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  1. Prowland

    tank suggestions

    Thanks! I have never used the LED lights... only PC and MH so I have no idea about the ratings on them. I think the Nuvo 16 is going to be the winner. How are the stock pumps on it? Should I upgrade them? And what about those spin streams?
  2. Prowland

    tank suggestions

    Would the stock lights on the nuvo 16 be sufficient for Zoas and some LPS coral? If not what would you all suggest as an upgrade?
  3. Prowland

    tank suggestions

    So i am looking for suggestions on an all in one tank for the top of my dresser... I want as close to plug and play as possible. I plan on keeping mainly zoas and maybe some lps in there. I have other tanks for other stuff. Pump upgrades and changing filtration setup is fine... just want the tank and light to work. I like the look of longer tanks since I have a cube style already. Want to stay with smaller tanks <20g I have not looked into tanks in a long time... last aio tank I bought was 7/8 years ago. Thanks for your suggestions
  4. I have an old one that I made into a frag rack... might have to break it out and put it in the biocube. I would say that it is at least 2-3x as strong as a magfloat. That being said... wait times like that and poor communication will put you on the fast track for failure.
  5. Prowland

    CUC for 14g biocube

    Might want to watch the blue legs... In my big tank I would watch them kill the snails for the shells.
  6. Prowland

    CUC for 14g biocube

    Thanks for the link... I just picked up: 6x nassarius 4x nerite 4x astrea 1x turbo 3x trochus 4x scarlet hermits 1x cleaner shrimp I got them from premium aquatics. All were the smallest ones they had.
  7. Prowland

    CUC for 14g biocube

    I am starting up a biocube 14g and was wondering what was a good mix for the tank. Thanks!
  8. Prowland

    Fry's Wisdom Cube

    Where are the bar stools from?
  9. Prowland

    Nano-Reef.com 10th Birthday Gift Giveaway

    I remember my first beer!
  10. Prowland

    Nano-Reef.com 9th Birthday Giveaway

    Thanks for making me spend way too much money! HBD
  11. Prowland

    Unofficial Photo Scavenger Hunt

    Things: high point familiar too much 2PM the end layered three contemplation warning electric sharp red reflection movement soft cold close up old team oversized intimidating culture energy famous community shadows
  12. Prowland

    Nano-Reef.com 8th Birthday Giveaway

    I managed to work bacon into all three meals yesterday... running today is going to be awesome because I will smell like bacon!!!!! HBD
  13. Prowland

    Prowland's 40 breeder

    Hey Ross... that would be great if I could get some frogspawn... I know that I gave a friend of yours some but not sure if you got any. I am planning on making the swap. See you there!
  14. wow that tank looks great!
  15. Tuxedo Damselfish http://www.liveaquaria.com/product/prod_di...amp;pcatid=1966 Three Stripe Damselfish http://www.liveaquaria.com/product/prod_di...&pcatid=104 I don't get it???