have a vid with his brother (Fu Man Chu) when I brought them home. I'd say this one has developed some nice black as well. he is approximately 13 months old and approx 1.5". 07-2012 01-2013 lastly... these ones have been with me since 1st or 2nd week of Dec 2011, they are approximately 17 months old. 1st one is SPARTAN, a top 3 on my favorite Picasso's. he doesn't get to hang out in the BTA's but can pretty much roam around the whole tank as long as he doesn't get too close to the BTA's. he's approximately 1.5". 2nd one is FRECKLES, another on the top 3 favorite Picasso. he has a dot on the other side so I named him Freckles. he hangs out and guard the right BTA island with a few of his brothers. he's approx 2". 3rd is TIGER, he hangs out on the right BTA island with Freckles, along with a few other Picasso's. he's approximately 1.75". 4th and last one is SYMM, he is one of the two candidates to mate with Big Mama (3 yrs old ORA Premium). he's slightly smaller than the other dominant male. there's a group of 4 Picasso's that guard the left BTA island. he's approximately 2.25". hope you enjoyed the update. any comments or questions, post away. SPARTAN FRECKLES TIGER SYMM
  2. good deal! good luck. Thanks for the kudos.
  3. iPhone 4s Tank Vid. I thought it turned out alright. sorry for the dirty glass.
  4. Thank you. unfortunately, the BTA moved in the back so I can't take a nice vid of her. at least she's happy and fully expanded now.
  5. Thanks guys and gals. it's been really fun having this tank. can't believe it's been a year already...
  6. here's the other pics that only had 5 bulbs on (4 Blue+ & 1 Fiji Purple). in the middle of me taking pics, the 2 BlueSp turned off. LoL BIG MAMA BIG MAMA & BIG BOY, cuddling before lights out in their favorite spot. they're also cleaning in this area for the past few days with ARROW, the ever so supporting young male that's been with this group for a while Bubbly BTA's! I dunno why mine are more bubbly than some. even my big ones (8"+) are bubbly, esp when more blue lights are on.
  7. Thanks guys. adding updated pics... added 11-04-2012.. new BTA morph. really like the orange tips on this one. Right side BTA's and clowns Left side BTA's and clowns VID -- 1080p available
  8. Thank you. yes, I will be looking for other color morphs of BTA's and will slowly add them in the near future. Thanks.
  9. Thank you. LoL. yours is gonna look better than mine soon. yes, I have a 3yrs old ORA Premium (~3"). she was another ORA Picasso for a year or so before I converted the tank. I planned on having her in an acclimation box for however long I needed to because I feared that she'll go on a rampage when I added the juvis. had her on the box when I introduced the juvis but somehow the gate opened and I saw her the next day swimming around with the juvis. she can careless about them. she took the longest to find the BTA's, but once she found them, she's been ruling the BTA field since. Thanks. it's been the most fun set up I've had and almost a year and I'm not getting bored at all. a little bit.
  10. a vids to enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mq2rIeTwkZo
  11. kidkobe25: Thank you. kush.: close.. edudant: Thanks. pschom: Thank you. 7 bulb Aquactinics fixture
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