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    Equipment: <br />5.5 AGA with glass lid<br />Coralife Slimline 50/50 (15W) Fixture<br />Rio 180 Powerhead<br />Ebo-Jager 50 Watt Heater<br />Aquaclear 20 Filter<br />Livestock:<br />3 lbs. of Tonga Rock<br />1 lb. of live sand
  1. hermitman

    LFS Policies

    The one I go to yields a 50% re-sell credit on trade-ins, which is nice!
  2. hermitman

    YOUR local fish stores.

    Hmmm, well theres about a half dozen or so: Petsmart ( good prices on fish and filters; staff is not too bright... ) Petco ( sw and fw fish prices are outstanding, selling like a Oicasso Trigger for 30 bucks in perfect health; but I wouldnt buy anything that sits in those tanks for more than 2 days...) The Fish Place( a pure fish store; knowledgeable and helpful staff; friendly owner; great prices on equipment and stock) Markheim(competitively high prices; not too knowledgeable staff, except one named Alan- hes very good) Steves Pets( their so bad, I pity the roaches who feed off the floor at nite) Thats it- I go to The Fish Place almost exclusively; plus, they give a 50% trade-in credit, which is really nice!
  3. hermitman

    The Mantis Tank Thread

    Thats a really cool video travis. I think your little guy shows alot of personality. I think this thread is one of the more interesting topics on this forum! Good job!
  4. hermitman

    5.5g light question

    sure, right now i'm using a 15 watt bulb, which is about 3 watts/g. just watch the algae levels in the tank, along with the water temp and salinity, as the water evaporates
  5. Hi- this little guy is in used shape...works perfectly, casing is solid and does not ahve a crack, the cord and outlet are all in mint shape. Only blemish si that the powerhead has a piece of foam where the intake is, and that needs a gentle cleansing. Some specs: * Low maintenance and power consumption * Protected motor will not overheat * Economical * Silent, powerful, versatile * Adjustable flow Tiny - less than 2" high and 1-1/2" thick - but pumps a lot of water. Perfect for creating waterfalls or small fountains in your terrarium, or extra circulation in a tight spot or shallow area. Micro•Jets can operate in as little as 1/2" of water or completely submersed, and you can adjust the flow on the 450 with the two included adapters. Its quadruple suction cups securely mount it anywhere in your tank or sump. Model # 450 gph- 47, 79, 117 Max. Head- 32" Size of Tubing- 7/16" or 1/2" I'll sell it to someone for $10 plus shipping. Shipping will be caluculated based on priority mail via USPS. Should be low thou.
  6. hermitman

    Sanders Piccolo Skimmer

    I did a little bit of searching, and I found out how much this little guy costs... http://www.allthingsfishy.com/misc.htmld Trouble is, its kind apricey, although it works very well I've heard. I'm looking for a skimmer for a 5.5 aga, so I am sort of looking for something on the small side within a reasonable expense range.
  7. hermitman

    fish compatability... watchman goby & midas blenny?

    I would recommend a yellow watchman goby, as they are colorful and really cool. The other fish I'd say is a firefish, as the blenny is very similar to the goby, in that they both tend to hide and saty on the bottom about 99% of the time. IMO, the firefish would add color, a mid-top level swimmer, and a fresh personality, as they are beautiful fish that bring some flare to any tank.
  8. hermitman

    Do you use reef keeping books as a source of information?

    The book I really like is a small one, yet it is jam-packed with information. It's called The Marine Reef Aquarium by Goldstein. It's really, quite good, except for the fact that the corals are described in Latin names
  9. hermitman

    Where do you buy your corals?

    I buy mine from where I work at Markheim Fish Store in Buffalo
  10. hermitman

    What was the first coral you got for your nano reef?

    My first coral was a Tongue Coral that I thoroughly enjoyed...It lived for 3 months, all the while accepting the supplements and brine shrimp to help fight the bleaching. the bleaching had a beachhead on the very tip of the coral and that line would shift constantly back and forth and the coral fought it off....it finally succumbed after almost 3 months...a true warrior of the coral world...i miss it alot...RIP
  11. hermitman

    How do you measure the salinity of your reef?

    Floating glass, lets me track the temp and salinity/sg in one sweep...very nice and extremely accurate
  12. hermitman

    Extraordinary eBay auction

    lol, I saw someone auctioning their empty aquaclear 30 filter for 100 dollars one time...and it had bids on it! guess theres an idiot born every second!
  13. hermitman

    Six Gallon New Setup

    Hey man! Nice tank. Ummm, perhaps I missed something, but is the clarkii still in the tank? Really nice set-up thou, the corals look outstanding under the light!
  14. hermitman

    Cured or Uncured?

    I work ata pet store, so when our shipment of live rock came in, the boss let me take about 1-2 lbs. worth of rock pieces and sand that was uncured- it was taken direct from ocean only 7 days before. Worked out great as the rock and cycled the tank in 4 weeks, with some giving algae and such. The uncured stuff we get sometimes comes with HUGE swathes of coral on it that is red-orange in color. Fantatsic stuff, but I would'nt recommend it for established tanks due to the die off...
  15. hermitman

    Making DIY Rock

    a guy i work with has been making rock become alive for some time nowe in his 16 gallon bow. what he will do is buy dry reef rock we sell for 2.99/lb., then clean its surface for particles and such, then place it in his tank. over a period of a 2-3 months, it slowly comes alive again, as the organisms from the live rock in the tank colonize the dead rock, thus creating a new slab of live rock. he said he has done this with 15 of the 20 lbs. in his reef tank with total success. no spikes of ammonia, nitrite, or nitrate, plus all the other params, like alk, ph, calcium, etc. are all kept in nominal levels. all his corals look fabulous as well! kinda cool, and cheap too!